DNA and Your Soul Purpose; Star Seeds Remembering

dna light activations eraoflightAs increased levels of craziness play out in our society, we have an opportunity to look deeper within ourselves to reflect on what we want to create, what we value, and what we can do to build bridges rather than walls. There’s a silver lining to these moments, too – our being stirred out of complacency to consider our starry roots and larger purpose for being here now. Continue reading for examples.

Most of us have been on the Earth for a very long time, evolving and gathering key skills that we would need this life. As part of our long process, we developed talents, gifts and abilities. We also cultivated relationships, including with people who like us would awaken in this life to starry roots and a larger purpose. These are people we likely view as kindred spirits – those who are on a spiritual journey of self-realization.

As a person becomes aware of his or her larger cosmic self, it becomes easier to have a higher view of the mundane and often crazy-making events of this world. The higher view is not linear, but factors in the eternal quantum self and larger quantum reality. This view changes everything one thinks about life purpose, destiny, and specific roles over time. A key shift is the move from “I” to “we.” At this stage, the person’s evolution is linked to service and helping others.
DNA and Soul Purpose

What does DNA have to do with soul purpose? First, you are encoded at a DNA level to remember your larger purpose and live as soul. Second, we’re now in a time of accelerated awakening, too, so you and others around you are remembering more and more. Some of these other people are those you knew in other key lifetimes. Each of you were preparing for this pivotal lifetime, when you could put to use what you knew and be at the forefront of transforming the world out of darkness. When you meet some of these people now, it can feel like meeting an old friend. Within the askashic records of your DNA is a memory of your past experiences and the people you knew.

Sometimes we get so caught up in present events that we forget our eternal cosmic nature. We can lose sight of the fact that changes take a very long time. It’s our human nature to want quick results and to be impatient with “slow progress.” From a spiritual perspective, however, we are wired to awaken and to connect with the people and circumstances we need to fulfill our purpose. This “wiring” is at a DNA level, encoded within us long ago. It activates on its own as we move through life, learn, and apply enlightened qualities such as openness, curiosity and persistence.

Have you noticed that you feel even more driven to fulfill your soul purpose when personally challenged or witnessing the world’s craziness? This is a natural part of the awakening process, which happens in stages. You can feel aligned with your purpose for some time, until another catalyst gets you to question if there’s something more or different you need to be doing.

Our soul will express in different ways at different times. It’s still the same soul. Circumstances, and sometimes epiphany moments during a crisis, can change the direction. Example: a professional female musician expressing her soul purpose by being on concert tours has a health crisis (her own or a family member). Due to this crisis, the musician may decide to stop touring and form a nonprofit organization focused on a cure.

When I do 1-1 DNA sessions, people often want to have clarity about their purpose and whether they are on track. During a session like this, the akashic field around the DNA opens up and I can read it like a map. Relevant information becomes available, sometimes related to a DNA-level block to taking the next steps on the path. When this is discovered, it can be cleared at a DNA level. Similarly, when I lead workshops like the one this month about DNA akashic records, I facilitate a process for people to connect with what’s in their own akashic records. Sometimes people become aware that the person sitting next to them is part of their soul family, destined to be a part of their spiritual journey. Becoming aware of these things can be life-changing.

These are very fast-moving times, often filled with uncertainty and apprehension. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or simply too serious, take a time-out. Reflect on the bigger picture of this existence. Remember that you as a soul are encoded to be joyful. Know that you are here on purpose – and that purpose was set in motion a very long time ago. You don’t need to do or be everything all at once. A step at a time.



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