One Who Serves: Light Warriors, You Are Bringing the Light to the World

mike quinsey eraoflightOm Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you to continue on, to continue to bring these messages forward to you in all different ways and to assist in all the different ways that we can and have been doing.  But as we have said many, many times, as we are assisting you, you are assisting us.  You are assisting us in preparing those that are ready for these revealings as Sananda is saying and as many others are also saying that you are assisting to be there when it is time for those that are in need, or those that will be open and become aware and awakened.  It will be time for them to hear some of these things which you already know.  And that time does approach.

Do you have questions now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q:   [Emailed question] My question is for three to four days, Vice President Pence visited Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  During his speech, he announced to set foot on the moon permanently.  We know we already have Manhattan-like buildings on the dark side of the moon by the Secret Space Program.  He also made reference of the Space Force.  It seems like they are moving very fast and want to have something done by 2020.  We know that our Galactic Family gave them the ultimatum of disclosure regardless of what they do.  Has there been a new negotiation between our Galactic Family and President Trump?

OWS:   Not so much “new” negotiations, but “ongoing” negotiations have been in the works.  That between the Galactics, as you are saying, and also those of the Light Forces, the Alliance, which of course, the President Trump is a part of, and these negotiations, these secret meetings in many cases, have been ongoing and continue to occur.  And there is much that is being discussed at those levels that is beyond the knowing of not only the American public, but the World public here as well.  But it is coming to a head, you might say, where the disclosure as is being said here is coming forward.  It starts with the Secret Space Program, moves now to the Space Force, as it is being called–the new Space force; but this new Space Force is just simply a part of the Space Program, the old Space Program.  It is just bringing it out now to the public so that they can save face, you might say.  They do not have to say “We have known this all along, we have been holding this back from you.”  They are doing everything they can so that that does not happen.  But that the information still comes forward and the Truth is still revealed. Okay?

Q:   [Emailed question] The second question is, about ten days ago, the Mayor of the City of Chicago proposed a universal income for the citizens.  Fox News said that it came from the Democratic Party as another tactic to keep liberals on the hook.  What relation does it have with the distribution of wealth from Saint Germain?

OWS:   As we find it, no relationship whatsoever at this point.  It is simply a use of monies that are available to be used in this purpose.

The Saint Germain Trust and many of the other Trusts and Global Accounts and all of this is all still in process and is moving to a realization, you might say, that is coming.  But much more on that we cannot give at this point.

Q:   [Emailed question] I recently asked my wife, Nan, who is a spirit, about materializing wealth, and she said that if I truly believed I had it, I would have bought an Audi, not a Suzuki.  You also said the other Sunday that you don’t have to create it because it is already there.  Does that mean, if I only had one thousand Lira in my bank account and I bought a car for 200,000 Lira, that the money would appear because I believed I had it.  Please, can you explain?  As many people like myself are confused.

OWS:   What we can tell you is, this is all about consciousness, all about raising vibrations.  As you raise your consciousness and raise your vibrations, you move into a different understanding of how the Law of Attraction works.  And the Law of Attraction is just that.  You attract what you want.  Or you attract what you are asking for, whether it is something negative or something positive.  It is deep within your consciousness, and your consciousness comes out regardless and the Universe will listen to that level of consciousness that you are at in that point.

So if you believe, sincerely believe, fully believe and KNOW beyond any doubt that you can have what you want in your life, then you can have it.  But, the question is, is there a bit of a doubt there?  And if there is a bit of a doubt there, then you succumb to the three-dimensional illusion and the Laws within that illusion that keep you having what is called that “buffer zone.”  And that “buffer zone” will continue to work with your lower chakra centers and all of the memories and programming that is associated with that, and that will hold you back from this.  So if you wish for something, say a car or some automobile of some type, and you believe you can have it, you can have it.  But there needs to be that total belief system within you.  That is how you can, and many of you will demonstrate this to those that are not yet awakened or that are not yet believers, you will be able to do those things which the Yeshua did.  Those so-called Miracles.  But as we have been saying to you, it is not Miracles, it is Science.  It is just a Metaphysical Science or a Higher Consciousness Science.  And you will be able to put your hand out and say that something can appear in your hand and it will be there.  Not saying that an automobile will appear into your hand, but it can appear in front of you.

But the difference here is the ego center as well.  And if your ego is requiring these things, then they are not going to come in that sense.  They will not come based on the ego.  They will come based on need of those that you are working with.  Do you see the difference here?

Are there other questions here now from those in what you call the Phone Land?

Q:  I saw during the meditation a vision that everyone was hugging each other, crying from happiness, and looking into the sky and it was full of ships.  It was the disclosure!   The disclosure is what the people saw, and they were hugging and being happy because they were seeing the ships.  It was a bright day and people cried from happiness.  So my question is, is this in the near future?

OWS:   What you are experiencing is exactly what you were creating in your future.  You were creating this to be a part of the expression that is coming and if more and more of you created this same expression, it would come to fruition much quicker.

If all of the 144,000 and even more than that now, as we find it, would come together and meditate all at once, this is the idea of the mass meditation and the ones that have called for these mass meditations.  If you would reach the crescendo, as Sananda gives here, if you would reach that, then you would also bring about the Event much quicker here.  And all of these revealings and all of this that is coming.

But regardless, these revealings are coming anyway.  They are coming a little bit slower maybe than you would have wanted, but they are coming.  The Storm is approaching, as Sananda gave here.  And you are a part of the Storm.  You ARE the Storm, you might say.  Just as the President Trump said, “I am the Storm!”

That is what you are.  You are the Storm.  You are the ones that are bringing this all about.  And if you want to bring it about faster, then simply create it being faster.  Just as you did in your meditation here. Okay?

Q:   I’m glad you brought that up about the tipping point, if you will, because it was on my mind.  I participate with Jared Rand on his calls or mass meditations, and I did the Cobra mass meditation on that particular date, and Jared had said that there was something like 166,000 on that call, because he had also participated in it, but he was told that a tipping point had not been reached, and I was under the impression that 144,000 were needed.  So I’m confused about that.  Can you elaborate on that?

OWS:   Yes!  We can say that is why we said 144,000 plus.  It has shifted.  It has changed based on the number of the population of the planet, so that you need to come to that point, as you are saying, the tipping point, where you reached that percentage of the consciousness of the planet.  And that has been reached at previous times, but in this past time, it was not fully reached here as we are finding it.

Q:   Do we know what the number is?

OWS:   We cannot give that number directly because it is a shifting number.  It changes based on man’s consciousness and based on those that are coming into the awakening state.  We can tell you percentage-wise, you came to approximately 80% to 86%.


Q:   My question has to do with children.  All my life, I have been on a spiritual path, and the children always touched my heart so huge, it was almost overwhelming and to see anybody get hurt or fighting, I would have to jump in and stop.  “Please don’t hurt each other.”

As time went by and the children were all getting kidnapped back in the early 1990s, I came up with an invention just to try to help stop this kidnapping, so that is how deep it runs for my protection over children.

Now here is my question.  As time goes on, in these last few years with all the Ascension and everything happening, and doing all the Spiritual Work, I have noticed that my emotions and feelings towards the children isn’t intense any longer and even almost dormant.  I wonder why?  What happened here?  Because I could not handle hearing that children were getting hurt.  And with all this disclosure, it is going to come out and I am aware of it.  I’ve even tried to listen to some of the videos that they were talking about where they are saving these children already from the child trafficking, and it was very difficult for me to listen, but when I did, I was okay.  So my question to you:  Have I gotten through this or have I closed myself off?

OWS:   This is what we were speaking about earlier in terms of how you are acclimating to the energies.  You are becoming aware of those things which are going on in the background, and you are not becoming immune to it, but more and more you are becoming used to it.  You are beginning more and more to understand the Oneness of all things.  And that there is not a need to have the separation here.  Because when you become aware for the first time of these atrocities that are going on in the world, it creates a separation process between you and everyone else.  And you are coming into a unification within yourself.  More and more you are coming to be unified with your multidimensional selves and your integration to your Higher Self, which is the Ascension process.  So as you are going through this Ascension process, you are becoming less and less shocked, you might say, and less and less holding concern over those things.  Okay?

Q:   So it does look like [President] Trump is having some issues with the Mueller investigation and that that is all going to come out and be revealed about his misdealings.  Can you talk about that a little bit and with National Inquirer being part of the media that is being exposed and all that?

OWS:   All we can tell you is that this is all part of the whole as far as these revealings that are coming forward.  The Truths are coming forward, and they are coming again from many different sources, many different directions, and all of this has been in the works for quite a while, you might say.  In terms of not only years here, but decades this has been working in the background.

And those of what you call the White Hats, and the Alliance, have been working toward bringing the Light to the planet in many different ways and they are working together with the Galactics.  And those of the Galactics and the Agarthans and the Alliance, which are all a part of ONE here, they have been working together to defeat or to subdue is a better word here, to subdue those of the dark forces that are left.  And we can tell you that there are relatively few of those that are left that can have any kind of control over the situation of the planet.  Otherwise, you would have many, many more catastrophes, many, many more atrocities attributed to the cabal, to those dark forces across the planet.  But they have been curtailed greatly in what they can do.  They do what would be considered more skirmishes here and there, rather than full out war of any type.

Q:   About the resistance movement, Athena said to me that without you [“us Light Warriors”] anchoring in this Light, and then spreading this Light, they couldn’t do as much of a good job of what they are doing.  They are like in the trenches but we are like the anchors of this conduit of this Light coming through this spectrum and without us, they would not be able to do as much good.  We are the conduit.  We are here for that particular reason to anchor in the Light and to spread the Light.  So we are doing our part, and this is enabling them to do a better job to get this on track faster.  Is that right?

OWS:   Yes!  Certainly.  You are the Wayshowers.  You are the ones that are bringing the Light, anchoring the Light, spreading the Light.  Without you, you are correct, there would be even a much slower process that would be happening here.

In fact, without those of you, it would not be happening at all.  This is why those of you have come to this planet to be a part of this evolution.  To be here now in these moments when the Light is coming into the planet and you are able to share the Light further and further out, and help more and more and more awaken.  Even beyond those of the under 144,000, to awaken.  And this is the process that is happening now and You are the Storm, as was given earlier.  You are ALL the Storm that approaches here.

Q:   That’s right.  That is exactly the way she explained it to me, but I was struggling to break it down.  But without us, they cannot do their job.  If there is no conduit, then the Light is cut off.  So we are very, very important, and this is why they say this.  We are very, very important for this whole process.

This thing with John McCain.  Is he definitely passed on now or is he locked up somewhere?

OWS:   What we can tell you is simply that he is no longer!


Q:   May I refer back to the question about what is happening with the children?  Is that what you were discussing many, many months ago?  You talked about the need to reach the state of neutrality.  So is that the position that she has reached at this point?

OWS:   Not completely certainly, because if she was in complete neutrality, then that would be the full Ascension.  But there is a movement toward more neutrality in your lives.  All of you now as we speak here.  You are all moving toward this which is the connection.  The more full connection with your Higher God Self.  And your Higher God Self is neutral.  And as you connect more and more with your Higher God Self, you come more and more into that neutrality as well–knowing everything is working exactly as it needs to, exactly in the moment that it is in.

  We are needing to release channel now.

As you continue on everyone, brothers and sisters, people–continue to hold the Light.  Continue to anchor it, hold it, share it wherever you can, to continue to be the Light.  As you continue to be the Light in every opportunity that you find, then you will find that the Storm that we are speaking of will become more and more with you, with you as the planet, with you as the people of the planet, the Collective Consciousness.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


One Who Serves: Light Warriors–You Are Bringing the Light to the World!

These messages were given during our Thursday night session during the August Advance in Christopher Creek, AZ on August 9, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

One Who Serves

My dear friends, it is wonderful to be with you.  To be able to have and continue to have these experiences where we can connect.  Where we can communicate with you.  We so long for those times where we can sit across from you and, yes, as we have said many times, break bread or other things, it does not have to be bread.  Why is it always bread?  Why is it always bread, and we can break bread.  What if we don’t want to break bread?  What if we want to have a meal of some type?  What if we want to have a little wine?  What’s wrong with that?  Right?

Can you have some wine with us?  Yes!  There are many of us that do that, you know.


We like to party.  We like to party a lot!

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to party whenever you want to and not have to worry about the hangover the next day!  Can you imagine?  You can drink if you want, but you don’t have to worry about that.  No more sickness!

It’s been so long, we can’t even remember what that was like back then.  But there were times, of course, when we had those experiences.  We drank a little bit too much.  But we survived it!

We are here, and you are here.  And you have survived it.  You have survived the energies.  The energies that continue to come into the planet.  Many of you, you are not only surviving it, but you are thriving with those energies.  Do you understand the difference here?  You are thriving with the energies.  The energies are changing you.  They are changing your DNA.  They are changing your pineal gland.  They are opening up your heart center.  They are raising your consciousness to levels that you have not seen or experienced in, many of you, thousands of years!

But you have arrived.  You have arrived at these moments, these times.  And these are the times that you all have been waiting for.

We bring you together like this in these group sessions both here in person, what James likes to call “live and in person.”

And those of you that are on the phone which is almost the same as being here, if you allow it to be.  Because if you allow it, there is no difference here.  There is no time and space.  You can be here just as those that are here are here, if you believe it.  And as always, if you believe it, you will see it.

And if you believe it, people, and this is not only for these here that are here directly, but for those of you on the phone, if you believe it — for the end of this weekend, we cannot tell you exactly when or how — but if you believe it, YOU WILL SEE IT!

You will see something which you would consider miraculous.  Some of you have already seen some things on the way here, as we are finding it.  You see those ships that you have taken pictures of and some wonder, “Well is this real?  Or is this not real?”

Yes!  It is real!  You are seeing those things, but did you see anyone else looking out the window and seeing them in your planes?  Did anyone else say, “Look!  Look at that!  A ship!”

No!  Only you did!  You who took the pictures.  You who saw it.  Because you have the eyes to see!  But NOW?

Get that again, now, but NOW!  You are going to see so much more, if you allow it.  If you believe it!  The skies are going to open up to you.   Not only with ships, but with Light!  Many different kinds of Light you are going to begin to see.

It may start in your dream state.  It may move into your, what you call, daydreaming state.  Your visions.  But one of these days, not far off, you will look up into the skies, and the clouds will part, and you will see Light coming from the Galactic Central Sun.  Light that others may not see.  Others may look directly up there and see much of nothing.  But you will see what is really there.  The reality!   Because you are moving into a new reality.

Or you can even look at it as an old reality for yourselves.  Because when you were in Lemuria, when you were in Atlantis, and when we say “you,” we are talking to everybody here.  Everybody that is in this room, everybody that is on the phone, there is not a one of you that has not had these experiences from long ago.  Otherwise you would not be here!  You would not be a part of this group–a part of Ancient Awakenings–because you have been called.

We heard this earlier when you were speaking here.  About you were being guided here.  You were being called.  Yes!  You were!  We were calling you!  Your guides were calling you.  The Archangels were calling you.

You were called a long time ago.  You answered the call.  You volunteered to be a part of this expression.

Of course, not knowing what you are getting into then–but you did anyway.  And you came.  And you experienced.  And you raised the consciousness of a planet.  Do you realize what you have done?   Do you realize that you are raising the consciousness of a planet?

When we are saying you, we are not just talking now about the “Collective YOU.”  We are talking about the “Collective YOU” of this group!  Please understand that.  Understand your POWER now.  This is not an ego statement.  We are not trying to relate to your egos.  Far from it that we would want to do that.

But we are relating to your remembrances.  Remember the POWER that you once had.  We said earlier that one was a star, and remembered that that one was a star.  What power does a star have?  Think about that for a moment.

The Power of a star?  And here you are as a human being here on this planet.  And you think you have no Power?  You have the Power of a STAR within you!

Each of you do.

That Power Center within each of you, is the Power of a Star.  Think about that.  An atom that is in your bodies, all of you, the Power Center that created your body–that Power Center can power an entire city, an entire country, an entire planet. Can you imagine if those here on the planet would understand this?  And they could utilize that Power Center within even just one individual–there would be enough power to power the planet for centuries.

The Matrix was not that far off.  You see.  The movie? He even said to Neo, “We are power cells. We are batteries.”

If you could utilize that Power Center, but forget about that.  Think about the Power that is within you and how you can utilize that Power.  You wondered earlier, how those who could build the pyramids, raise those rocks, they knew the Power within them.  You see?  They utilized that Power.  They did it with their minds.  And you also can do that, when you have created the “Heart-Mind Connection.”

And this is what the Lion’s Gate, the energies are all about now–connecting the Heart and Mind.  The High Heart with the Third Eye, and opening that center again, which you have now done.

But it will only stay open if you keep it open, and you must do that yourselves.  You must keep that center open.  Keep utilizing it. Keep visualizing.  And those of you that have trouble visualizing, just think–think and know–think and know–and it is so.

You feel the Power coming through here?  Do you feel this?

This is the energies that are here at this time.  Here with all of you here in this room, as well as all of you on the phones.  You are creating tremendous energies.

And tomorrow, and tomorrow evening, and moving on and through the weekend, there are going to be many here with you.  Many of us.  Sananda, Ashtar will be here, the Archangels will be here, Aramda will be here, etcetera, Saint Germain certainly.

Saint Germain is always where the party is!


He is a partier, that one!

We may even get a command performance from you-know-who here.  He has not been with you for a little while here.  He has been saving it up, He says!

So He waits for the right time, and who knows?  He may come in and go for it with you a little bit.

But we always have to caution him, as you know, most of you know, he tends to say things that he is not supposed to say yet.  So we always have to bring him back from it.  Pull him back sometimes!


He does not want to give up too easily.  He likes the stage.

Very good.  We are finished here.

We can take questions if there are any questions–but as we understand it, with your system here, it may be difficult to ask your questions here in the room.

So we can try it, if you want.  And if it works, great!  If not, we can take questions from those on the phone.  Or we can just forget it for tonight, as many of you are tired.

I don’t know why you would be tired though, the energies are so strong here!  You should be flying by now!  You should be lifting up off of your chairs!

Anyone out there lifting up off of their chairs?

Audience:     I am!

Yes?  Good!  Somebody said, “I am.”

Yes, you are!

How about out there in the phone area?  Phone land.  Anybody lifting up off of their chairs?

Hello, anyone out there?  Oh, oh.  Oh, oh.  Have we been talking to nobody out there? Are you muted?  Anyone out here.

Phoneland:   We’re here!

Yes, we’re here!

Hello, can you hear us?

OWS:   Anyone lifting up off of their chairs out there?

Phoneland:   Oh yeah!

We cannot feel our body right now!

OWS:   Good!  Good!

Can you imagine what it would be like when you don’t have to feel your body anymore? You can have your body, but you don’t have to feel it.  It means you don’t have to feel the aches and pains that come along with it.  You see?  It will be like floating.  Some of you will float.

Phoneland:   Looking forward to that!

I’m floating right now!

Believing is seeing.

I actually feel my body is much lighter ever since I joined the group!

OWS:   There you go!

Phoneland:   I’ve been floating all my life!

OWS:   Well, we have to ask you then, what were you on?


You’ve been on something!  Or are you just floating on life?   Life energy.

Life energy, people, is wonderful!  The feeling of being alive.  Think about it.  There are souls upon souls upon souls that would give anything to be here in your bodies at this time to witness, to experience, that which is going to be here.  You have a front row seat!

And not only a front row seat…you’re the participants in this!   You are the players on the field!

The fans are in the ships.  The fans are in the ships up there watching this spectacle below them.

Phoneland:   And you’re our cheerleaders.

That’s why we all volunteered to be here now.

OWS:   And boy do we laugh a lot!

Phoneland:   Of course, they do.

You’re our cheerleaders.

OWS:   Yes, we ARE your cheerleaders.  We are your cheerleaders, and in some ways, we are your coaches as well.  But you are the players!

You are the ones that are carrying the ball.  You are the ones that must make the touchdown or the field goal or whatever you want to call it.   We are taking these images from the James here.  He likes sports, so we can use this.

And you are the ones that either make it or break it.  But you are the ones that are carrying the Light!  You are not only anchoring the Light now, you are now carrying the Light!  You are not only the Lightworkers now, you are the Light Carriers!   The Light Warriors, as we like to say.

You are the Warriors of Light!  And you are bringing the Light to the world.  You, this group, and many other groups that are out there.

And this meditation, this mass meditation that is coming on the Saturday here, the one that has been called for, you are going to participate in that meditation. It will be the evening session here and we will be conducting it and bringing you to the space where you can feel the energies coming from the Galactic Central Sun.

Now please understand, we are not saying see them, or visualize them, we are saying “feel the energy.”  That is a difference here.  That is what is hoped for Saturday night as part of what is going to be expressed here.

Get ready!  Because the energies are coming.  The STORM is approaching.  And we are preparing a great celebration!  We have been preparing a great celebration for a long time now.  And just waiting for those of you, all of the invitees to accept your invitation to the party.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the One.


Channel: James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”