Message from the Angels: Play

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Play dear ones! Allow yourself to schedule time without serious purpose or plan so your spirit can remember what it is like to be free! We know you are busy. We know you have many things you want to accomplish this lifetime. We know you’re responsible… yet, your life is so much more easily accomplished when you give yourself time to relax and seek joy in the present moment.

In your you play you activate new patterns in your brain. You get “unstuck” from habitual patterns in thinking, which in turn allows you to more easily receive your guidance. You laugh more easily. Your body chemistry shifts towards greater health and well being. You become more creative. You become more compassionate towards yourself and others. Play has great value.

What constitutes play varies with each one of you. For some it is taking a casual stroll in nature. For another it is shopping for and cooking a delicious meal for friends. It might be doing a crossword puzzle, looking at cars online, shopping, playing games, reading a book, figuring out how to build something, doing crafts, watching sports, playing sports, playing cards, decorating your home, and the list goes on. Anything that has no purpose other than joy is play! Even your work can become play if you love it enough.

Play need not be frivolous. It can be time to study something you’ve wanted to learn. It can be training a dog that gives you joy. It doesn’t need to look or feel childish. It only needs to fill your heart with joy.

When you play, you pray. You elevate your vibration to that of the Divine Child. You surrender to joy. You find yourself rooted in the present moment where all goodness and all guidance occur. Enjoy your lives! Raise your vibrations. In doing so you will open for the Divine, and your angels to guide you while your minds are unfettered by worry and doubt.

Become, dear ones, as little children and you will find the kingdom of heaven.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels



» Source » Channel: Ann Albers