Accelerated Death Cycles for the Human Body (3D/4D) as “Body-Aging Death” Increases: 5D (Light) Bodies are the Opposite

througthelight eraoflightI write this to assist with those preparing to transition “out of body”, or those “still here”, as well as having loved ones transition out. This is a “Cosmic/Quantum HOW” all now accelerates and some “why’s”…. for this now.

There are infinite truths…. each “believes” according to their own conditioning, programming and truth. This is different. This is not “human truth”. This is Universal/Cosmic “truth”. This is our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH Existences….. now.

Flow with me, as there are many pieces and parts of the “puzzle”/bigger picture, many fractals to unite, in order to provide “new” (higher dimensional) understanding for the acceleration processes we have now entered into with the integration of 9D Earth Templates, and progressing now to integrate 12D Earth on the Vibrational TimeTables we all set forth for “this now”.

Physical body death occurs where the Light of each’s SOUL is unable to fully integrate within the body, for the whole BEing-Body to transition over to 5D intact.

Life and death cycles are different in 3D/4D … and 5D and what all means/how all occurs is very different too.

The human body has what we call a “Body Clock”, which operates differently in each dimension occupied. These increased timelines dissolving, increase the body’s “aging” process substantially too. In 3D/4D, the human & body operate at a different oscillation rate than the 5D+ body templates do.

Therefore the aging/regeneration process is very different as well. In “the old days”, when the Earth operated at a lower frequency bandwidth, then aging “seemed” normal too. Yet, as the Earth awoke, as it became conscious, our bodies awoke/awaken too. Our “body-clocks” accelerate our aging process when it’s time to transition out of 3D/4D fully, either with or without our bodies.

Human body death occurs for the human body that is not able to transition over to 5D. The determining factor? How awake each’s SOUL is and able to integrate into the body fully, before the body shuts completely down, from being DEPRIVED of the breath of Life/Light.

The carbon-based body was able to sustain before, partly because it used “other things” to keep the body going, for fuel, for energy, that fed the body’s fuel cells differently and temporarily, for that day or those hours or few days. Yet, now the body can’t sustain as it did before, because those things “won’t work” like they did before.

With the vibration of our Earth raising SO high now, the physical body has to raise it’s vibration in order to stay alive and “come along”. Those of us who have already transitioned over, have gone through this immense “death cycle” already, many times… with the amount of density/separation determining “how harsh” the journey/ride/experience is/was.

With the increased oscillation rates of our now Vibratory Earth/Atmospheres, physical body density is “more affected” than before. Accelerated Aging Processes increase for 3D/4D bodies. This will apply to organs, cellularly, skin, body systems, bones, eyes, brain, heart… all. The body will “age” and “seem to be dying”, without out any “plausible” explanation for what it going on. It’s kind of like an energetic “death”, because it is.

This process “reverses” once the 5D body template has fully “installed” and the 3D/4D Body templates are completely re-worked. Then one enters “different” aging/death/rebirth cycles that are energetic, instead of as physical, like before.

Each SOUL chose a body to incarnate into/walk into, for the human experience (some awaken/some asleep & completely veiled), yet Ascension is very different than “being awake”. We could walk in/incarnate/birth in “awake” and still live deep beneath the Veils of Amnesia without any awareness of this. Achieving an Ascended State is the first step that “starts” physical body ascension processes to accelerate even more. For those SOULS UNABLE/NOT CHOOSING to Ascend Fully within this physical incarnation, then “leaving the body” (physical death) occurs, where different cycles begin.

I will go with “re-incarnation” for this explanation, then move to a different one. Once we reach the 5th Dimension with our physical bodies, these cycles no longer exist, as all timelines & existences converge/collapse into ONE, so the “how” changes substantially here.  The death cycle changes from full body death to death of programs held within our cells and regeneration processes, re-birthing processes that constantly occur. Here, every moment is death and rebirth, yet occurring on a different level. There’s no pain or suffering anymore, as there is with 3rd & 4th Density Bodies. Physical pain is a cellular program breaking down and sacred geometric light codes being embedded within the body on a cellular/molecular level. Because of the LightBody, pain is felt differently and is rare, except for huge “extractions”, if you will. When we get deep into the teeth and bones, for the much higher dimensional Light Bodies, it can be intense for awhile, yet even that eventually goes.

For those SOULS unable/not choosing to awaken from inside of their bodies (hearts open fully), then the body experiences actual physical death. Some go through NDE’s, so they can “see & understand” and then “re-enter” the body, to do “life” differently and accelerate their own awakening process, yet they still have to evolve their body, go through the Trials and Tribulations/Initiatory Passageways of EXPERIENCE to clear the programming from the body, so the body can fully awaken and come online/transition over to 5D Earth too.

For those SOULS that “lay dormant” within the body, suppressed and “not allowed” to emerge, then the body shuts down and dies. This is how physical death actually occurs. Each’s LIGHT was stifled/ignored/refused and the body has “no choice” but to do, because the BREATH OF LIGHT and PURE LOVE is what keeps it alive. 1% of Light won’t keep the body alive. The body must BUILD IT’S LIGHT QUOTIENT to 100% to transition over to NEW Earth, which is where each’s LightBody & Merkaba comes in.

For those “not choosing” to awaken fully in this Life-Cycle in order to ascend, then the next processes apply (there are others, yet this is the short version). However awake each became in this life-cycle will determine WHICH DIMENSION they re-incarnate back into when “returning” again. If 3D, deep asleep was the most one was able to accomplish, then that SOUL will re-incarnate/walk back into a 3D Consciousness Experience (Hell), to resolve this separation from Self as Pure Source Light, then transition to 4D (Purgatory), then eventually 5D and beyond.

Souls are not “bound” to linear dimensions like human body’s are. All SOUL merge to become one and the whole Unified Field of Consciousness upon death. It’s the timeline cycles that become relative here. Physical body death is freedom for the SOUL… pure peace, pure love, pure everything… Soul’s do not suffer, that’s the human reality/perception…. Our Soul’s are PURE and do not “live in separation” like human ego aspects believe. That’s all a matrix program too.

Yet, if a SOUL is to re-incarnate to return to this planet to assist in any way, to become a part of “another human experience”, they “return” to the “last dimension” “cleared/achieved” in the previous human cycle, that’s still available on our Multi-Dimensional Earth here. If they were able to “make it to 4D” (Purgatory/Bardo/The Dimension in-between 3rd & 5th/Duality), then they re-enter the 4th Dimension to complete/resolve/dissolve that separation, to transition over to 5D at some point. Those who were able to achieve a certain level of consciousness prior to physical body death, may re-incarnate as our Crystal/Rainbow Children here, yet how awake/conscious the family or circumstances are, is relative to the previous incarnation of life-cycles completed prior to physical body death.

Our beautiful crystal & rainbow children come in with activated codes, different body templates and to awaken others through more purity and love. Their bodies cannot “take” the harshness of unconsciousness, so their bodies will “reject”, fight back, shut down and have a harder time, because the lower vibrations are “out of sync” with their body clocks….

Our body clock operates on “Time Cycles” that correlate to life and death cycles, and in each Dimension/Density, these are different.

Due to the increased VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OF OUR EARTH, these “time cycles” (Life spans) on old earth now “Shorten” considerably.

I will explain a bit here to assist. Every organ, every cell of our body, holds “the separation of time” within it (3D/4D), which makes up our body template and the gridwork within our bodies that dictate the Dimensional Version of Earth Density that we actually walk on/live in/exist in/vibrate at. Our body’s systems, organs, cells, blood, oxygen… every particle of us are a part of a massive SYSTEM that works either in-unison with our beloved Gaia/Universe or SEPARATE from it, which is where separation dictates “time”. This “separation” actually “goes against” all things nature/natural and Universal/Cosmic Laws. This separation, held deep within our bodies, is what actually facilitates “physical body death” to occur.

Our Light awakens through our PURE HEARTS and ignites on a cellular level inside. This ignition can be felt. It’s electrical, hot/cold, energetic…. As our hearts open, our “light” is “released”. It’s more than just our hearts though, it’s every cell of our body that opens up… it’s our neurons, our receptors and every particle of who we are… awakening from inside of our BODY… and it’s an immense process of clearing old deeply held programming/belief systems and where all was “housed”. As our hearts and minds fully open, our light is able to move through our bodies, repairing, tuning and re-calibrating/re-coding everything MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY…. our bodies go through a lot for this to occur.

For those keeping their hearts closed, in protection mode, living in fear and unable to re-connect, the body goes into “starvation mode” as there’s no Light to FEED the body and keep it alive/sustained. This is where each organ starts to fail and the body starts to shut down. This is the body screaming for love, attention, self-care, nature, nurturing, kindness… yet the human-ego won’t listen… other things are more important or it’s an “inconvenience”….

WE’VE ENTERED INTO ACCELERATED DEATH CYCLES… which correlates in various ways. Each dimension is different. For the 3rd/4th Dimensional human body, it will “appear” to go haywire even more. The old ways won’t work AND it won’t make any “sense” to the human either. This is because what is occurring is on a Cosmic/Quantum/Multi-Dimensional/Vibrational level… a cellular level and “the cure” is not as humans “think” or believe…. Human aspects won’t listen, often UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS to get their attention, take their “power” of ignoring/ignorance/refusing to listen/honor away… (ego).

This is a part of the ego death cycle that now accelerates too. As humans, we call it “Dark Night of the Soul”, when in essence, it’s DEATH OF OUR EGO, and everywhere it was “housed” in our bodies… those emotions, those mentalities, those beliefs, those fears, that lack…. all of that “separation” and “duality”… deeeeeep deeeeeep deeeeeeep within. Mass Consciousness Awakenings equates to Mass Ego (and physical) Death too.

What’s important now is to UNDERSTAND many things, and to shift those perceptions from your human perceptions to your own SOUL KNOWING and SEEING… therefore actually shifting your own DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE here.

These ACCELERATION DEATH/REBIRTH CYCLES take on many forms… each dimensional body’s experience different than others…..

These ACCELERATIONS also equate to those NOT CLEARING KARMA IN THIS LIFETIME/LIFE CYCLE…. now start to transition out faster and in greater numbers too. For those Souls transitioning with their bodies, we clear our Karma fully, on every level, which makes up various Akash’s…. Human Karma, Galactic Karma, Abundance Karma, Twin Karma, Relationship Karma, Christed/God/Angelic Karma, Gaia/Elemental Consciousness Karma, Universal and more…. each clearing is necessary for the body to “stay alive”. There is a huge Reversal Process that occurs with each one as well.

What I “offer”/provide (here and through my/our work) is a way for each to REVERSE THIS PROCESS and CLEAR THEIR OWN KARMA easier….  so that either transition can be “easier”… either out of body or with the body. Karma is just unconscious programming held on a cellular level, yet the energy each holds and functions from dictates this. Full ascension of Consciousness will start to clear all human karma, then we don’t “create” anymore… then our bodies get to ascend, we won’t have/experience any “karma” for awhile, then we go deeper on a SOUL level to access all of the other existences of Karma and to clear all of those, before we can achieve Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment here.

HOW DO YOU CLEAR YOUR KARMA —- to Ascend Your Own Consciousness, to then Ascend in the Physical or Transition from a higher dimensional space/place/timeline… so that “IF” you choose to return/re-incarnate back into form “later”, you can come in at a 5D EXPERIENCE to start with….

You open your heart fully, you make amends for all you’ve “done”, you transcend the duality within you and you REVERSE ALL yourself. You actually start to CARE as a SOUL and allow your own light to come through. You find the hugest way that you can contribute, the ways that support HUMANITY/GAIA and elevating Consciousness and you step-up/do from your absolute highest place/aspect of you…. You merge with LOVE inside… you honor your body and all as LOVE, you allow your LIGHT TO ACTIVATE YOUR OWN LIGHTBODY and support your body while it re-codes/re-configures itself to “leave” 3D/4D densities…. You re-connect with YOUR OWN SOUL and let it guide you/tell you what to DO….. there will be small ways and huge ways for you to REDEEM yourself for all.

All of that hate, hurt, victim, being wronged, all that separation… that is what “kills your body” and dims your Light and your body can’t survive without it’s breath…. This breath is CONSCIOUSNESS… it’s ALIVE… and it moves through you, if you will honor it, allow it and increase it, for your body to THRIVE….

The body in “survival mode” functions on very little “connection”. This separation/lack of connection inside, with all things as love is how our bodies physically die.

The 5th Dimension is the literal HEAVEN ON EARTH… yet to get here, it has to awaken within you, birth from within you, through that spark of LIGHT and that LIGHT has to flow through you, without disruptions, without being shut down, ignored or depleted anymore….

Your linear mind/human ego… keeps your body in a 3D/4Density, which still functions within “time”. This separation is how your body dies…. because your body-clock-template still lives in the separation of time still.

There are different types of death…. and all are natural cycles too. For physical body death, the ego maintained control and LOVE could not “move in” fully for the physical body to stay alive. For Physical Body Ascension, you activate a higher state of consciousness and “hold this”, while your body works to clear the density of separation held within. This is where “ego death/dark night” kicks in. For physical body ascension, then the emotional body must “die”, the “mental body” dies, the physical body “dies” differently…. “over the separation of time”. These acceleration cycles, now increase the death/rebirth cycles in each dimension. 5D & above, is different, because the physical body has transcended death, whereas it’s death of the old in every moment and re-birthing the new in every moment too. Birthing new realities into/through conscious creation, birthing new everything… through Unity Love Consciousness…

The cellular body experiences each dimension differently. Each’s Light Quotient dictates the dimension the physical body occupies. How long it takes for the physical body to reverse, repair and move to a re-generative process of cellular de-generation (aging) and re-generation (de-aging), is determined by how much separation is still held.

Each can choose to shift their consciousness and actually affect the physical body/reality to re-generate “faster” and “easier”…. by releasing all ego/separation/programs beliefs intentionally.

I write this because we have entered a “karmic debt” cycle above all others, where each must FORGIVE KARMIC DEBTS fully…. otherwise each is bound to the karmic cycle themselves…. over and over and again and again until all of this energy clear or the body dies and each returns to do it again…..

Forgiveness is for all…. what each is holding onto…. if you desire to be forgiven, you must first fully forgive, as you are unable to fully receive (and integrate your own Light) until you do. Full forgiveness means everything… every action ever done until “this point”. This moment, right here… what each is DOING NOW… this is what matters as this is what dictates the dimension your body is bound to… vibrates at… exists in…. and whether it LIVES IN FULLY UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS with all of life, thriving and free and awake and kind … or if it exits this life cycle and you “return” later…. and what dimension you incarnate into when/as you do.

Right here, right now…. all have the capability to shift… all have the capability to CHOOSE, as each’s EXPERIENCE is a vibrational response to “this”. The more each “holds on” to the old, the “faster” cellular de-generation occurs. The way to re-generate life is through LOVE, PURITY and re-connecting on a SOUL Level… so that your SOUL can breathe through you… fully… and all of the old can dissolve/die easier… without your body going with it… and having to go through “full body death” to wake you up. ♥

p.s. 5D Body templates and above, this means “faster” acceleration of death/rebirth cycles for us as well, yet not a physical organ/body part/ego death, like before… death of old realities/timelines as fast as we create new through our own “breath of life and love” for all of humanity here. Birthing more, birthing “faster and more powerfully than ever before…. Cosmic Birth Cycles increase, Star BEings/Soul BEings/Light BEings awakening “faster” withing their bodies too… for all to REMEMBER FULLY and UNITE as LOVE here to continue to increase/strengthen our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM as we all continue to BUILD/ANCHOR/BRING FORTH/EXPERIENCE more NEW EARTH REALITIES…. so keep holding your light, building your light, sharing your light and uniting all through LOVE, while dissolving/resolving and transcending those old realities/timelines as fast as you can too! 

In every moment, each one of us can always shift, into a much higher state of consciousness and hold that as our new realities here. As we each do, our physical realities/dimensional experiences do too. ♥

5D is where Embodied SOULS live, walk this Earth and work together as love, play like children and fulfill much higher dimensional Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman roles here. It’s where all is in-service to hUmanity, just the level at which we function differs, based upon the levels of consciousness we’ve been able to achieve/maintain within ourselves and with our entire physical reality as well. 9D is where we start to UNITE more, as the Star Councils and Soul Families are ready to work together for the bigger picture for us all. The space between 5D & 9D are important experiences…. for each to “grow up” as Higher Selves/Unified BEings, reconnect with Gaia’s Consciousness/Universal Consciousness and be ready for these phases now…. Each “works” to hold the much higher states of consciousness, Christed/God/Galactic/Celestial/All…. becoming intentional Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Embodied Guardians, Ancient Elders and Celestial Bodies and Various Star Councils (Unified Councils of Light) here.

Remember, 3D/4D/5D and way above… all equate to the metaphoric dimensions of Heaven or Hell on Earth. The physical experience is a vibrational representation by way of each’s experiences now. 2012 Gateways opening up changed this for us all, when Physical Body Ascension became a possibility/”REAL”ity/CHOICE for us all.

3D = Hell EXPERIENCES and Energy
4D = Purgatory/Bardo/In-Between Experiences/Dualistic EXPERIENCES and Energy
5D = Heavenly, magical and beautiful inner-connected EXPERIENCES and Energy

5D opens up all possibilities and much higher dimensions for experiencing here. It’s where we start/the beginning of “after death” cycles…. it’s walking in the waking dream, after sleeping ourselves awake and being thrust/catapulted/shocked and shaken awake too. We’ve completed the 9D Light Body Template in conjunction with Gaia and those achieving this with their bodies will too. Now we move into a 12D template project that is “slated for completion” with the December 2018 Gateway that carries us into January 2019 to accelerate higher dimensional LightBody templates, in order to “achieve” the 2020 timelines set forth before we all birthed/incarnated/walked in/materialized into form here.

I love you! Love your SOUL-Body as it works to evolve at an accelerated rate and DNA re-writing accelerates continually too.

You can REVERSE ALL through your own UNIFIED ENERGY, ACTIONS AND PRESENCE here too. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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