Archangel Uriel: Your Final Majestic Creation is Here

aa urielIn order to bring it to you, use the Silver Flame to see the truths underneath the veils of illusions. 

Greetings dear ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, Holder of the Grayelsha Flame, Bringer of the bright and peaceful future to you, in charge of the Divine Authority; but I also come as your brother and family, as your closest friend.

I come in love and gratitude to you, I am here today to speak to thee about the present moment and not about the future, though as you truly know there is no time and your bright future is guaranteed.

There is a divine timing though, and there is a plan that you designed brilliantly before you descended into this lifetime, and so beautifully, and in such a masterful and mature way. And now you are coordinating with your entire soul family, with the higher realms, with wonderful Gaia, and All.

So when you are saying that you are not moving fast enough on your path, that is you becoming impatient with the parts of yourselves that are still in need of experiencing life and of working on some life lessons and/or assisting your families to go smoothly through their challenges. Sometimes you need to retrieve parts of yourselves that have been left behind in times of trauma, and you need to love them back into your wonderful being so that you can bring into this physical vessel all that you are and from every dimension and reality that exists.

Even when you believe you are not progressing at all, you are moving at the speed of love preparing another part of self to be integrated into that beautiful puzzle that you are weaving with your higher self and with everyone else.

Dear hearts, your final majestic creation is here, it is closer to your hearts than you can imagine. But, in order to bring it to you you need to be comfortable with where you are right now. Let go of wanting to be somewhere else and enjoy what you have and where you are right now.

Appreciate everything you have and every single soul that comes to you, for everyone has wonderful gifts for you. Sometimes the present that they bring to you is to trigger your awareness of where there are weaknesses and places in yourselves that need to be reinforced and readjusted to the new you. And that is a great gift indeed.

Do not rush through life, do not run and hide from the ones that seem to challenge you the most, for these ones are the great and humble teachers that you have chosen to show you the way to your greatest potential. Avoidance and resistance will only make it harder for you to move along your path and to enjoy every moment of your journey. Embrace every situation with curiosity and maturity, and then see what it is that needs to be released and loved freely back into light without rushing through, but also without getting attached and too identified with that particular story. Use the Silver Flame to make it easier to see the truths underneath the veils of illusions, and then chose to free those parts of yourselves from the entanglements of the old third and fourth dimensionality. When you do so, you are assisting others to understand better and better the places in which they find themselves, and then they can choose to free themselves as well.

This is why we are saying to you that you change the world while you turn inwardly and continue to work on yourselves at all levels, without waiting or wishing for the world or others to change.

You are doing a marvelous job dear ones! I will leave you now with sparkles of silver light and my eternal love and gratitude




» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle