Elthor the Dragon: Time To Transmute

dragon whiteWe dragons see you human, in all of your states of readiness and unreadiness. Now is the dawn of the new age. I am Elthor the dragon and this one summoned me from the depths where I have been doing my light work, as have many of us, with our humans. The dragons have been alighting the fire of the Kundalini of Earth. The fire of our dragon’s breath of love, when partnered with the violet fire transmutes with great ferocity.

For this is what we are in the midst of right now human. Ferocity of change. The dark ones have had innumerable chances to go to the light and they have dug in their heels and constructed their fortresses of hate around themselves instead. Such is their undoing. The light always wins, always finds a way. Love and light always triumph! And so therefore humans, the ending is assured, but be assured you are in the midst of a great spiritual battle, for the dark does not give up easily. It is time to transmute with greater intensity, with purpose. Call on your dragon friends and we will enjoy doing this exercise with you. For we love to share our fire of fiery transformation, for our frequency is love but that of great power, for that is how we dragons see and embody love. We are the strength of fiercely loyal, fiercely protective love. We guard the light. We are currently guarding the light of Gaia and she is lighting up before our eyes as her crystal core heats.

Feel the dragon heat. Welcome the rise of your own kundalini and rise with the Earth into new frontiers, new beginnings. But be assured that the fire – this fire of change – is tremendously hot. It will burn, melt and destroy all that is not aligned with Source light and love. For only Source and light and love can withstand itself. You humans, glowing with reading these words, you are being lit right now with our fiery breath. I Elthor bestow this dragon breath upon you. Feel the heat. Wear it has a mantle and join in the fight! And whether you go into the bowels of hell with me and transmute the dark shadows or hold the light in your meditative state – it is the same. It is honoring the light, serving the light, honoring the Divine Mother, the Divine feminine.

The fire rebalances, restores, redirects. It is merciless. It burns all that is not of truth. For truth is what is happening on your planet now human. You are seeing all the lies go up in smoke and the charred remains of a once mighty government, foundation – all is being changed before our eyes. Your governments – all countries – are going to be rebuilt, restarted, recreated, and they will be governed with the intergalactic concepts of justice, of love, of service to each other, for service is to your utmost benefit. When all serve, all are served, and all hearts expand in the process. Great injustices are to be remedied. We dragons love the fight. We are warriors. We are called in wherever the galaxy beckons. And currently all eyes are on you humans of Gaia, Nova Gaians. For in the most super critical time of the in breath be assured the fiery out breath is occurring in this Now moment on all angles, all sides, all dimensions. For this fight is not over the prime real estate Gaia. No. It is much more. It is gruesome, it is vile and the light has overcome it. Those who worship the vile will be condemned, tried, and recycled. They have nowhere to flee (dragon laughter). For even if they escape this human plane we dragons are waiting and we will escort them to the Great Central Sun. For that is their choice and we must honor it.

Remember. Source is Source. All is All. This is the grand play in an infinite universe of infinite possibilities. We have all learned something in this process and we have all grown. Now be assured human the light wins, but it is time to fight with us. Heed your dragon call and transmute with us. Blast your Violet Fire – the gift of the Mother and St. Germaine to you. Partner with us. Partner with your dragon team and we will burn away the old now, together. For once again we stand with our human friends. We fight together. And shortly we will enjoy peace together. But unfortunately, in many instances in this realm anyway fighting precludes peace. Find the peace of Nova Gaia within your hearts and manifest it, all the while using your fiery mighty powers of creation and stand strong. Stand strong human! Hold your head up and set your intentions to blaze the old away and further the expansion of the light, ever expanding, ever growing, ever loving, ever learning.

I am Elthor. I have spoken! We dragons partner with humanity again. Join us! Hurrah!


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl