DailyOne: L.O.V.E.

dailyone eraoflightThe doctor diagnosed me with too much L.O.V.E. Right then I knew that that is a fake disease. You can never have too much L.O.V.E. The more the better. In fact L.O.V.E. assists in your spiritual growth and expansion. I recommend more people try it, and see how it feels. Of course as always go with the organic(unconditional) version of L.O.V.E. » Kejraj!

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  1. Star

    This information inspired a poem. Thanks for your post.

    I saw my doctor rarely,
    only in moments of yearly visit.

    His coat carrying
    energy of wander and intrigue.
    My smile and dance to table
    puzzled him.
    As it did for years.

    “AHA!” he said, circling and listening to heart.
    “Hum!” he whispered, checking vital signs.

    Pressure normal,
    replacing apparatus.
    Weight perfect,
    wishing he had no stomach pullover.
    Heart normal,
    humming to its gentle tone of tranquility.

    See you momentarily I now have handle on your illness.” He echoed, with normal doctor manner.
    In consultation room, I waited.

    “It appears,” he said
    you have a disease labeled by association.
    Catching with no cure,
    much to the medical guilds dismay.

    “Yes, I’m seeing it more often.”
    He added, with a giggle.

    He reached out in spoken song
    making me smile.

    “You caught the love bug.
    A mite traveling to all parts of body.
    A disease that conquers all others.”

    “A virus, starting with attitude
    and moving into all thoughts.”

    “The love bug, carrier you are
    and so glad you came in.
    For now perhaps I as doctor
    can retire soon.”