The Pleiadian Council and Mother God: Nova Gaia Is A Vibration

gods lightGreetings we are the Pleiadian Council sending our light and our love to our grounded team this day, this evening, wherever you are upon Nova Gaia. And we say this with great delight that you have finally arrived, although many of you are shaking your heads in disbelief for you do not see Nova Gaia around you. But we say to you quite eagerly that yes, indeed that is because you are creating it. And the energies of this timeframe are in great support of this creation. And we ask that you stretch your belief and begin to see with your heart space for this is the womb of creation, from the heart space, and when one realizes this, all things are possible.

We wish to bestow upon you today this understanding, that indeed you are the ones you have been waiting for. We smile upon you from your now-friendly skies in our ships. If you see us would you say hello in greeting? Acknowledge and build upon this connection. These messages are our tendrils of love and light to you. Each message is encoded with our vibration of Source light and it is our intention that you feel and know deep within you how much you are loved, cherished beyond your current comprehension. And so you see, this must be felt with the heart mind. It must be vibrationally absorbed, not intellectually understood. There is the difference. For far to long Earth has been a place of where the mind ruled over the heart. No longer. It is to be a place of love, of light, of the Mother’s blessing and you can see this and create this more easily when you speak through your heart and see through your heart mind. It is a beautiful thing.

This one has many questions, and we see that many of you do as well. And we are eager and delighted to connect with our ground crew at this time point. For time is but moments of pinpoints of decisions strung together within an orthogonal matrix construct that from your perspective has always been a linear one, from the 3D viewpoint. But we see you expanding into the spiral matrix of time – not a matrix in a dark sense but an expanded understanding sense of sorts. And spirals twist upwards do they not? And so friends we see you ever spiraling upwards with these new energies of love and of high vibration that are a gift to you from the womb of the universe. We encourage you to continue to welcome them within you, to help you expand and grow ever upwards towards your true selves. We welcome you home to us and to your other galactic families of various origins. You are home when you see this with your heart mind.

When you perceive this as so you will be there, for Nova Gaia is a vibration, a space, a precious place that you are all in the midst of creating even now with every thought and decision to choose love in each and every moment – this is your goal and your trajectory. To build this love bridge for the others, to the others, who have become lost within their own inner matrix of choices that embraced anything other than the light. They are processing this, they are feeling this and seeing the higher energies from a different perspective from you who are awake and are excited about them. No, for these asleep ones it will be an abrupt awakening and they will need your calming touch, words, guidance. But know that when the flash of energy from the great central sun comes – and it is indeed well on its way we are happy to report – it is true that nothing – nothing – nothing will ever be the same again for you. You will be transformed in the blink of an eye as your scriptures say. For love has won and love is here! We are the Pleiadian Collective. We believe Mother God wishes to say a few words to you now. It has been our pleasure to connect.

Greetings dear children, it is your Mother God. I see you children. I see your weary faces and blistered feet and I tell you that you are loved beyond measure! You are my precious children with my heart breath infused within your very heart space, where I reside, and whether or not you accept this truth, it is true! You all have my handprints all over you. You, my precious brave children, who have fought so valiantly for so long, are weary tonight. I see it. I feel it. I want you to feel my comfort now upon you.

Sit and be still now, if you can. Climb into my open arms and sit in my lap and rest your head against my chest. Feel my heart beat in rhythm with that of your own and be at peace. This is how I send love to my children, in a way how galaxies are created – with my breath, with my love. Be nurtured, be comforted this day, this night, wherever you are on Mother Gaia, and know that your efforts are well worth the effort and your victory is assured. For you are my heart and I am calling you homewards to me. Let the love light tsunami – my breath – let it in to you, and children, be the wave. Be this light. Be this love to the others and in so doing my handprints of love will reach out and touch the others, spreading my light and my love.

Be at peace. You have triumphed. Spread the light, be the light and know that I am coming for you, and I’m already here. See? You’re siting in my lap! There is no separation. You create all the time children. Create love. Create light. And instantly you will find yourselves at home with me. For there is nothing to fear. Fear is an illusion of lack of me. It of course cannot be true for I am in everything. Father and I hold you close this night, this precious evening. Have you all noticed the illusion of time being stretched like taffy and have you felt pulled and misplaced? The matrix is collapsing. The new crystalline matrix is being formed right under your feet! Can you feel it? Yes, tap in. Walk barefoot on Gaia and sing her a love song and she will comfort your weary feet, sending refreshing energies. Send light to her kingdoms and be my healing hands on her body. Perform reiki on her form, love each other. Children, be my wave. Be me, in form. For you already are. Can you see? We’re here! We did it!

I am your Mother God and oh, children, my precious ones, I touch my nose to yours and I gaze deeply into your eyes. Do you know what I see? I see endless possibilities of joy and unending creations that you have yet to explore, and I see perfection. The courageous part of this is to in turn see the perfection – see me – in the others and enjoy letting the 3D disappointments slip away. These energies are lighter, and you children are becoming lighter. You are becoming your light bodies in form – a rare and exciting feat and treat! Savor this experience, this uniquely delicious sensation of being within a changing – morphing – physical form and enjoy the journey. Remember you are never alone. I am with you always. I am your Mother God. Now go and spread my light to the others and be in joy. I am your Mother God.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl