Human Being or Human Doing?

time to wake up eraoflightWhile enjoying life’s spiritual path, we naturally develop a supreme appreciation for living in the moment. As the ephemeral activities of daily life swirl around us, we slow ourselves enough to see that this present moment is the only reality there is. And it is rife with rich, vibrant EVERYTHING.

It is from this zero point energy that we can easily shift into the blissful and eternal NOW. It is a richer, deeper state of Being and it is right here. So, for me, I find that the more I live in this divine moment, the more it expands.

As we give gifts of loving attention to the present moment, we infuse it with deep purpose, transforming it into a powerful vehicle for transcendence. In my own desire to honor the moments (and thereby my life), I have developed many loving habits, ritual mantras, and affirmations that were ideated to honor each activity. The ritual element not only creates a higher purpose for the task, it also allows me to bathe in the pure joy of BEINGNESS.

To simply BE is the most exquisite and extraordinary thing we can do. It is prudent to remind ourselves that we are not Human Do-ings, we are Human Be-ings. We deserve to slow down and just BE.

When I am focused completely and entirely on what I am doing, a richer experience blooms, bringing the deepest pleasure to the most mundane activities. In this post, I wish to share how you can make any activity Holy, by virtue of the thoughts you engage while performing it.

When you wish to bring high mindedness to your activity, begin by setting a clear intention to do so. In any words that resonate with your heart, let the Universe know that you are ready to create a higher purpose for your endeavor. State your intention aloud.

Know that as you state this direct intention, you are literally bringing heaven and Earth together by infusing the mundane with Holy intent. Stating this aloud brings extra power and heavenly assistance but it is not necessary. Our silent prayers works wonders as well but the voice can more strongly give our Guides verbal permission to aid and assist us as we go about our business. And as we therefore combine the mind with the heart, bringing deep presence and awareness to our activity, our footprints leave blessed energy. When our thoughts are high minded, all footsteps fall upon Holy Ground.

Let’s say, for example, we endeavor to clean a closet. Why not clean more than just dirt and debris? A more comprehensive approach might be to simply use this metaphor to set your intention by stating aloud, “This closet is my World. As I tidy this closet, so will all aspects of my life, job, romance, (whatever) become equally tidy.”

Then organize and clean that closet with all the love in your heart, knowing that you are setting great things in motion; that each pertinent detail of your life will be attended to. Give gratitude for the releasing of unwanted items representing old ideas and mindsets that no longer serve you. Give thanks for the imminent organization and the pleasure it will bring as you use the newly cleared space.

A joyous and loving state of heart can instantly banish any unwanted energies, along with those worn-out shoes and outdated clothes!

Using our intent and focus, we can clean/clear on levels beyond our human awareness.

Here are some examples of how we might assume a Holy state simply by adding regular prayer and affirmations to our day. Feel free to use these, or, make up your own. The more often your loving intention is stated, the more solidified and real the state becomes.

When Shopping…

  • Thank you God/Spirit/Universe/Allah/Buddha/Source/etc. May all of humanity enjoy unlimited prosperity in the procuring of goods.
  • With every dollar I spend, may it return to me one thousand fold.
  • May the business that makes this profit be respectful of their employees and do good things for humanity with the profit.
  • May the profits from this purchase trickle down to those who need it most.
  • May the power of my spent dollar prompt more businesses that benefit humanity.

With Water… (which holds intention energy better than any other element)

  • May all life on Earth have ease of access to all the fresh, clean water it desires.
  • May this hydration wholly bless each and every cell down to it’s micro-cellular structure.
  • May I return this water unto Mother Earth infused with my own personal blessing to Her.
  • I bless this water as I shower, feeling the miracle of it’s magic, cleansing so much more than my physical form.

When Driving…

  • Through each and every delay or short cut, may I (we) be transported, in perfect timing, safely to my/our destination.
  • May all Beings on this journey be guided and protected. May we all be mindful of and kind to those who travel these roads as well.

When Going Into Public…

  • May I bright light, if even through a smile, to all who’s path I cross.
  • May my travel be safe and peaceful.
  • I call upon my high self to deeply Bless all with whom I come into contact.

We can become so creative when devising mantras, affirmations and prayers to infuse light into our activities. Just now, I took a break and ate a banana and said: “Thank you beautiful banana. You are the perfect gift for my beloved body and I am grateful.”

Done! And in so doing, I have raised the frequency of this divine food prompting my body to more greatly absorb its nutrients and prana. Every life form, even a banana vibrant in it’s own aura, reacts positively to love, respect and appreciation.

If we feel so inspired, there are an infinite variety of prayers and blessings that can be radiated throughout the World, just from one little banana!

And affirmations are such fun! Start each day by saying ALOUD, “This is going to be a GREAT day!” Or whatever works for you. Something so simple as this unleashes the floodgates to absolutely everything that will confirm the truth of that proclamation. And the more you believe it, the less likely that there will be anything at all that could possibly shake that inner knowing and the peace it establishes.

There are going to be some days when you do not feel it. State it anyway. Words can begin a positive spiral to the up and up. Set in motion what you want, and lay claim to the positive side of everything. Then watch as synchronicities and miracles begin to regularly occur.

The highest purpose for language is to infuse life with God’s energy and matter. By bringing positive spoken word into our lives, we joyfully command our own Heaven on Earth.

Coming from this state of presence, we are contributing greatly to the honor and integrity of humanity. We are ever finding deeper and deeper levels of peace within. And when this occurs, we move from banal human do-ing to radiant and powerful Human Be-ing.

May we all be Blessed with infinite Abundance and Joy,

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