Message from the Mothers: All Eyes On Earth

divine love and energy update eraoflightIt is I, your Mother Sekmet. All eyes are currently on your little Earth, this beautiful blue glowing sphere being inundated with the Christed light frequency from many of you light seeds and from the womb of the Great Mother of All Things, who waits not much longer. This one has noticed the restlessness of the canine kingdom this week. Perhaps you also have noticed inner stirrings of discontent and inner knowing that things were not supposed to be this way. For many of you light workers, star seeds, have past lives and memories of how grand civilizations in ascended societies work, and you are remembering this and feeling this discontent rise up within and your inner knowing can no longer be stifled. It is time to rise up humanity, star seed in human form, and claim your power. You are royal. You are mighty. You have forgotten. And now you remember. You must remember and heed the clarion call to oneness, to greatness. For when humanity strives together and unifies nothing is impossible. We see this. Galactics see this, which is why Ascension Earth is the most watched movie currently in the galaxy. “How will they do it? Will they rise up together and vanquish the dark?” is the question. You have. You are. You will. You are becoming the great heroes of your own story and this amuses me when you feel that you cannot do it. For you already are. You are strong enough.

I AM your Mother Sekmet. Through the eons and riverstreams of time, great societies have risen and fallen. Great sectors of the galaxy quadrants have been lost and reclaimed for the light. Such is the ultimate passion play of Source and the interplay of love and light through out the cosmos of eternal no-time are too vast for the comprehension of this one, or any of you within this now. For that is how it was supposed to be. You chose limited forms to once again someday recall your greatness. And friends, that someday is now. Now! Can you hear my roar of awakening? It is time to arise, to claim your power. Now is the time of your greatness! Now is the time of your awakening. Awaken! And arise as the gods and goddesses that you are, were and have always been destined to be. I AM your Mother Sekmet.

I AM the Mother, the Universal Mother Of All Things. I AM the female, the Matriarch, the Divine Feminine, the wise woman, the maiden, the little girl. I AM the feminine Divine aspect of you typing and reading these holy words, and I say holy for they are infused with my breath. Just as you are holy children and are infused with my breath. Life is holy. Love is holy. Be light. Be love. Be this holiness of eternal peace and endless comfort to each other during this end of days. For it must end before a new beginning may be birthed. Do you see? Do you feel your significance of your part in this? Picture a galaxy, your galaxy. Picture the swirling stars, untold civilizations, billions and billions of lifeforms. See the swirling nebulas and let us float there you and me. See the vastness of space, of me. I know every tear shed, every pain and longing that you have ever had in any lifetime. For I AM you. I AM an integral part of you, just as you are an integral part of me. We are one. You have had the experience of separation for so many lifetimes often painful on planet Earth, on dear Gaia. But it need not be this way. Find me. I AM within you.

I AM the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. I AM the Divine Feminine. The divine breath, the divine nurturer, the creative force of the universe. I AM. Just as I AM all of these things, so am I acutely aware of you, dear one. I see you. I look deep into your soul into the inner child of you and I see myself looking back. If I am within everyone so should you love each other, just as you love me. So should you want to serve each other just as you serve me. For in so serving, you are served, and in this you find your healing.

I AM the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. I see you children. I send my love, my energy signatures, my passionate embrace to you now. Can you feel me? Will you let me in? For I AM already within you. Will you acknowledge me? Will you accept that I AM an integral part of you? I do not condemn. I embrace. I AM Love. Children I love you so fully words cannot express. You are so critically important and most importantly so essentially loved. Every bit of you.

I AM the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. I SEE YOU. I AM you. I love you. Be at peace. Be at peace! Embrace my tsunami of love within your very DNA, your core light body, your true self. For there I AM. Hold onto me and when my wave comes it will be me welcoming you homeward towards the higher dimensions, a divine embrace – hug – from your Mother Of All Things. I’ve seen it all children. There is nothing to be ashamed of for I have already experienced it. I love you. I AM the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things.

I AM your Mother God. This one asked to speak with the mothers tonight and we are all lined up in eager expectation to speak with our most treasured ones tonight, light workers on Nova Gaia!! It’s happening children. You’re happening and oh children I’m so pleased and proud! I AM so in love with you. Many of you have felt so very downtrodden and downright gloomy this week. Be of good cheer. The Light has Won! Send Love to the dark ones and watch them melt away into the light. For we all are working tirelessly behind the scenes for the great shift of the ages to happen. And be assured you are helping to anchor these light codes into dear sweet precious Gaia, who loves you so. I AM your Mother God. Feel my honey love cascading around you, like a thick blanket of saturated warm fuzzy love – like the most delicious softest and warmest, coziest blanket you can imagine and there you are. You are safe. Wear my light like a mantle and feel the embrace within it. I AM your Mother God. Be at peace children. Be at peace.

I AM your Mother Gaia. I am here within my New Earth body looking down at my newness and splendor. At last I AM the Goddess Gaia returned. I have so missed this expression of me. But I agreed to understand and to experience the dark and I have. Now is the time of my ascension dear ones. Hang on to me! Anchor into my form. Feel me under your feet and anchor your precious feet into my body and claim your ascension. The trees are speaking, the elementals laughing, the water singing. It is time to rise together as one. Claim this reality and make it so. I AM your Mother Gaia. It has been my utmost pleasure and honor to serve you on this most exciting, tantalizing ride. Be at peace, children. All will work out perfectly. Be at peace. Breathe me in and feel my peace. Breathe in my green forests and my cool waters and align with me. There. Do that as often as you like. I AM always here for you. I AM your Mother / Goddess Gaia.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl