Heavenletters: Free to Give

heavenlettersGod Said:

Beloved, sure, We can sit around and talk things over. For the most part, you and I, We get down to business, which, in this case, means love. We get right on with life. We don’t haggle. We don’t make deals. We don’t barter. We don’t owe each other. Of course, We just are, One to One.

We are up front and don’t make trades, as the world does indeed make deals. We, the One of Us, is/are inviolate.

You and I are good and wish to uphold Our tryst. In Heaven, there is no owing. One hand does not feed the other. We give from the Goodness of Our One immaculate Heart. There is no obligation to be reimbursed. We give and give because it is in Our Hearts to give without indenture. Beloved, Our contract is not bound in steel. It is bound in love. You and I are free to give all We – I – have to give. We do not enact a forfeit. We are Free Will. This is how We like it. We do not have legal contracts whereby there must be recompense. The idea of freedom carries great lightness. We give because it gives joy to give. By no means are we chained to any reimbursement.

You might see that because you save ten lives that your physical life must stay intact. Only from fear of lack can there be any imposed weight of obligation. Free exchange is how it is. We do not encourage debt. We are here to encourage freedom of Will and freedom from anything requiring servitude. Service is another thing altogether.

Beloved, the significance of a free Heart of Love is quite different from indebtedness. Oh, for the life of a sailor, free at sea.

There is no book of debt between Us. There is no setting up of accounts. No one owes. We proffer. Giving does not have a due date. We don’t do exchanges. There are no pay-offs. There are no debts to write off in the first place. What We give, We give from a willing heart. What We give, We give freely, or it is not giving.

We, as One, do not incur debt. We are not here in life to add up columns. We don’t dot the I’s nor cross the T’s. We do not wash the hand that feeds Us. We love.

That We trust doesn’t mean that We have to compensate or to be compensated. We simply do not look at the other side of the ledger. We are not about paying wages. We give and let go, or We do not give. It is not giving unless We let go.

We do not hedge our bets. We do not make conditions or enforce results. The result of giving is the giving.

We engage in freedom, and We engage freely. We don’t carry adding machines with Us. Why would We? There is no gain in insisting. There is gain in giving for the joy of it. This is what We do, and this is where the joy is. Happy is the heart that gives because therein a fruit may grow.

We do not give to be seen as wonderful. When what a heart most desires seems to be withheld from you, you tend to see this as unfair. We do not incur nor establish debts. There is no expenditure, and there is no repaying that which is freely given. Beloveds, We do not attend debtor court. Let’s shake hands on this. We are free from obligation. We love.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff