The Collective: Fifth Dimensional Frequencies

ascended beingsThe latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We note that many of you are in a state of some confusion, as the powerful Light data pours in from different parts of this and other galaxies, and as your Great Central Sun continues to share its intelligence, and its desire that you should move up to another whole level of consciousness.

The experience that that new level brings you is one of no more war, nor any reason for it.

It is one of no crime, as you have termed it—no more exploitation or theft or harm to oneself or another.

No more disrespecting or disregarding the rights of animals, people, or of the Earth—and in fact, no need to speak of rights, as there is no need in fifth dimensional cultures to defend or declare such, any more than you need defend or declare your right to breathe.

There is in that new reality no more polluting of the Earth, including no more etheric interferences.

The purity and clarity of the elements you now envision is naturally and joyfully created and maintained.

There is no hunger in that Earth; no investment in ideas of loss or lack, and no outpicturing of such.

And all understand their mission, without doubt or concern that this is not relevant, “doable” or sufficient for making a living by.

For in that New Earth, you know you have come to bless and enlighten and enliven Earth and all who live upon Her, and that is sufficient.

There is no lack of knowledge, or healing or whatever forms of Love and support are needed. And vitally, no lack of wisdom shared or learned.

There is instead that which you are at every moment rising to in beautiful and astounding ways; a new form of self-expression for each of you, your communities, and your planet, that rises daily to new heights of cosmic reawakening—a realization that you are Galactic citizens, as you take your place in Galactic councils and chambers, and once again realize that all in this Universe are One.

Now, you have noticed by now that this cannot happen anywhere near so quickly as you would prefer.

We have spoken a number of times of how your bodies and minds could not bear up under the tremendous pressure of a “quick” Ascension into fifth dimensional vibrations.

Many who communicate with higher dimensional beings, or who travel interdimensionally and/or physically throughout this Universe, have seen their physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies undergo tremendous changes, stresses, and renewals that have both taxed and frightened them at times in their intensity.

They have had to shift their diets, their times of rest, their emotional resonance, and their daily thought patterns to accommodate these new experiences, which have utterly “rewired” their human form and essence.

And though you may not count yourself amongst those “on a special mission” that requires special abilities, connections, and roles, we assure you, you are most assuredly on such a mission!

This is why the density, toxicity, trauma, and “pollution” of the third dimension are leaving not your bodies, minds, and spirits, in ways that seem some days to shake loose the foundations of life as you know it.

Can this be a taxing, even intimidating task some days? Most assuredly, it can be.

And yet, when you cry out to all of us in the higher realms that you demand and require the enactment of NESARA law, in that moment you perhaps unknowingly require of yourself that you move into and anchor fifth dimensional frequencies in both your planet and your own lives.

When you call out for assistance for Full Disclosure of the presence of both invaders and Galactic family members, you require the same of yourselves.

And when you call out and command forth Abundance, Peace, intercultural understanding, and respect for all persons—yes, you require from yourselves that exact same fifth dimensional reality. 

For you as call in that which most naturally belongs to a New Earth, you require of yourselves, as Way-showers and Light Bringers, exactly those frequencies embedded in your own beings that you are commanding forth in your outer reality.

We are not speaking here of third dimensional life pulled into a slightly higher frequency.

We are not speaking of things “getting better” outwardly, so that you can feel a bit better about life and worry less about yourselves and others, while in reality, under the surface, things continue as they have for thousands of years.

This is how those of the old regime would love for you to think.

They have sent a concentrated number of messages and messengers bearing false information to you in multitudinous forms, to convince you that “all will be well” once this program cashes out, or this event occurs, or this announcement is made.

We assure you, dear ones—powerful Light Beings in human form that you are—you came for something far greater than mere outer change!

You came for even more than remembering your original form and history on a soul level, as great and beautiful a journey as that is.

You came to establish a New Earth that is beautifully expressive of the frequencies of the higher realms, where the essence and expression of Divine Justice, Knowledge, Truth, Peace, Beauty, Joy—all of that which you unconsciously associate with Home—is in the very air that you breathe.

You did not come to again work to fulfill all that past generations could imagine for themselves, which was simply a new economic or political system, hard-fought for, and unknowingly born under a corrupt overhanging structure that twisted and turned every idea, every rebellion, to suit its own means.

You on Earth have risen well beyond that now.

And so, as you look out upon the world now—and we encourage you to take in far more beauty than ugliness, even as you seek out new information on what is occurring—you are seeing the result of that determination to establish not a new idea, but a whole new frequency or vibration for the planet in general.

This goes beyond what you have been told is “change.”

It encompasses the kind of Transformation and Transfiguration that past generations associated with a new religion or political system, yet we assure you, it is much greater than any of that, and cannot fall into any of the pitfalls known to the past.

And how is that? you may ask.

That is so, because the Universe itself is now flowing, in this new time of Peace and Prosperity, in that era known as the Sat Yuga—a time of Enlightenment, not struggle.

And so, dear ones—are you ready to release your identity as a put-upon, struggling, victimized martyr?

Are you ready and willing to see yourself as empowered, as Light-filled, as one who is daily co-Creating an existence of joy, fulfillment, Abundance—a life as Love demonstrated in human form?

For that is how we see you, and yes, increasingly, as we note with great celebration, that is how you are coming to view yourselves.

For this you came.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.



Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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