Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Vibrations Continue to Lift Up

througthelight eraoflightYou are rapidly approaching the end of the year and looking back realise that time is still speeding up. The vibrations continue to lift up and slowly but surely many souls are also experiencing a change in their vibrations. The result is they feel more at ease and less inclined to have drastic mood changes and feel able to experience some negativity without any lasting effect. A peaceful and fulfilling experience beckons and calmness in the face of any upsetting experience. You can be a catalyst for peace when conditions are very changeable as at present, and will find people gravitating towards you for that reason. It is all part of your evolutionary experiences and by example you encourage other souls to follow your way of life. At present the outer world continues to be in a turmoil yet at the same time it is so to say clearing up old problems, and thereby releasing karma that has often accumulated over many centuries. However, now that you are in the New Age you cannot take it with you, and it has to be worked out and finally cleared for once and for all.

You can expect to see some remarkable changes around you when old enemies put their differences behind them, and settle for peace. It must come and will be encouraged by those who can see ways of making a settlement that appeases all concerned. The time for wars and any actions that hold up peaceful advancement will no longer be acceptable, and the warmongers will find that their plans are being foiled and prevented from becoming live. Soon it will become evident that the expense of war and all it entails, is extremely wasteful both in the cost of money and human lives. Indeed, there is already reluctance amongst younger people to entertain any actions that are not in the interests of world peace. They are what you would call a new breed who have a wider understanding of how Humans can work together and achieve peace. Their voices will be heard and they will be acknowledged for the insight and good sense that they have.

Your Space family are eagerly waiting for the time when they can openly arrive on Earth, but as already mentioned desire to do so when their safety is assured. Understand that they long ago moved beyond the use of force to achieve their aims, and whilst they would be forced to defend themselves if threatened, they can do so without resorting to warlike action. They come to you in absolute love and peace, and ready to help you take your place amongst them. For some of you it will be renewing your links with family who have come from places outside of the Earth. Many will no doubt be pleasantly surprised to find that they are from the higher dimensions and volunteered to take embodiment on Earth and helped Humans get past the marker of 2012. You will find that service to others is quite normal once you have risen up, and is all towards giving those who need it a helping hand. When you often hear that “All are One” you are indeed linked to an unbreakable bond that unites all souls wherever they may be.

You may have had your evolution held back by the dark Ones, but in the long run you will not lose any of the advantages that so far you have been denied. In fact, many new ideas have already been developed and are ready to be made available to you. Some have crept into your way of life as it has been impossible for the dark Ones to withhold everything from you. So in some respects you may not be so far behind as you might imagine. However, modernisation is sadly lacking in many areas and you are paying for it in more senses than one. However, advancement cannot be stopped but simply slowed down, so you will suddenly go forwards in leaps and bounds once you can get started.

Fortunately you are just beginning to recognise the extreme damage you are doing to the environment and the animal kingdom. You will be prompted to take sensible action and with “unseen” help be able to clear up problems faster than would have seemed possible. The most pressing need is for suitable action to be taken to remove the pollution from your seas before it causes needless loss of marine life. Show goodwill and the intent to overcome the serious problems created for so much of your sea life and almost indifference to the damage you have been
causing, and you will almost certainly get help. You are seeing the result of years of neglect that has caught up with you. Lessons will undoubtedly be learnt as you accept the responsibilities to look after your environment.

The move towards a more settled Earth is taking shape, and many moves are occurring that will result in leadership changes that are appropriate to fulfil the needs of the people. The old ways are already things of the past and cannot be restored. New ideas abound everywhere, but many are still being held back by those who will not change their ways. There are also those who have invested in long term changes that do not reflect the new approach to everything that is needed to bring the New Age into complete manifestation. Have no fear because changes for the better must come, and very soon you will see new ideas coming into being at a time when they will be most welcome and appropriate for the tasks ahead.

It is sad to say that at a time when peace on Earth is getting nearer, there are groups of beings working purely for self with a total disregard for the needs of the people. They have chosen to try and dominate others using the Solar System, rather than working in harmony for the good of all. They are oblivious to the changing times on Earth, and will eventually be left behind to play out their warlike activities. They can do so because the freewill granted to you all that is the key to everything that is taking place. It comes at a price that says you are responsible for your actions, and will have to suffer the consequences. It is the only way you learn to become peaceful beings and can evolve to the higher levels of vibration. Fortunately there are many souls who have advanced their evolution so much so that they are firmly on the path to Ascension. There is no back door way to it and your only compensation is that you will always be given another chance to succeed, and help is always at hand even if it is not always apparent.

When a cycle comes to its conclusion all that was established through it is no longer applicable, inasmuch that the old is no longer being extended but instead a new energy is taking its place. Therefore as the old has served its purpose it makes way for the new that is more advanced and will gradually lift you up to a new level.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.