6 Common Habits That Are Holding You Back

non-physical eraoflightIf you are reading this blog and frequent our site, chances are you want to live your very best life. Congratulations! Acknowledging and recognizing this is the your biggest first step in actually doing so. While we all know that healthy and positive habits help us to create the life we desire, there are some habits I have been noticing in myself that creep in and hold me back in living my best life.

As always, I love sharing with you what I notice in my life, in hopes of helping you with whatever might be going on in yours. Remember life is a journey and a process, it’s never perfect. So long as we are present and aware we can find the happiness and inner peace that we truly desire. Here are six common habits that may be holding you back:

1. Comparing yourself to others. We live in a very competitive world, that pushes us into the mindset that we must always compare ourselves with others. This is such a waste of time! Every single person on this earth has a different path, a different purpose, and a different journey. Own where you are and honor where everyone else is, but don’t ever think you’re less than (or better than) someone. Really just stop.

2. Dwelling on the past. Our minds love to ruminate on things that happened in the past. This is another practice that really is a waste of our precious time. Sure there is always something we could have done better or said differently, but in reality, the past no longer exists. Take the lessons and strive to live in the present moment.

3. Obsessing over the little things. Life is not perfect. Sometimes we can get so caught up in little annoyances and judgments that we forget the big picture of life, and we get stuck. We cannot control anything in the outer world. Remember to breathe, be curious, and allow life to unfold.

4. Going against your intuition. We are so lucky as human beings to have a sense of intuition. It’s an inner guidance system that tells us how we feel, what we want, where to go, and what to do ― if we listen to it. So many times we go against our better judgment, which leads us to places, people, and things that are not in our best interest. Start listening to and following the voice inside you that always has your highest good at heart.

5. Staying stuck in indifference. Sometimes we get into a mode of cruising through life, as if we’re on autopilot. Life is meant to be passionately lived. Have you discovered what your passions are? Cultivate a sense of curiosity and joy in your life.

6. Low-balling your life. You have a specific purpose here on this earth. The world would not be the same without you. Take a moment to contemplate that. What message are you here to share? What are you here to do? So many of us have a deep-seated belief that our lives are not important, and so we set low goals. Dream big! Fulfill your purpose, and make your mark. The world needs you!

I hope naming these habits that are holding you back can help you become more aware, so that you can choose differently. What are some of your self-sabotaging habits you would like to share with us here! Let me know in the comments below!





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