Archangel Michael: Through the 8:8 Lions Gateway Portal

aa michaelSome of you may have read that the Lionine Guardians of the Gateway, one representing the Past and the other the Future, will only let those pass through their Gateway who have mastered being in the NOW, the Present, and have let go of their old ways of being and the regrets of their past, and similarly let go of any anxieties or fears concerning the future. However my Guides had this to say today:

“Allow us to give you a clearer interpretation if you will. You cannot escape being human so that you embrace a state of perfection 100% of the time. There will be times when you will falter. We ask only that when it happens that you do not fall into self-blame.

The culmination of the heightened energies of the Lions Gate will be felt tomorrow on the 8.8. and we see you are doubting whether you were able to ‘make the grade’ to successfully move through the Gate this time. Allow us to put your mind at rest.

It is not expected of you to be perfect in order to gain entrance through the Gateway. You will be admitted even though you’ve not been able to stay positive and on ‘top of your game’ 100% of the time. The only requirement is that your intention is to do your BEST 100% of the time.

We are not looking at your perceived ‘failures’, for in our language such a word does not even exist. We are looking into your heart and seeing therein a pure heart, wishing and intending to be a loving presence in the World. For us, this is enough. More than enough.

What the Lions Gate holds for you is a sense of heightened perception and awareness of your divine heritage and for some it will mean making visible contact with your siblings and loved ones in the Realms of Light. We are working with you to help you to increase and amplify the effect the Lions Gate Light Codes have brought you so that by the next Solstice, in December of 2018, you would have a much deeper understanding and relationship with your Spirit Body – Higher Self, Oversoul and Monad.

We are assisting you always to attain the highest possible frequencies that afford you comfort rather than discomfort in your physical body. Staying close to us and remembering our presence will help you to maintain focus. One way we have guided you to do this is through use of the Pillar or column of Light technique which anchors your energy field into the energy of the One Heart/Unity consciousness grids, otherwise known as the crystalline grids surrounding the Earth. Let this practice become second nature and habitual for you.

We have also guided you on ways in which you can raise your frequency and awareness through various breathing techniques. Your ongoing practice will help you to attain heightened awareness for longer periods of time.

We leave you now with our assurance that you are deeply loved and never alone. We are your Brothers and Sisters in the Realms of Light.”


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