The Council: The Illusion of Separation

ascended beingsThe questions that you have asked us are excellent ones. You have given us many wonderful opportunities. Today, however, we ask your indulgence as we explore a topic that will provide many of you answers as you consider it deeply.

First, in answer to many, please revisit the idea that everything is only energy producing responses in your minds. Difficult. True. That thing that you are sitting on is only a chair because you have agreed to that concept. It is just as much a collected field of plasma frequencies, as is your foot. Now, when we make these sorts of statements, please understand that the ‘you’ that we speak of is collective. Do not continue to blame your individual selves for the state of the world. Do understand that you are, in large part, accepting of it.

Everything is in separation. Nothing is separate. The separation exists, as much as it truly exists, only to allow for experience and learning. Physics has shown for over one hundred years what humans knew thousands of years ago. Everything is in instantaneous contact with everything else. Everything. Always. No here. No there. No then. No other place. No other time. Only I Am.

So many of the questions that you have asked, and that we will address further, are only questions that occur due to losing sight of that fact. Much of what you ask about is easily explained when you see that you are really asking about differing levels of consciousness. Consciousness will allow whatever it needs to experience and know itself more fully.

If having an experience of 3D versus 5D versus 7D is needed, you may indeed construct that. Is there a boundary fence? Or is it more likely that some no longer need to experience certain things. Is it true that once one experiences a “higher” level, one never again experiences a lower?

On the way to a different state is it an instant and total shift? If it appears to you that it was that for someone, consider the many lifetimes that have been lived that you do not see.

If it seems to you that you are not making any progress, or that you keep falling back, we suggest that you are simply not giving yourselves credit. That is one factor. But, most importantly, you either have not learned, or have forgotten for the moment, that the part of you that is measuring you is only a very small portion of who you really are. And that portion sees itself as ‘less than’, as ‘unworthy to’, as ‘only human’.

You, the TRUE YOU, is not less than, is not unworthy, and although human for the moment, is not ONLY anything.

So, if you really are intent on getting answers to many of your questions, begin by really trying to jettison the baggage that you have been taught about yourselves, and learning who and what you absolutely, truly, are.

Now, we fully understand that you have been very carefully taught that you must not ask these questions, that asking them has, in the past, caused you a great deal of pain and suffering, but that was never due to any actual error on your part. In fact, it was due to others’ fear of your getting the answers.

Again, we will answer many of your specific questions separately, but here is the answer to almost all of them. You, each of you, are a divine son or daughter of The All, Source, Creator, God. We do not care one bit what you call It. You do not understand It anyway. You are of it, by it, and you are a part of it. You cannot be anything else, and neither can anyone or anything else be.

Now, many in this age can agree to this. Not many yet truly can live in this state. But that is changing. As you begin learning to ride this bicycle, you will frequently fall off. Just get back on and stop beating yourselves up for having fallen off. Give yourselves credit for learning to ride. Understand that we are overjoyed at your efforts and your progress.



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