Geomagentic Storm with the Gateway Opening; Here We Glow

light spiral gate eraoflightYou cannot fake a Gateway opening, the evidence always presents. SUNspots appeared *out of nowhere.* Then a strong geomagnetic storm on Saturday and SUNday linking the SUN and Gaia’s fields for a powerful plasma influx. A direct connection with 80 billion watts of power surging the grids through the aurora oval (the opening in Gaia’s magnetosphere, a direct hit.)

Planetary K Index

We are still in it as those energies disperse through the grid systems, and our hearts. Our focus with the Unity Meditations on SUNday was distribution of the Crystalline rainbow bridge codes, and we have full support from the higher realms with this solar-planetary influx.

This is a tremendous amount of trackable plasma influx. In our mulitdimensional perspective, this shows us that the stargates are linked and receiving the waves of light predicted for this Infinity Gate week. Gatekeepers always link the stargates for influxes, and this one appears to be quite powerful. (Those surges come from beyond our solar system.)

Kindwhile, focus on the new light changes, and do not judge the dismantling of the old. Call in your Master, Angelic and Galactic levels – remember this is embodiment time; awareness and reunification of ALL that we are. For some, this includes the Solar Light Beingness.

Turn on those crystalline codes and rainbow bridges in the DNA. Light up all that is with the positive, pure photonic light of Source.

We intend to let this Infinity Gateway unfold with as much ease and grace as possible, and allow all willing hearts to cross the crystalline bridges to full embodiment of the Divine Self. Don’t dim it or control it out of fear, let it do the good work.

Blessings and gratitude to the Gatekeepers and Gridworkers who assisted, and to all who are holding this open with the highest intent this week. Our trigger day is Wednesday, August 29, however the opening late Friday indicates this will be a transformative week.

Notice how the energy feels lighter, more refined. After the density-purging of the eclipses, we are open for next-level embodiment. Let the light change you. Let us open the crystalline bridges within and without.

In Love, Light and Service,


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