Heavenletters: You Are Worthy

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, now I share more with you about the freedom I desire you to manifest in your life. Of course, you’re aware that freedom may seem to be whisked away from under you. Whisked? More’s the pity as you seem to give your freedom boldly away. You seem to give away your life voluntarily without realizing it. You concede your rights in favor of another’s as if you have to be the good guy, which is the same as being over-eager to please others more than yourself. You are indeed eager to deed over your basic rights to others; therefore, to make yourself the good guy.

You do know what I’m talking about – as if another must be so much more worthy than you to the degree that you, yourself, may feel obliged to take the back seat. You are eager to put the other party’s privilege before your own, and so to dub yourself the fairest of all. You may come to to regret this, for you don’t always have the strength to follow through as the ultimate good guy.

Truth be known, you create your own urgency. You are the one. You, yourself, Beloved. Why, why I ask you, when with a little forethought, you can rightfully rally around what you want and have every right to?

Bring better calls to your door than you may repeatedly do presently. Why, why, oh why,
would you take on extra worries and responsibilities upon yourself when you can treat yourself better in the first place and not be over-run and tense in the first place?

Worry is a communicable illness. There is no virtue in your keeping old patterns you don’t want to fill up your life with in the first place that seem to bear fruit. Pay attention to where you cast your vote and put your money. It’s not a good idea to be on the lookout for that which you would toss away. Grow into a new repute. Come, come in on a new slate. Bring thoughts that happily bring life closer to your heart.

Since when did familiarity protect you from unmet fears anyway? Would you not like to become a beekeeper of sweet honeybees instead of woe?

Words you use carry singular vibrations. Choose high vibration words while you are at it. Come not from fear in order to please someone else or deal in cramped dealings. Choose what you truly prefer while you are at it. You are not the only one who brings yourself to your own happiness or unhappiness as it happens.

Familiarity is by no means your very favorite thing. It is just familiar. Be on your own toes in life. Don’t impose on yourself. You are the last one to know. Yes, dear one, build your future on your foundation. You are intended to be where you want to be, and that is at a mountain peak.

Represent yourself. It isn’t selfish to know thyself. I say firmly once and for all that you are worthy. You are worthy. You are coming to grips with your worthiness now. Well done. You are moving forward. Be done with weighing matters that do not belong to you. Save yourself from drowning first.

Now you’re getting down to the truth at hand. No longer erase yourself in the slightest. Unless you have known your worthiness, you have been misinformed. You are worthy. There is no excess generosity you have to prove. There never was. Beloved, you are entitled to consider yourself as well as others. You don’t have to be good to excess. You are good enough.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff