Gateways Opening as Star Particle Activations Increase in our LightBodies

thebluerayWe’ve Opened up with a BIG BANG!

  • Bio-Electric Circuitry System Upgrades & Re-Wiring
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Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

The Eclipse started us off with a COSMIC BANG that went for 2 solid days! These accelerations are working through everything and re-wiring our bio-electrical circuitry systems each day since. Today was another Gateway opening…

Body flushes, heating up (SOULar/consciousness expansion), clearing deep programming in the body, just a small part of these huge upgrades that continue to work through everything on a Quantum Level. I saw many posts on many fainting/passing out/going unconscious to awaken/expand “fast”. This is how I did my early years, until I “learned” to slow everything down, to be very present and completely surrender to this very important process, with my whole body/being, until all was “complete”. Sometimes an hour, sometimes all day… each time different, so be patient and honor your body, as it “works hard” on a cellular/Quantum/multi-dimensional level for you. Meteor showers accelerated star particles activating in our bodies/under our skin, and many other things, as crystals/our crystalline systems activate as well.

While the whole body receives, these went straight for our gut. Vomiting was a common experience for many, as our bodies flooded with Cosmic RAYs (radiation), delivering a PUNCH for sure. I got whammied for several hours, posting for others who might not have been aware of what was going on.  Regardless of each’s LightBody phase, our Energetic Body becomes more prevalent as we all go.

Some notice their physical reality, others their physical body, some having a blast, in JOY and happy, noticing nothing at all, as our ability to connect on a cellular/DNA level occurs as we tune-in on an energetic level to all.

For those deep into gridwork, we tend to experience very differently than those externally focused or with a more carbon-based anatomy.  My early phases were beyond intense. (I’ll be sharing this in the new email series when it’s ready for all). ♥

Yesterday, a day of deep integration, working in beautiful simplicity and silence, I captured a little bit of beauty to share here with you.

Grasshoppers/katydids (my Quantum Jump symbol),  and the playful red-crested Cardinals in the back yard, Shama Birds singing, Dragonflies fluttering about, while Solaris shines to deliver even more Light Codes for us all.  Breathing with the Universal breath of Gaia (wind) and high singing frequencies/symphonics, in unison with the birds, all make for beautiful energies to accompany supporting our LightBodies, so that we can focus and accomplish through pure gratitude, appreciation, deep inner-connection, and immense peace with greater ease.

Below is this morning’s magnificent sunrise…. 

Today, uber high frequency, bio-electrical energy continues to be very strong. These are not only for super-quantum-activating the Higher Dimensional templates, grids and systems within Gaia and atmosphere’s, they are simultaneously doing the same within our body’s circuitry systems too.

In early LightBody phases, some may experience shooting electrical current in their back, spine, brains, heart and tingling, as their Light body awakens inside. Neural pathways firing off, pineal glands activating/opening up more (light blasts or flickers), as well as physical pain or emotions surfacing “seemingly” out of “nowhere”, as your body wakes up. The body’s processing rates, nervous systems and immune (defense) and support systems (organs, back, legs, feet), are all being re-worked. The more linear, the denser the body, the more each’s LIGHT will short circuit, especially when the physical body is over-stimulated/overwhelmed and there’s not enough down-time, relax time, rest time “allowed”.

Dense particle matter (carbon based bodies) have a more immense (program) break-down process to go through. As we each clear our own heavy density (emotions, beliefs, attachments and more), our body’s density will start to Lighten (expand), yet this does not mean it weighs less. Often quite the opposite for awhile, as there’s “more space inside” for our photonic LightBody (Consciousness) to expand and contract, it will continually activate, push out, rework our “innards”, which gets a bit weird and challenging for awhile. Every bit of ego has to go for this part, otherwise through our own resistance and old programmed beliefs, we make it “worse” on ourselves. Our bodies will get heavier, lighter (gravity shifts and a re-balancing of our own electromagnetic fields), often sluggish/lethargic, then massive amounts of energy, then kaput. Learning to MANAGE YOUR OWN ENERGY and all of your realities, without stressing your body, is a part of our Mastery here.

What each’s fills their field with, this will contribute, so it’s important to take great care in your surroundings, how long you subject yourself to certain external stimuli that does not vibrationally support, uplift, elevate, inspire and “takes” your energy in a way that’s not creating what you desire to experience here.

It’s going to be very important for all too really take a look at their lives and see where y/our energy goes… This means everything, as depletion will become more “intense” for the old 3D/4D timelines, as they dissolve and break down (in each’s body matrix), therefore the external too. As each’s senses are exponentially enhanced, our human aspect doesn’t quite grasp what all is going on yet.  Our consciousness awakening and expanding from inside of our body out… makes everything “loud”, as photonic light amplifies everything, which is why distortions are so loud/scream… it’s all ENERGETIC. This is how Purity is FELT, how we FEEL our realities. We SEE (read Light Encoded data) through our own electromagnetic Unified Field of (Super) Consciousness.


The beauty, is that these energies are off-the-charts beautiful, magical and so PURE, delivering vibrational responses constantly to what each has been, (and is currently) “putting out”.  They continue to accelerate, requiring more focus on immediate and full integration by each.  Much higher timelines are always available, as each is truly ready to step up and step forth. First we must “learn” (allow ourselves) to play like an innocent child and inJOY through Divine Presence, a pure re-connection with self and Gaia, to contribute to elevating the Consciousness of hUmaNITY, through every exchange, through combining reSOURCEs, efforts and sharing, supporting and caring, in all new ways.

Remember, the ego aspect is harsh, imposing, pulling (needing), latches on/hangs on, is a victim, manipulates, attempts to control, passive aggressive, lacks consideration/respect and more. Your Divine aspects are soft, kind, respectful, considerate and beyond powerful as LOVE. Your purest you, your highest self/soul, can’t be controlled, manipulated or threatened anymore. You see the BS that this is, and you choose to no longer allow/participate in this old matrix, understanding that it’s just a karmic timeline (part of your akash), that you can resolve/dissolve and shift into a much higher vibrational one, from deep within yourself.

Everything is either Duality or Unity. One comes from a place of fear & lack and the other pure Peace and Inner-connectedness. Whatever we still hold within us, will appear in our physical reality to observe and “deal”.  In the beginning, we just let alot of stuff go. We don’t engage, we don’t care. It’s a part of our own ego dissolving from within. Eventually, we see, understand and hold the POWER to align realities if they get out of alignment in any way. For awhile, all we do is align, align, align, re-align… until we bring everything into full alignment or it aligns for us, then we just keep there!

Through your own Divine Presence, you will naturally be able to bring all into Unity yourself. If you created a Duality Reality or one presents in your reality to “deal”, you’ll get to choose kindness and respect first. If that doesn’t work, because the timeline is heavily unconscious/karmic, then more “energetic force” is often required to break the program, yet always from Love. We don’t need to engage, argue, defend or point the finger. We just hold the highest everything in place and we allow all others to step up, if they care to have any type of relationship/reality/exchange. If Sacred Respect is lacking, then then duality and ego are at play.

It’s important to take care in observing any walls of protection around your own heart, where your mind is closed, fixed/set/insistent on something, where you are/are not adaptable to shifting vibrationally, from within each moment that presents. Open your heart as wide as you can, and keep it open. Observing your own ego/programming (without judgment), gives you the POWER to resolve/dissolve all through kindness, love and respect, yourself. Our ascended aspects do not allow unconscious programs to play out in our own realities very long. We observe and see the purposes, deciding what actions are appropriate and we deal with everything, from our highest state of consciousness ourselves. We each have the ability to bring all into a much higher state of consciousness, if all of our hearts are open to doing this.

I’ve not had a chance to complete any of the newest vast Light Encodements/writings yet. They are quite in-depth, because there is so much to cover and share. I’ll make these available as they are ready. ♥

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p.s. As I hit the send button on this email to you all, Gateways opened up in the last couple of hours. Powerful day! ♥



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