Master Kuthumi: Clear, Open, Breathe Through The Shift

master kuthumiI greet you as you prepare your bodies to fully integrate my words. Clear your mind, open your Heart Center and breathe deeply. Now you are able to fully focus. Eighteen years ago a new energy became available to humanity through the Ethers. It was stronger, to create awakening, a finer energy to filter through your Energy Centers. Many began to experience change within, the predicted awakening of humanity was beginning. First came the thought, the wondering, the questioning of your current life. Then came the feeling, the emotion of renewed inner calm and feelings of joy. Finally came action. Many old Souls opened to their life purpose to open and lead the way for others to follow. This process created a response to the Light energy emanating around Earth. The Light particles multiplied again and again and many people answered the gentle prodding of their Soul.

This continuing process is happening again this year for humanity. More Light particles, more empowerment is available through the many channels like this one, who have already progressed and opened to their Soul purpose of this life time. Higher knowledge and understanding of your many aspects, your totality, your Soul, has become available to the masses. Now through the Higher Knowledge spoken and heard in the Ethers,  and the many Souls awakening, more concentrated Light particles are again drawn to Earth and humanity. Many of you have responded and opened to the ancient truths with renewed intent. A conscious shift is again upon you all.  Eight years ago I began asking you to simplify your life, to assist in preparing you. This further clears the way for your progression and the expansion of your Soul.

Do you begin to see the Spiral of Infinite Life my friend? The Infinite Spiral of Existence. Humanity is waking up through the Higher Heart to explore the Higher Self which exists in each of you, expanding your DNA strands, creating more Light particles to be held within you.  In this process you begin to experience All that Is through experiencing your own multi dimensional self. How wonderful it is, is it not?

All of humanity is about to experience a Triad of Eclipses. We here have tried to prepare you for this event. Those who chose to listen, who chose to connect are ready and already aware of the purpose of this event. These ones have already released much of what they know no longer serves them, what they have outgrown in their ever expanding process. This occurs on the physical level through possessions, jobs, relationships, diet, all that which no longer matches their higher vibrational being. It was not difficult for these ones simply knew. There was an inner knowing you see. Others released on the emotional level by moving away from others who continued to hold them back through their attitudes, judgments, even control through their words and actions. You see again those awakening knew. There was no feeling of loss, no arguments, no judgment, these souls simply moved away to continue their spiral toward what is known as Enlightenment, though we prefer the term Soul Expansion.

Now as humanity experiences this Triad of Eclipses, those seeking peace and higher awareness will release further if necessary. I tell you nothing is forced upon you. You have free will, you can choose, you know this. This is a Universal Law of this planet. Yet you feel, and you know, and you choose. If something or someone is to be let go of you will simply experience an inner knowing. You will no longer desire that energy near you see. Those of you who wish to do nothing or to ignore are free to do so. We understand you are not ready to listen within or to release. There is no judgment, no. Never do we judge. For we understand you, and only you, can direct your path of this lifetime, this experience and therefore the expansion of your Soul.

To all I say to be at peace, release stressful situations. Stay centered to your heart center, feel your way. If you are listening, truly listening, to your ‘inner radar’ you will simply know. Remember it is your choice in every situation you experience every day. Will you step back from confrontation, control, negativity and frustration?  Will you choose to hold and be in your center? Will you continue your Infinite Spiral of Awareness?

We are always with you. We of the Great White Brotherhood understand for each of us have incarnated on Earth. We will continue to guide you with understanding and love.

I am Kuthumi.



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