Heavenletters: All Hearts are Welcome

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, there is no need for you to keep tabs on everything on Earth. The world turns with or without your urging it on. Earth life is not a horse that you put reins on to ride. Give to Earth. Enjoy Earth. Share Earth’s blessings, yet you aren’t the director of Earth obliged to set everything straight. Easy does it. Make way for all.

Of course, you contribute to the tone of life. You are free to sing your tune. We can say that you ride the chariot of life, yet, as in the Heydays of Rome, you are reminded, regardless of your nobility, that you are not yet the assigned ruler of Earth. Rather, you are a playmate on Earth. You contribute, yet you are not a corporate entity who bosses anyone on Earth. Earth is for you to applaud, yet it isn’t for you to stamp your foot on. Earth is the playing ground for all.

Earth is not for you to assault or to turn this way or that as if you are an appointed servant to Earth who opens and shuts the palace doors or draws all the curtains.

Earth is a home for all and not for anyone particular. If Human Beings were birds, everyone on Earth would fly in and out of the windows, find his view and his expression as he or she is led to.

Not all birds migrate. Not all birds stay home-bound. The eyes of eagles are not eyes of sparrows. No one has to wear the same feathers. On God’s Earth, no one is obliged to part his hair on the left side or on the right. No one is to be a naysayer. There is Yes and Yes, and all are welcome to life on Earth, and no two have to be identical or different from any other. God does not mass-produce. God creates, and I, God, create every pleat and fold as it is meant to appear.

Heaven and Earth are My Kingdoms. We live together, you and I. That We are One doesn’t mean We have to pay tribute this way or that. We are One, yet not carbon copies.

There is a place for every style of bird on Earth. There is an abundance of Earth life, and all are welcome. There are no barriers. There is admittance. No one is set aside. No one waits at the door. Everyone means everyone.

There are no checklists, no formal accounting, no attendance taken, no roll-call. Everyone calls on himself. There are no armies that come to attention and raise rifles or salutes. There is no marching in cadence. There are no uniforms. There is acceptance, love, and no refusals. All are fit, and no one is obliged to be hogtied.

There is natural order and not imposing. Relaxation and peace are the order of the day. There is no opposition. There is welcome. All hearts are welcome. Everyone can ride the merry-go-round. No one must get on or get off either here or there. The concept of Room for All is lived around the clock. In fact, the motif is: “The more the merrier.”

Some words are no longer known. There is no such word as unwanted in God’s Kingdom. There is no use on God’s Earth for such a word. Who would want to make sense of a word like that, and for what God-forsaken reason? For what possible meaning could such a word hold in a world that God created from the fullness of His Heart?

No longer look for what may be amiss. Carry light before you and shine your light on the world so all may see what I made when I made you.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff