Heavenletters: Clear Your Space and Clear Your Life

heavenlettersGod Said:

Beloved, whatever is on your mind today, get past it. Have no backlog hanging over you. What is this compulsion to be in arrears? Be free instead. Get away from the whole idea of obligation to the past. Don’t entrap yourself in the past. Your purpose now is to jump over the past. The past clogs your clear sailing. Have free space. Free space clears your lungs as well as it opens your heart wide. Clear your arteries.

If you want clarity, clear paths in your life. Make room for new.

Lose obstructions. Shake yourself. Expand space. You have heard that all there is is the present. The past doesn’t belong right out in front of you. The past is the past. The past isn’t for keeping. The past is for letting go.

The past may call out to you: “Keep me. Keep me.”

Say to the past: “You’re finished with me now. Make room for more.”

Just think of it – you don’t have to collect more. Let your ambition be to let go of anything more. Physical goods may represent treasures to you, yet accumulating takes up your breathing space.

Make space for space. Make empty space. You don’t have to fill every inch of space. Making more empty space is your new ambition. Let nothing old get in your way. Have nothing to trip over or to count. You don’t need the material world to remind you of your worth. It isn’t the physical means that mean the most to you. Possess nothing, and you own all.

There is much more to you than meets the eye.

That which is not seen goes deeper and further. What is seen can only go so far, and too often, only too far. Suspend abundance for a while, for you may be inundating yourself and not even notice.

No need to try to keep up with the past. The past gets in the way.

If you have clutter in your house and basement and attic, it’s clear that all of it is from the past and you are hanging on. You don’t have to take up physical space and block your gateways. Unblock yourself. Be free from baggage. What is it exactly that you think you must keep in plain sight? Why collect when you can have free space and room to grow? Collect empty space. Make room for the new and for you to grow.

Beloved, every season, do I not make make way for the new?

You might enjoy having less to put away and less to dust and to pick up and turn over.

Be generous of heart. Be huge of heart and slim in bulk. In many senses, slim down the material world and see what happens then.

You are not obligated to be a busy bee of possessions. You don’t possess your life anyway. There is no need to store your life. You may well not need a big pantry to fill. You don’t need more closets. What are you doing with all these hangers and shoes that get in your way.

Collect the giving of love. Wealth comes not from the items you keep. Abandon the old ways. Acclaim new. Possessions amount to accumulated upkeep.

Clear your space and clear your life. You are not here to squeeze whatever you can into your life. Make room for life. New life comes not from accumulation but from room to grow. Gain space. This is how you expand your heart and bring more essence of life into your life. Leave room for air to flow. Accumulating wastes time and space even as time and space do not exist.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff