Ashtar: It Is Time To Sever The Contracts

ashtarI AM Ashtar.

And it is always a pleasure to be with you, to be able to share, to be able to experience along with you everything that is happening here on this planet and everything that is happening within you as the planet within yourselves for is always above and below. So above and so below. So within and so without.

And the connection that you spoke of earlier in your discussion of the Oneness of all things, of the connection that you have with the plants and the animals and the people themselves. This is what was meant by this meditation to feel that connection, to feel that sense of Oneness. For we have always been One. But with your various incarnations and the programming that has ensued through these incarnations, you have continued to move into different directions.

Yes you have followed those contracts, most of you. And yes it is true that it is time to end those contracts, to sever those contracts. We would certainly applaud you for doing so because they are no longer needed.

You came in with a purpose. You have been living your purpose. But the time to continue to honor those contracts you no longer need to do.

And you can sever them simply by calling upon Archangel Michael to come with his Flaming Blue Sword of Truth and see him, ask him and then see him severing the many psychic ties that still may be holding you down to this three-dimensional illusion of your own creation.

It is time now my friends. It is time to let go of the old, to let go of the past, and embrace the moment that you are in now and to fondly look forward to the future.

Do not see what is happening in the world as many are seeing it now and despairing and finding depression and the need to use various drugs to alter their consciousness. Or to drown themselves in an unknowingness so that they can escape what they believe is the reality.

But you yourselves know what the true reality is. You know that the reality that is there in front of you now is what all of you have created. And you also know that you can create whatever reality you want going forward. And your future, your collective future depends now on every thought that you have.

But please understand that because your thoughts are raising in consciousness — and your raising consciousness is raising your thoughts — you are now creating more and more in the very moment and each and every moment you are creating the future ahead of yourselves: the future that you are wanting to live. The future that you were destined to live.

So I say again, now let go of the past. The past is gone. And with letting go of the past you also let go of all of the programming that you have come to understand as being your reality.

But many of you are realizing now that as you let go of the past and you live in the moment that you are now creating the lives that you each want now.

Live in the moment. Be in the moment. Be the moment.

I AM Ashtar. I leave you now but I will be back with you when you find yourselves at that next Advance. I Am going to be with you more than you can possibly know at this point.

Peace and love be with all of you.



 Channeled by James McConnell

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