Sugat GuRaRu: The Thought Process

serapis bey eraoflightdotcomOm Sa Tatom. Om Sa Tatom. Om Sa Tatom.

Bet you thought this was going to be the One Who Serves but it is not. We sound the same somewhat but I AM Sugat GuRaRu.

And I come through this one James every so often, not too much. Only when there is a movement of consciousness, only after an initiation has happened, because I Am a Master Teacher in the Himalayas. I work in a monastery at times. I work in those caves, you might say, at times. We are surrounded by what you call the yeti. What we call the yetis as well. They are around us, so you can imagine and understand we are high, high up in the Himalayas.

But do we need to make a trek up the mountain as the One Who Serves says? No! We can be up the mountain or down the mountain whenever we want to be because we have the understanding of who we are, just as the One Who Serves is attempting to get you to understand.

Now I Am a teacher. I Am an Ancient One you might say. I have been in this body for over 1000 years. I have been doing the same thing for all of this time. And there at times, here and there, where I will venture out, you might say, beyond the Himalayas, beyond the home area here and come to a group such as this and attempt to assist in any way that I can. To be of service here.

Because those of you in this group have proceeded, have advanced, that is the best word here, you have advanced greatly for you to have the understanding from what was given last night — and the conversation that ensued after this, was quite remarkable — that you are at that point where you could begin to understand this.

Say that to the majority of people out there and they would look at you like what are you smoking? But you, your selves, are ready for this. You yourselves are ready to begin to understand the mysteries of the universe; to begin to understand and yes, even more so, remember those mysteries, because you have arrived. You have gone through initiations.

That initiation last night was a major initiation for each and every one of you. But it was not the only one that you have had. You have had many over lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. This particular lifetime that you are in this special. This is the one that ends it all for you in this illusion. But that is all up to you.

As the One Who Serves said, you want the ascension, be the ascension. What you need to do –and we gave this what, 25 years ago as we are looking here — we gave two simple things here. Simple in terms of thinking about it but very, very difficult to grasp it, to begin to practice it. And that was, control your thinking. That was number one.

Control your thinking. Control your thoughts. Is that hard? Yes it’s very hard! There are those that I mentor to that I teach here, my chelas (students), there are those here that will spend lifetimes working on that learning to control their thoughts. That is number one.

The other is, let go of all attachments. Let go of all attachments. Is that hard? Yes! That is very difficult. Again, my chelas spend lifetimes working on that.

What does that mean to let go of your attachments? Does that mean move out of your home and move into a cave? No. You don’t have to do that. But if you’re living in a home do not be attached to that home. In other words, if the call came to you — and we will use an example because you have worked in this way and you are beginning more and more to think in this way — if a ship landed in your backyard and beckoned you to come enter the ship, leave your home, leave your family even for just a time period. Not forever but for a time period. And yes, if you want, you can leave a note. You do not need to go and not tell them where you are. As a matter of fact you can even call them at a time and let them know where you are. But you would need to let go of that. You would need to let go of your TV, your computers, everything. You would need to let go of it for a time period. That is unattachment.

There are so many unattachments. Even attachments to your children, that is an attachment. Now that is not something that is wrong if you are looking after them, certainly you need to do that, but an attachment. You never need to be attached to your children. They do not belong to you! They are not yours. They are not your property, they are your progeny. They are there because of you and you are there to protect them but they are not your property. You do not own them. Let them have their own life. That is important. That is an attachment that is very difficult to let go of. But you need to work on that.

The thought process. You need to work on your thoughts. You need to watch what you, not only what you think but what you say also. Your words are powerful beyond measure. You have to learn to control your thoughts and the words that you speak out. When you speak out a word it becomes real. Do you know that? When you speak out a word it goes into the universal mind, into the universal consciousness and then can be picked up by anyone out there. And if it is a fearful word guess what? You are spreading fear. If it is a word of lack of abundance of some type, you are spreading that. You see? You are adding to the collective consciousness.

And if you are adding to the collective consciousness, then add something positive as much as you can all the time. So do not say, I am sick. Do not say, I am sick and tired. Do not say, I am sick to death. You know you all say those things from time to time! But think about it. When you say those words they are powerful! You see? Your subconscious, we will say, hears this. The universe hears this. The universe will provide what you ask for even if you are not asking for it. You understand this? This is the law of attraction here and it is powerful. And it is more powerful at this point than you are.

That will not always be so. At some time you will gain control over the law of attraction because you will understand it and you will be able to work within it. But for now you need to really watch your thoughts all the time. If you are having a negative thought, let it go. Ask for it to be taken away. See it melting away, whatever it is that works for you but make it go away. Think of something positive. As soon as you think of something negative think of something positive.

Here is why you need to do this. Because as you are moving through this ascension process you are going to move from the third dimension — you are already doing that. At times you are in the fourth and even in the fifth dimension  — but as you move fully through the fourth dimension guess what happens in that fourth dimension? Your thoughts become reality immediately. Do you really want to think of monsters and have them be created? You understand here? You really want your negative thoughts to become manifested? Here now, when you have a negative thought, there is a buffer period that allows you to have that negative thought and then change it to a positive. But what if you were to be in the upper vibrations — not all the way to the fifth dimension but in that fourth dimension — and you have these negative thoughts and they become reality to you?

Now, before you think, oh my goodness I have to learn to control all my thoughts before I can ascend? No you don’t. That would be impossible for you to do. But you do need to learn to control them as best as you can. Work on it. Work on it, work on it, work on it.

And be aware of how powerful your speech is. Words have power. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. You see? What do you think that was? He spoke out! He spoke out the Word. He spoke out creation. When we say he of course you know what we mean, he/she/it/whatever. You see? Prime Creator, energy, energy in motion, unmanifest energy becoming manifest energy, becoming conscious energy, and so on and so on. You are beginning more and more to understand the story, the story of creation. It is not Adam and Eve but there is a connection there. Adam and Eve is an allegory of the entire creation process. Understand? Very good.

We are pleased very much with all of you. Many of you here — you may not know this, you have not heard me before — but many of you have been my chelas in Tibet, in other areas previous in previous lifetimes. I Am your master teacher in that respect. You have many master teachers. You have Sananda, you have Ashtar, you have Archangel Michael, you have St. Germain, you have so many, Melchizedek, Metatron, on and on and on for many of you.

And many levels of this as well. Not in terms of authority levels or hierarchy levels but in terms of responsibility. That is the hierarchy that is here. The hierarchy that is your corporations is a … pardon the expression, is a bastardization of the real hierarchy system. It is a control system here. It is not at the higher levels. It is not on the starships and the ships of Light.

We are finished for the time. We will release to another here. And we would like to come, I would like to come back and be with you more. And I shall do that if you are progressing enough to be able to do this. You will know when that time is.

Peace. Shanti.



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