Message from Father & Mother God: Love is Everything

starflash eraoflightIt is I your Father God speaking tonight. Children, the Earth in all of her beauty is transforming before your / our very eyes into a breathtaking fifth dimensional template. Children, you do know that means that you are transforming as well. And we hope that you appreciate the joy that I / We, your mother and I, have as we look upon you with such fondness, such love, that your current religious understandings so fail in describing. For who can truly describe Love? Love is everything; it is the heartbeat of the Universe. It is the Mother’s breath of the All that Is. Love IS. And children, can you yet see that you are that same substance? That same Love? Who is condemning you? I see no one but outdated religious principals based on fear based programming that are no longer applicable to your world view. For as your concepts and understandings expand, so too do your concepts and understandings of Me, of who I AM and therefore of who you are. We are made of the same stuff, the same breath – the same life force. You are an aspect of me having an experience – and a grand one at that!

Children, be at peace. Sit on my knee awhile and feel my protection. This one – all of you – so desperately are crying out for protection in this time of unheralded change and upheaval on your beautiful planet. Your protection is assured. Keep your rocks and crystals close, your prayers on your lips, and a song in your heart, knowing that I am always with you. Keep your shield up of reflective Source light that only allows in the good stuff – the 5 D and above love and blessings from us, from your galactic brothers and sisters, and know that you are protected. But you must claim it. Ask me for assistance. Tell me what is troubling you. Cry on my shoulder. I am your Father God. I can take whatever it is that your throw at me, that you discuss with me, that you cry out with me – I am more than happy to embrace all of the messy bits of you. Pain leads to growth. You are growing you are expanding and you are winning! I am your Father God. Know that you are protected. Know that I am so full of love for you that mere words fail to describe. Know that God is Love. I AM Love! I AM Light! I AM protective, I AM kind, I AM not to be feared. Do not shy away from me. Come to me. Run to me. My lap is always open and my ears are always eager to listen, and I am always eternally and forever 100% your biggest fan. I am your Father God. And now I believe Mother wishes to have a turn.

Dearest children of children, I am your Mother God. Hush now, don’t cry. Allow me to wipe the tears from your eyes and allow me to remind you of how great you are, how special you are, how loved and cherished you are, and how we could truly not do this without you precious ones. You are our grounded light warriors, you are us in human form, and oh, how I love to see you sparkle like millions of light brites all over beautiful Gaia! You are lighting up the night, you are lighting up our hearts, just as you always do. Your breath is my breath. Always remember that. That is how close I AM / We are to you. WE are but a breath away. Therefore we are always near.

Ask us what you need from us. Tell us what is bothering you, and let us dissolve those worries together with my holy breath and let us coat them in honey love so that the rough places / patches are soothed and that you are comforted, coated in rich warm amber honey love. Feel the glorious sweet weight of my love. This one love exercise will prepare you for my wave of waves that is coming now to your planet with great tenderness and ferocity of change, all mixed together. Prepare for the energy wave. Meditate, drink plenty of water and hug me all the time. Continually live in my / our embrace and the wave will feel like us embracing you back! A hug from heaven! How lovely and glorious is that! See children, there is nothing, nothing to fear. The dark is done. Oh, they may sputter little bit but so what. The light has won!

Be strong. Be brave and rest in our arms of eternal, forever, never ending blissful love. We love you so much – tears are streaming down our cheeks as we mirror those of your own. Allow your healing and once renewed step forth and claim your mastery. Rise up and claim your sovereignty. Speak up and find your voice! You are here to lead. We are here to heal, to guide but it is you dear children who will have the fun and spontaneity of creation. For that is why you came. To create anew that which was abused and broken. It is time to reform Mother Gaia and she waits not much longer. Remember to stay in alignment with my breath and when the wave comes simply allow it into every nook and cranny of you. But now children I give you a preview; sit and soak in my honey love of loves that I / We are pouring over your heads right now – like a shining mantle of light – eternal light that will never be extinguished. As my love coats you, it has my signature on it. You are mine. We are one. Wear your honey love mantle with pride in your victory. It is your crown and glory! We are cheering from the bandstands. We are crying tears and tears of unlimited joy. We are your Father and Mother God. Be at peace. And be at peace, knowing the vastness of our love for you. Be at peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl