Zimbabwe: Government To Roll Out Gold Service Centres

dailytruenews eraoflightTHE MINISTER of Mines and Mining Development Winston Chitando has revealed that the government is embarked in an effort to roll out gold services centres in the country.

The minister made the remarks in parliament.

“I would like to advise the Hon. Member that Government is in the process of rolling out gold service centres which will be rolled out throughout the country. The first gold centre was commissioned in Bubi in July and there are plans to commission a further four gold centres before the end of December,” he said.

“As we go on, there is an evaluation in all the mining districts in the country to ensure that where it makes economic sense, gold service centres will be established.”

He said evaluation will be taking place throughout all the mining districts and the areas will be opened up where applicable and justifiable to small-scale miners with the subsequent establishment of gold service centres.



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