A Look Into The Crystal Cities

new earth era of lightSharing the shared dream of the crystal cities… buildings filled with life-giving properties, arranged in geometric harmonic shapes.  Healing crystal waters flow everywhere… humanity lives in complete harmony with nature and the cosmos.  No human ever has to work for money or for food or rent… everything is free. Humanity decides the whole stores and receipts and sales and malls, and shopping bags… ya know… products produced via a competitive society, to no longer work…. instead, humanity has developed a unity motto where anything that is not in unity with the cosmos is no longer desired to have a presence on earth.

The crystal cities then suddenly sprang into view… new cities of new light… made of substance that is neither physical, nor liquid… nor solid… various substances that radiate numerous patterns of energy never perceived before from third dimensional human.  Know that when your presence is complete love, then the crystal cities will be for you.  You have basically decided that being an earth slave is not to your preference, and would rather soar with the galactic eagles on earth… ya know… you are also able to be innocent again, and to not live as a jaded tired depressed human… and have actively sought out ways to raise your frequency in all the ‘little stuff’ haha… In the crystal cities there is much leisure… the arts take a focal point, and all that is art, is that which considered to uplift others…. anything else, is no longer considered to be art.

Food is grown in crystal water, blessed by the highest cosmic energies… human health is essentially perfected, and the genetic mutation is completed.  There are new colours everywhere… a new type of ‘sound’ is in the air…. fire takes in new properties never seen before by any human.  Air… dances with human thought… and takes on properties of a multidimensional liquid painting.  Water…. oh the water… the water will have it’ own unique glow… luminescent but with ‘new life’ properties.  Basically everyone you meet is at peace and doesn’t want to compete with you.  Birds land on your finger and you feed them nectar of the gods.  As you walk through the crystal city of your choice… lifeforms that are in harmony with you, will extend themselves towards you, and you will be ever-richer for the experience.

You will walk in the crystal cities as a god not as a tourist… in an environment that is continually recreating itself with those who are interested and present.  The music echoes throughout the crystal cities in a newer dimension now perceived by your ears…Innocent lifeforms are drawn to your pure energy and want to simply shine with you.  Anything you desire that is in harmony with Creations is immediately available to you, for you to experience.  All that remains between all this and so much more, is for each human to willingly and lovingly connect with their soul, above all distractions and illusions.  All that remains between here and the crystal cities, are all the thoughts that are not true.

Since life is infinite at the soul level… why not envision the ultimate paradise earth… Creator has sent you, your own special inspirations… know that these inspiration are of great value to our cosmic family. Are you ready to be in the presence of beings who truly value all lifeforms? Open your heart… release the hurts that are no longer here, just in your imagination… that is all… it all comes down to love… everything everyone is experiencing… societies and values that are based on hurt of self or others, shall be no more… not on this earth.

Let’s make room for each other’s dreams that are in harmony with all lifeforms… share them, knowing we need to hear about your dreams from you directly, not from a third party haha…  your dream that is in harmony, is in my dream that is in harmony, and thus, both of our dreams are in harmony with everyone… with the cosmos… and when this happens there is a synergetic effect… often filled with magic… unexpected angelic support… a life filled with synchronicities that lead the way in spirit.  Let your mind not lead you astray with distractions of physicality… go beyond the physical this time… and truly experience the grandness of light… the grandeur of creation… the greatness of light, and of self… the marvelous illuminating new colours… galactic peace itself… your true soul… all of these cannot be separated… there is so much more to each of us, than any of us have ever experienced… soooo…



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