Breathe: Republic Restored, Event Dreams

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Greetings New Earth Family! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Quiet your mind and you shall hear the voice of your soul. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.


The Universe can be for you what you wish for it to be. An ocean of bliss, a mystery, or a new, all ready untangled discovery for you to simply enjoy, where all you’re required to do is BREATHE.

Do not yield to fear, time, the idea of lack, or any of the 3D illusions, for they are just that, and YOU are eternal. Be in this now, for only in this NOW you have the opportunity to clear that which you call the PAST and create that which you call the FUTURE. The three breath together.

Imagine for a moment that YOU are the center of this Universe. And this Universe has no choice BUT to follow your orders(thoughts). If you LISTEN, you will hear the Universe speak to you. What will you hear? You will hear the following; Thy wish is my command.

You will fail to understand your true Divine Nature, your true Divine Power if you fail to BREATHE and FOCUS on YOUR BREATH. Breath is the most potent tool for expansion.

Focused Breathing is the key, and DEEP breathing is the foundation of breath focus.

Close your eyes and FOCUS on your BREATH; Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, slowly, deeply, for at least twenty minutes a day.

The benefits of focused breathing are spiritual as well as physical and are endless. In brief, you will feel the increase of oxygen in your body, which in itself will fix and keep all “gears” working the way they’re supposed to in every part of your physical vessel.

Spiritual; as you breathe, as you concentrate, release all baggage. You open a gate of consciousness, through which more light will flow through and around you. You create space for your SOUL to merge with your physical body, and align your current awareness with the true DIVINE YOU.

So stop, and breathe, release. FEEL the freedom  in your breath, feel the change in your beingness, feel yourself RISING as you breathe in light, breath out love. You are FLAWLESS in this very moment. KNOW that your existence is COMPLETE.

Republic Restored

This is all by design. As everything else in the past has been, so too is the future. And this particular part in today’s world, where Trump is supposedly creating ‘enemies’ by basically threatening other nations economically.

Gradually pushing them all away from the US dollar. What happens in turn? The fiat dollar weakens, to its lowest point ever. The deep state’s money becomes useless, and they lose power. No more funding for fake ‘attacks’, and being unable to influence and pay their goons to do the dirty work.

The tables have all ready turned, DC(swamp) is now being cleansed swiftly.

So what is next? We may see the economy in the US collapse, Trump calls for a new economic standard, restoring the ‘old dollar’, gold backed, to save America, and with that, restoring the Republic.

From Sputnik News; Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly this week, US President Donald Trump urged the world to respect US sovereignty while seemingly threatening to violate the sovereignty of other coutnries. Speaking to Sputnik, US geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo outlined what he believes is the fundamanetal contradiction in Trump’s worldview.

Sputnik: What is your take on Foreign Minister Lavrov’s discontent with the West’s “unilateral approach” to world politics which he said hinders the creation of a multipolar world?

Tom Luongo: I think we’ve taken a very dangerous turn here in the US, with Donald Trump and his neoconservative cabinet trying to dictate to the world exactly what we want at all stages. This just feels to me like this is the final lashings out of an empire that doesn’t understand that everybody else has already moved on, and are just trying to figure out how they can minimize the damage while they do so.

Sputnik: Do you think that this Trumpian unilateralism and resistance to the multipolar nature of the modern world is actually backfiring in some ways and causing countries to move away from the US and forming new alliances?

Tom Luongo: Yes, that’s absolutely what’s going on, and part of me almost feels like Trump is doing this on purpose.

All of this is still just a small piece of the puzzle compared to what is going on behind the scenes. The great changes that are to go into effect as the first monetary reform domino falls. And all for the betterment of Earth and humanity. Truly a time for celebration.

Event Dreams

For quite some time now we have been hearing about the Event from many different sources. The truth is few if any know what this Event is in reality. Well, yes, it is a wave of immense light from the Galactic Central Sun. But what can we expect once the wave does arrive, and so on.

Information relating to the Event coming from even higher sources is a blur at its best. They are not very descriptive. As a matter of a fact that can be said about many of their messages, at least from my perspective. Perhaps even they don’t know what exactly will unfold at the moment of the Event, as the future is always in flux.

Often times the truth, or the ‘future’ is presented to us in dreams. And recently I had a dream. So vivid, it felt so real, as if it were happening right then. I’d like to call this the Dream of the Event. Why?

I do not recall all the details, but what was crystal clear is this; A great extraterrestrial ship landed near a city, I was filled with joy and said “wow, it is finally happening”. I felt and saw other ships in the vicinity. I basically started running towards the great ship, ran up the stairs, near the entrance I was greeted, the one ET said suddenly, “it is your moment”, and than I turned around. What do I see, a wide and long line of people waiting to board the ship.

I asked no questions, I was overwhelmed with joy, I went down the stairs, on the ground, and started speaking to the people, explaining as to why all of this was happening, and led them up the stairs into the ship, and came back down to get the next group. And than I woke up, slightly disappointed; I said to myself; “wait a minute, evacuations are not supposed to happen”, and went about my day. Perhaps SOME TYPE of an evacuation WILL occur when it will become necessary in the not too distant future, nothing too major, maybe just certain parts of the world?! We’ll see!

That is all for today. Take what you will, leave the rest for later.

In every thought, in every action, let love be your intention.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!