Goddess of Creation: Clearing Your Imprints

divine mother eraoflightdotcomWe are created out of energy and the many, many layers of our energy emit a vibration. This vibration is something that can be very dramatic and straightforward, or it can be very subtle. When we create our lives we do so through our intention that we consciously create. However, everyone also has their unconscious vibration that may or may not support what they are consciously creating.

During the beginning of the channel, the Goddess spoke at length about what is conscious and unconscious in each one of us.  She also spoke about the various ways in which we have imprints in our lives. In a physical way, imprints can be stored in your cells of your organs, joints, blood, skin or any living part of you.  So too you have imprints that affect your emotions such as a particular emotion that triggers a particular reaction.  In addition, your mental body may have imprints that keep you in a particular belief system or thought process.

Clearing the imprints creates a change in your vibration.  This change in your vibration will reflect the open flow and infusion of love, light, soul and all that comes with these energies.  It creates a change throughout you affecting your conscious and unconscious mind.  Your new beginning starts NOW!

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in whatever it is that you are doing in this now moment wherever you are within your life. As you live your life upon the earth there are many layers of energy that have created who you are and what is happening in this now moment.

We frequently speak about the ways in which your emotions have an impact upon you, the ways in which your belief systems have an impact, the ways in which things that are part of the collective consciousness that are simply around you, but not necessarily of you also have an impact upon you.

Frequently we like to look at what is happening in our life, perhaps analyze it, perhaps create changes so that we can then make a conscious choice of what direction we would like to move.

Sometimes what that does is it just places you in a very intellectual or a very mental perspective of life and it keeps the awareness of being in the moment from having a greater impact upon you.

What is it that you want in your life? And for the answer that comes to you was it things, was it relationships, was it a state of being because everything that you would like to have in your life creates layers of intention. Frequently you might also assign an expectation to something that’s happening in your life and each of these layers need to weave a pattern of energy into and around you which is what radiates out; not only to the people in your family, but the people with whom you work but it radiates out into all of that unconscious awareness.

These are the levels of vibration within you and in everything within your life; vibration likes to find a vibration in which it is compatible. This is why sometimes when you are moving into something new and different it feels awkward or uncomfortable to you at first because you have not yet found that alignment that works for you.

Therefore, remember to be a conscious awareness or to have a conscious awareness when you are making these changes. On the flip side of that when you are no longer compatible with particular situations, maybe relationships, maybe experiences, maybe a job, maybe a home, you may then feel uncomfortable in that situation and it is because your vibration has shifted. And therefore pay attention to when things feel comfortable and in the flow to you or when it feels awkward and uncomfortable. Because the answer to that then or the question to that, that goes hand-in-hand with that is, is it awkward and uncomfortable because I’m stretching myself and moving into something new or is it awkward and uncomfortable because I have shifted and moved and I am no longer in balance with that. These are important thoughts or considerations for your life.

I’m hearing, people say, “Well, I might change and I might be in a different state or a different place but I’m still married or I still have children or I still have my family and I don’t want to be without my family”, so you therefore create a new alignment and a new vibration that becomes a bridge between you and the situation that might feel awkward to you at times, so that they can be comfortable in their space, you can be comfortable in your space and the energies find its natural balance in the middle.

Indeed, this is a practice that you may use for anything within your life for relationships, your job, financial, for the location of where you want to live, anything at all that might be coming up.

It is unusual for me to speak so much at the very beginning here; however, I simply give the messages that I feel need to come out at any particular time. So join with me as we now move into the higher vibrational energies of the All That Is.

Take a deep breathe in, sending your energy into the earth so that you may anchor your consciousness of who you are right now. As you anchor into the earth your energy goes in many different directions so that you may then bring your consciousness from within the earth moving through your energy bodies and you send it up into the space of your higher self.

As you find yourself within the higher self, within your higher self, this is that blend of you as the human and you as your divinity. Your higher self may come to you at a lower vibration more associated with you the human or it may vibrate at a closer level to you as the divine. There is a very broad spectrum and in truth your consciousness flows up and down through that spectrum so that at times you may come out at one point or the other.

From your higher self, you follow that thread that leads you into your divinity as it moves upward, just your intention is all it takes to create that change and you move into the space of your divinity.

As you arrive within this space it may be as if you immediately merge with that vibration. For some it may be as if you stand before the energy or the essence that is you as your soul. As you are ready to do so you then allow your consciousness to move into the soul plane, to move into and blend with you here within the space.

As you feel your consciousness of this lifetime, merging with the divinity of your soul, you very easily feel the flow and the light of your many lifetimes.

As you continue to move through this space it may be that there is an aspect of you that wants to come into your conscious awareness. It may be that there is an aspect that represents your divinity as a whole and that is the go-between through which you merge with your divinity.

You are so much more than just this lifetime. You are these multitudes of different lifetimes that make up all these various aspects of who you are.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace you. I allow my energies to merge with you. I allow my energies to amplify who you are as your soul essence.

As we do so we shift moving into the space of the All That Is. I invite you to just take in a deep breath in and feel your energies expand as big as they wish to go.

The All That Is, is a vibration or an essence, from God/Goddess energies, it is also the vibration of the universe. It is also each one of you that come into this space for these experiences. However, we and the Angels and Light Beings create the foundation and then as you experience the All That Is, it may be your own experience.

During our last journey, you experienced going back to before you were born in this lifetime. With that experience, you were able to see some of these people that you have incarnated with so that you may have a greater understanding of your relationship with that individual. You were also able to talk with your Angels, the Archangels, the Light Beings, so that they could also support you and the choices that you made in this lifetime.

As you take a moment just think about your life. Can you feel compassion for yourself for the times in which things do not necessarily go as you had intended?

As you consider your life and these experiences; can you take this moment and acknowledge that there are certain things you can let go, release, clear, making way for something new that’s going to come in? Perhaps challenge you, perhaps gift you with something that’s a new potential, perhaps something that you are completely unaware of how that might play out.

As you process whatever that may be, I would like to take things to another level. As I spoke at the very beginning, you are created from various vibrations and energy resulting from your experiences; however, there were also vibrations that were imprinted into the cellular structure of your physical body. We have spoken on multiple occasions about the DNA and how the DNA is changing at this time.

With the programming that went along with each of your DNA there is a certain amount that is just part of the collective consciousness that have to do with your sex, your age; a certain amount of the experiences that people have from the collective consciousness and certain cellular memories of what it was like to be on earth. Most especially for those that are 40 years and older, you have those cellular memories that came from either parents or grandparents that were a part of that last holdout with the old energy and on the cusp of the very beginning of what has transpired during this lifetime.

For the children that have been born since year 2000 in particular, but indeed that last decade of the last millennia and the first decade of this one, many were born without the cellular memory that was associated with those of the previous generation. This was created with a specific intention.

When you are in the midst of a problem or when you are in the midst of an experience that goes on and on and you seek to create change the change comes from outside. The people that have created the change that, excuse me, the people that have created the patterns that have been in place for tens of hundreds of years are not the ones that will create the change. There may be many people that will support the change, however, there had to be a certain degree that came in without the DNA alignments associated with those previous existence.

This is one reason why there’s such a dramatic change in those that you call the millennials and younger.

As the people, where there no matter what your age group is, as you are here in the All That Is in this now moment, I invite you to just gently let your consciousness flow down. Allow it to flow so that you may be in that space where your DNA is created, but this is not only about the DNA. First of all, your cells have an imprint that was created, some prior to when you were born and some imprints as a result of experiences that you have had, most often a traumatic experience. So, I wish for you to ask yourself where within the cellular makeup of my physical body, do I have an imprint that no longer serves me?

As you ask yourself that question it may be that you see cells in your body just light up, it may be that thoughts of experiences come to your consciousness. There are many different reasons why you have a cellular imprint. Now, what that means to you is that the cells that are flowing through your bloodstream have a particular cellular memory and they act in a particular way.

This includes the emotions that you hold onto, the belief systems, it can be a physical illness, it can be almost anything that is holding you back can have its beginning in your cellular makeup.

Is it all about your DNA or is there a level of imprint that is separate from your DNA? There is an overlay. Sometimes it was brought into you with your DNA; sometimes it was after your personal DNA was created. Through your DNA you have your connection to your ancestors. Some of these cellular imprints came from the ancestors. Of course some of that was you in that previous life.

If you have an imprint within the cells in your body, it can be the cells of your skin, the cells of your organs, the cells of your bloodstream. If there is an imprint creating a physical reality that no longer serves you then have a conscious intention of aligning with whatever that may be. You may not have any clear awareness and this may be only through your intention.

As you merge with the cellular memory that is associated with an imprint that is causing you to have physical illness or imbalance, you link with whatever that may be, you bring it up and then we want to bring it up from wherever it may be within you, just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ clear that out. And as you consciously clear out whatever that cellular energy is, I want you to then have the intention of infusing those cells with the light and the love of your divinity, with your soul essence, as you transform those cells and they shift into something that is a new beginning directly from your soul.

If there is another layer of that, lets us look once more. If there are cells within your bloodstream or in your organs or in your bones or in your skin that are holding you into a past vibration that no longer serves you, we want to connect with those cells, bringing up the vibration or the energy of whatever that may be ~whew~  and clear it out.

And into each cell, you take in a deep breath, that breath of light coming from your divinity, your soul, flows through you and into every cell within your physical body. In particular anything that you just transformed, anything that you just cleared out, specifically trends becomes infused with the white light. However, that white light then communicates with the next cell and the next cell and the next cell as it moves through your entire bloodstream, creating a vibration of your divinity, creating a vibration of love, creating a vibration that is filled with the awareness of who you are as the divine and the awareness of all of your potential that is available to you.

Let us consider an imprint in your emotions. Is there a particular emotion that you struggle with? Perhaps, anger, fear, perhaps you are completely fine in your life but there is a trigger that takes you back into childhood or another situation.

If there is an imprint within your emotional body, everything that is either conscious or unconscious that is holding you back from what you seek to have, align with whatever that imprint may be and we want to just tap into that energy, tap into that space of those cells within your emotions ~whew~ let that go. That was a really big one. We could feel a huge chunk of energy clearing out.

So then as you consider your emotions, flow the energy and the light of your divinity, that divine balance of love, compassion, acceptance and where you had an imprint that was perhaps in fear, anger, resistance, let any of that be replaced with this cellular vibration from your divinity that allows you to have the very balanced emotions that you seek to have, that gives you the emotional strength to do whatever it is you need to do, that allows happiness, joy, love and contentment to be you in this life. Take a deep breath in, letting those emotions move through you, clearing out any imprint, any stuck energy, anything at all with those others emotions.

Within your belief system, is there an imprint that says, “You cannot be successful because…” and of course you can answer that question. Is there an imprint that says, “Accept that you’ll never going to accomplish whatever that goal may be because it is what it is.” If you have a belief system that keeps you contained in a tiny little box where you look around and all you see are the walls that are holding you in then take the imprint or that perception or any of the others that we mentioned ~whew~ clear them out.

Didn’t feel like as much of a shift with that so let me try it again. Within your belief systems, conscious or unconscious, you are held back by a belief system that creates a vibration that has become an imprint that’s associated with you the person in this lifetime and if it is holding you back, we want clear it out. ~ Whew~ There we go. That time felt like a much bigger clearing.

Within your thoughts, within your beliefs, conscious or unconscious flow the white light of your divinity, allow that to clear out any old programming, allow it to clear out imprints, allow it to clear out anything that no longer serves you.

I’m just going to send a wash of energy through each one of you and kind of clearing out all that we’ve spoken about and ask you to now move into a space where at the forefront of everything that is happening you have the vibration of your divinity. The vibration of all of the love, the light, the essence of you as your soul is the foundation for everything that flows through your body. As your body integrates it, it creates a new reality.

All of the Angels and the Light Beings that are here working with you are also setting up in your daily life, potentials that you may flow within, so that as you live your life you are constantly transforming, clearing out your energy field, integrating more and more of the clear balance potential and truly just the reality of you in balance of you in the vibration that is set to move you forward within your life. Feel what this is to you.

I invite all of you to come back together as a group. As you do so, you create a space where not only are you creating the reality of who you are, with this increased support, balance, love and awareness. Therefore as you look at everyone around you, you can express yourself as your authentic self and you can see them for who they are also.

As you feel all of what this essence is for you allow yourself the love, the light, the essence to reflect out to everyone that’s around you.

Coming up within the center of the group is the hologram of the earth. Take a moment and notice how the hologram is changing. You may notice that all of those pieces that are part of the matrix are beginning to transform as there is more and more of the crystalline vibration infused into the earth. You may notice that there are still places where there is less flow and places where there’s greater flow.

As each one of you send your vibration and your intention into this hologram, I ask you to see the entire hologram as balanced, as if the hologram itself can release its imprint ~ whew~ and then it becomes infused with the universal light and with each one of you so that it may flow and move and rotate and as you let it go it moves down going back into the earth.

As it flows into the earth it’s clearing out the collective consciousness of the many, many years that it has created a particular impasse and then that hologram goes down into the earth. It goes into the center of the earth, anchoring within the crystals and that vibration. It then begins to move outward. As it’s moving outward, it comes up through the grass, the water, the trees. Your own energy is coming up within you and anchoring within your heart center.

As this anchors within your heart, I invite you to just take a moment and let it clear out on a physical level, all that you transitioned in the All That Is. Let it transition in your physical reality, clearing out the cellular imprints from your physical body, clearing out the imprints in your emotional and in your mental body so that you may integrate your divine white light of your divinity. This vibration moves through you shifting your vibration into something that feels better and that is more balanced and that helps you to deeper and deeper release the past and open to the future.

So too all of that energy comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, it’s clearing out for all of humanity and its clearing out the energies of the matrix or the collective consciousness, the grid work, whatever word you want to use for it, it clears out that which is frequently the unconscious part of the earth.

As you continue to feel that energy, bring back all of the rest of your consciousness. Just as you stair step going up to your divinity come from the All That Is, let it flow back into your I AM Presence and let it come back down again, clearing out your higher self filling it with the energy and that light of you as you’re moving forward. You then breathe that back down into you, bringing everything back down into you. It flows up and down through your body. You anchor within yourself and as you do so just allow yourself to relax quietly. Allow yourself to feel the essence of who you are. Allow yourself to recognize that you can truly transform on every level all of who you are.

It’s about a vibration; it’s about a state of being. Let go the analytical and allow yourself to be who you are.

So my beloved family as you are moving through these days and weeks to come be very aware of your alignment, not only with source and not only with your soul but be very aware of how allowing that to flow through you will just naturally create these changes for you. The changes of clearing out any past imprint, the changes of clearing out triggers that you may have in your life, it’s about really transforming from things that have been unconscious. Bring it up, so that you may now be in a conscious manner, really shifting and moving into something that serves you in a much greater fashion.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.




» Source » channel: Shelly Dressel