Heavenletters: Supreme Greatness Lies Within You

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, be open to new and greater ways of thinking. You do not yet begin to know what life may put before you far beyond what you can conceive of being put before anyone – least of all before you! Who can explain it, your being asked to climb higher mountains in order to go beyond boundaries you never thought possible to jump over?

It may have already happened in life that what you desired didn’t always seem to turn out so wonderfully as you had thought it would. It may already have happened that what you at first balked at turned out to be far more wonderful than you ever could have imagined.

Still, you have already experienced that life isn’t always a lark. Sometimes you get in over your head.

And it also can happen that there may be utmost Greatness asked of you, greater than you can conceive, and yet you can and you must, and you will. You find yourself rising higher above any mountain peak because you have the power of God within you. Life has its say, Open yourself to greater than you knew possible. No longer can you hang onto what you, and, so it seems, everyone else, may have thought you capable of.

Nothing has to be what you thought. You can be of a new mind today. Discover yourself. Pull up the shades.

Every song comes to an end, and a new song begins. There is strength in gaining, and there is strength in what can be called loss. In any case, life spreads itself out before you. Life before you is an unknown.

Treading a new unasked-for way may also carry expanded rewards. It is not for you to exclude anything from possibility or even anything from great reward. Astound yourself.

God willing, own up to life. You don’t have to close anything out. At the same time, life itself has its will. You will be asked to yield to life’s will.

A tornado could take sovereignty over your heart’s will. There are matters your personal will cannot change no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, beloved, you have to let life be what it is no matter how you think you know better. Pride may go before a fall.

You may have heard that it is God’s Will that you must concede to. Please know I don’t set My Will against yours. Sometimes your life gets caught up in an issue. Your involvement is happenstance and irrespective of you.

Even so, no matter how unfair and unjustifiable seeming circumstance may seem to be, there still can be something from circumstance that brings greater expansion to you regardless of the the tears that circumstance may also bring. You may have no choice but to shrug your shoulders and go on in good grace.

Beloved, you do not truly know what high note you can hit until you rise above.

Sometimes, from impossible situations, heroes are born, and here you are. You never knew you had Greatness within you. I know, and yet here you are. You do have Greatness within you.

It is possible that you begin to see yourself and life in new magnificent ways that you never before imagined, and yet you do. You find I am with you. Be with Me.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff