Tell President Trump & Congress The 1986 Vaccine Law Must Be Repealed

altnews eraoflightEarly in August 2018, the U.S. legal system, via jury trialnot one of the “kangaroo” Administrative Law Courts which apparently always find in favor of their owners using “arbitration”—dealt a significant legal, financial, moral and even possible operations-ceasing blow to Bayer-Monsanto regarding Roundup® due to its implication in the terminal non-Hodgkin lymphoma case Dewayne Johnson v. Monsanto Company brought by the law firm Baum, Hedland, Aristei, Goldman, PC, in Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, Case Number: CGC16550128. [1]

With thousands of Roundup® -damaged plaintiffs waiting in the wings to file their lawsuits, Bayer-Monsanto may be forced to go belly-up, since the Johnson decision awarded over $289 Million.  Johnson was the first to file suit, which set a legal precedent.

The irony of the U.S. legal system – at the directive of the U.S. Congress in the 1986 vaccine law – decided a life damaging, altering and/or ending health event caused by Big Pharma’s vaccines was not worth more than $250,000.00, if such a case could get to, and pass, the Vaccine Court’s Master’s investigation, thereby rendering  a favorable decision.

That travesty in U.S. law perpetrated upon U.S. citizens by Congress was pointed out by John Gilmore and the “Take Action” campaign of the Autism Action Network.

AAN has prepared an individualized Action Alert for each person who wishes to email it to President Trump and their respective members of Congress.  However, you must contact John/AAN at ( in order to receive your specialized personal Action Alert.

Below is a sample of what the Action Alert includes.

It’s about time the U.S. Congress realizes the terrible injustice and legal discrimination it has saddled on to vaccine-damaged healthcare consumers (vaccinees) and their families.

Therefore, Congress must step up to the plate to correct that legal and moral injustice it willingly created while also empowering vaccine makers to “get out of jail free” and have no product liability nor  financial responsibility in a normal, jury-trial court of law, not the ‘kangaroo’ Vaccine Court, for their toxic and unsafe chemical concoctions called “vaccines.”



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