How Things Work in the Higher Realms: Compassion is Loving Self/Others

gods lightDid you know we take 17 – 30,000 breaths and have 50 – 70,000 thoughts a day? (1)

As we become more and more conscious of our thoughts, emotions, actions, we realize that each day there are thousands of opportunities — connected to our breath, our thoughts — to be the blessing of compassion, the Mother’s Loving Movement.

To allow understanding and the knowing of how things work in the higher realms to flow through us. . .

Thousands of opportunities to bless our self/others,
rather than to judge our self/others.

Self is All.

When we do not engage in drama or disarray, within/without, we are being the virtue of compassion, the Father’s Wisdom.

When we are still, quiet, around our own discomfort, thoughts and feelings, not projecting onto another with ability to listen to our own inner guidance, or to another’s troubles, without judgement, without taking on any burden, we are being the virtue of compassion, being heart conscious.

Being this way, we find there is no need to defend self/others

assume an ego-defensive attitude, justify self/others.

All judgement  d i s s o l v e s

Compassion is

holding the highest vision

for self/others and for everything.

Honouring another’s choices, without trying to fix, heal, change — knowing we do not necessarily understand what another is going through — is the true sense, the virtue of compassion.

We can utilize the power of compassion, be sympathetic yet detached from ‘triggering’ situations, reflections — mirrors of self/others — with ability to forgive, graciously make and accept amends to self/others.

Being forgiving,

forgiveness in our hearts

for self/others, creates balance within.

The Scales of Justice: the Knowing of Balance, the Gratitude for Gender Equality Within/Without

Doing this we are the blessing of compassion,

feeling compassion, Loving self/others,

being the virtue of compassion

without any judgement

is  B A L A N C E

with 17 – 30,000 breaths

and 50 – 70,000 thoughts a day.



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