The Quan Yin Portal Opens

quan yinThe Quan Yin portal opened on 10/10/2018 at 10:10 a.m. The goddess of compassion and true kindness has issued a decree, a waiver of parting the particle and wave within self and all of life. The longitude and latitude that the human heart sits at this moment in time creates a great stress line within the biology of Earth and the biology of men. A higher perspective is announced for all those that wish to reach up and reach out into a place of direct healing of life and circumstance.

Parts of the old self, the old belief system and the old paradigm fall by the way leaving room within the Divine blueprint for a new construction of life force and energy. New highways of light are being built to help one navigate thru these pathways of transformation and redirection. The heart reaches out, as do all chakras of the human biology, seeking assistance, seeking divine intervention, seeking what seems to be Supernatural. Page after page of Prophecies abound like a jigsaw puzzle in a tornado, reshuffling with every breath. Like a house exhaling and expanding past its blueprints and perimeters life is trying to polish and manicure its quantum self. Each person’s experience is completely diverse as they walk forth in their morning opening completely different doorways, walking down completely different pathways and choices. The elevator of self and soul goes up and down but not sideways in this particular universe. However the human heart being of totally Divine creation is a living entity of its own divine proportion and can Break the Rules of life and light to extend itself.

This love that proclaims from the human heart can break all the universal and scientific rules of space and time. The creator has issued that decree in original specs. The network of true love and true hearts extends through space and time and can actually be seen from outer space, Inner Space, and beyond space. Kindnesses adhere, love adheres, light adheres, as well as healing in all forms of light. As we become more automated in thought, deed, and dreams the humanness seems heavy, pokey, sludgy and slow to react.

Everything in the cosmos seeks to understand Earth and Humanity, as it is a beautiful blue pearl that shines bright as a star in other places of the universe. They look upon our shiny planet and wish upon a star!

The walls in your heart, in your life, in your thinking – are strong and have served you well. They have kept you looking at the same remembrances over and over again, always transporting the heavy burdensome past, into the very light and airy now.

It is time to heal. It is time to release the pain in your body mind and soul. It is time to let go. It is time to forgive. It is time to love, deeper, than you ever thought possible.

Time was birthed to keep earth dimensionally safe, until it was ready to expand. As the constructs of holographic self-imposed invisible walls and ceilings are released you are free to soar home.

Time doors open and are inching their way thru all of the ancient and modern artifacts of Power. When any time gate is opened, it affects the molecular spin of everything. The very molecular spin of life has slowed to look at itself, revealing where there are rips and tears.

Planet Earth is being issued a declaration to move out of the past as it grows deeper and danker. Time, as you know it, is under construction and a rerouting is in progress.

The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot die, nor can it be sown into another’s field. That which has been empty within you now becomes full. The prophecy you seek bends the rules of nuclear physics, allowing itself to be seen.



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