Collective Ascension Template Field

thecollectiveWe have been given information about Trinitized light fields: T L F and the Collective Ascension Template Field: C A T F and the Learned Intellectual Field of Information: L I F I and the 1.0. Spirals of the old HZ measurement being converted to the measurement of the Multi D packets of Quotient light that are a compilation spiral, an aggregation that functions in space time of all universes.

I was inspired to look in the book the Keys Of Enoch to see a deeper meaning of these fields.

I looked up THE PARADISE TRINITY, this is Moses, Jesus and Elijah, its on page 609 under Trinity: the Paradise.

It is first activated by the association of the Supreme-Ultimate will of the divine mind of the Father, Moses, Jesus and Elijah formed a partnership to bring the enfoldment of god they represent WISDOM, THE WORD, and THE VEHICLE.

I looked up DIVINE TEMPLATE: it is a special pattern of light to shape the spectrum of evolution, it’s a gauge for the divine thought form used as an over-lay from the higher worlds so that it can be duplicated in the frequency of the lower worlds, it’s a light grid for the divine wisdom that is projected over the head so that the crown chakra can be anointed with gods wisdom with the triad of the SEPHIROTHIC KNOWLWDGE IN MAN.

SEPHIROTH is the primary emanations of AIN SOPH light that is expanded to combine creative energies of procreation development and continuance,

Sephiroth work as the Trinity of triad in as group and the geometric syntheses of colour on every level of creation with in the Shekinah universe

It means the light symbols a divine feminine.

The SEPHIROTH emanations manifest the archangel ADAM KADMON they are programmed to eventually become the Trinitization of perfection and harmony through the Shekinah enfoldment.

My perspective on this is these two energy fields are now anchored into Gaia and are the beginning of the new energy of everything; the L I F I is an information channel. » Channel: Barbara Joan Neville