The Galactic Federation: You Are a Gift to Humanity

eraoflight federation of lightHello sweet ones. First we wish to acknowledge this site for its great efforts to aid in awakening the world. It is looked upon as a bridge and truly a gift to humanity. Pass it around when the desire moves you-the reader so more gather in its sacred circle of many channelers and information. Send you gratitude and support to its maker for as it grows with more readers it will make a difference for the world.

We the Galactic Federation bless you our brothers and sisters of Earth. Yes the more you rise in frequency embracing the energies of love the more you awaken to who you are as group consciousness reincarnated.

We know days presently are a challenge as you shed the old for the new BUT it is a time to celebrate for you have come far in releasing any chains of lower vibrations that bind.

Imagine for a moment as if every day windows are opening. Windows that bring in the breeze that carries vibrations of love and a oneness consciousness that is with every breath you take integrating within.

As it integrates and you fully awake you will feel a serenity and peace that will than open more windows to experience what you would call miracles. In truth these miracles are there right here and right now. Breath in and anchor with an open heart and you WILL EXPERIENCE THEM.

Now is the time to unite for the common cause of aligning at the higher vibrations. It is your birth right to experience the freedom of life at this time.

Give yourselves the presents available with every breath of intention. See the beauty in each other as in yourselves to begin weaving a tapestry of love and compassion around the world.

The stage is set and Humanity can and must continue to move forward in the awakening process to fully join us your brothers and sisters of the universe.

We are representatives of God’s light as you all are. We are an expansion of truth to resonate as peace joy abundance, good health, and freedom.

Keep your dreams close to your heart so you can feed off them as you grow. And most of all remember YOU ARE ALL GIFTS and here to be and begin to act as avatars of humanity.

Look to the children for they who incarnate now are here to assist. Look to the invisible realms for they too are here to assist.

To love one and all as we love you is to experience and drink from the champaign of life. You all add to the melting pot of creative energies and are gifts each unique.

It is with honor that we speak to you as you ingest these new energies in order to live in peace. Each day is a new opportunity to expand in heart. Each moment is a gift to move more into a state of bliss.

We are hear for the long run to escort you into the age of true awakening. The place where all can realize from where you came and to sprout in beautiful gardens of dreams.

We sing to you with love. Blessings


» Source » Channel: Star Blossom