Heavenletters: Choose Both the Finite and Infinite

heavenlettersGod Said:

Beloved, develop your listening skills. For the most part, you know how to chatter very well. Listen more. Go back to the beginning. Go basic. There are stones you don’t have to lift. Talk is one of them. It’s good to settle into a modicum of silence. Cover your bases.

Attend to what is yours to attend to. Attend to what you have not been attending to all along.

Of course, everyone wants to be heard. It is many Human Beings’ favorite hobby to be heard! You like to excel at being heard and add up points and come out ahead. Dear Ones, you already have most everything covered. You are at the head of the game. Remember, Beloveds, all this play on earth is a game, and how you like to win at all kinds of games!

Most of My Children probably desire that I expound more. I am expounding right now. Why do you keep wiggling in your seat? Sitting still can be a great activity. Of course, this advice isn’t for everyone. No advice is. Not everyone has the same template from A to Z. DNA is a variation on this. You are all, of course, related – no two ways about it. You are close enough.

Related doesn’t mean that you are not also unique. No one has to prove his spectacular uniqueness. You don’t have to be one in a million. You are One with Me as it is, and this means you are, indeed, good enough.

It’s all right to be a bump on a log. You don’t have to be a trailblazer each and every day. No one has to outdistance himself. You don’t have to get ahead of yourself. Without effort, you are one in a million. No two are repeatable. It’s okay to snooze.

Subtraction may be valuable for you. Hustle-bustle isn’t required of you. There is no point you must make. I hear you in silence. I speak to you in silence. Beloveds, I am the pause that refreshes. I give you a tune-up. Sure, check in with Me. Hear My Silence. Absorb it. Hold it close to you. Keep My Silence in your Being. If you must feature something, feature your own strength, which is full in your silence.

Noise can cover ground. Silence covers ground better. Silence leaves no stone unturned. Silence speaks everywhere. If your desire is to be effective, try silence. This way no one has to block his ears.

Does not water have to be dammed up in order to stay in? You don’t have to give every gem away. On Earth, there is more than the one sense of sound. There is also the sense of feeling on many levels. Feelings cover more ground than a chorus of crickets chirping. How powerful are feelings – most especially feelings which amount to love.

Ultimately, how much more is there to be said? Words are finite. Silence is Infinite. What do you want to put your money on, the finite or the Infinite?

Which are you? Well, of course, you are both. Join Me in the Infinite. What do you want more of, an end or continuity? I suppose We can say that even the finite can keep going on forever and ever. Certainly, there is more to life than the finite. There is far more to you than the finite as well. This is how it is. Life rewards you. Life rewards everyone. No exceptions. All qualify for Infinity. All are assured Infinity. There is no randomness here. This is across the board. From A to Z, you are a shoo-in. No mess-ups here.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff