Source and the Big Bang

light shines unveilingQ. There is a Bible verse that says ‘God is Light’ and we often hear that Jesus is the son (sun) of God. One of the first lines in Genesis says “And God said let there be light and there was light.” Is it possible that light was a product of the Big Bang and God “was” the source of the explosion?

A. When I tune into this, I feel I am connected to my guides to help me understand this (the visual is different, and it feels like I’m in a room with many beings having a conversation). As I understand it, Source, which can have many different names depending on your belief system, started as a ball of energy with a very dark looking gravitational center (a miniature black hole???). This energy looks like it came together because at the central point, which is the size of a head of a pin, was very dense, and this denseness created a vacuum that sucked the surrounding energies inward like a magnet. The larger the energy ball got, the more intense the gravitational pull. It looks like a chain reaction event that consistently sped up. This collection of energy created a brilliant white light with a golden hue on the edges. The intensity, compression and amount of energy looks to be what created the light.

The energy grew more and more, and as it grew it created a compression on the center point until it exploded (creating the “Big Bang”). From that the Sun (son,) and other celestial bodies were formed. Source did “technically” have a son, but Jesus is the name humans assigned to him (I don’t hear Source calling the Sun anything?? I see it happen, but hear no words to describe it). I hear the solar system looked much different compared to how it is mapped out to look today (but that is a complicated discussion for later, my focus is the Big Bang).

Source was the original point, and the expansion (and compression of energy) inside Source caused the explosion. After the explosion, an infinite expansion continued (I see a huge energetic field grow), but it didn’t look to result in the compression (more like a gentle draw toward and surrounding of Source as the energy field grew). It may be more concentrated in some areas, and diluted in others, but exists everywhere. All living things have a component of Source inside them which is the foundation / spark to life, builds their soul, and connects us spiritually to one another. (I get) The way psychic phenomenon works is that we tune into that spark of source within ourselves (our higher self) and use that as a conduit to connect to other beings or energy forces out there.

Q. I have never been able to wrap my head around the concept of Time. But if Time does not exist, then how could there have ever been a Big Bang? If there is not Time, then how could it expand? You need time to document the length of expansion, otherwise; it would be instantaneous. Just an observation.

A. Time can be confusing. The concept that the past, present and future all coincide in the spiritual plane is a very different experience when compared to our 3D world.

I get the Big Bang this was the “Universal Event” marking the beginning. Time at this moment was linear (much like earth) as the development of the Universe was shaped. The “Big Bang” was the spark to set things in motion, but it took time for the cascading effects to conclude.

I’m also left with understanding that the circular reference of time (past, present and future all being one) began when the first beings came into existence, which didn’t occur until the final stages of the Universal development. The first beings were spiritual beings (some refer to them as angels) and from there other living things were created and manifested. This was also when higher physical beings (ETs) came about to serve as a physical balance to the spiritual realm. Spiritual beings began to experience the non-existence of time, and the physical beings stayed on the linear time path.

I realize this is a deep topic, and many more angles can be explored, but I wanted to give you an overview of my basic understanding (and try to verbalize this to the best of my ability). I think I will collect questions and do a followup post later as this is a very interesting topic that crosses many curious minds.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light.



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