Saint Germain: Everything Is In Flux

saint germain eraoflightI Am Saint Germain!

As always it is wonderful to be with you, to be here in these times of change. These times of wonderment. For all is not as it appears to be. There are many things still happening behind the scenes. Many things that are still kept from your physical eyes, from seeing the reality. But your third eyes are opening. Your pineal glands are expanding. And everything is now becoming\ more and more open to you. For before you could not see, now you can, now you can get those glimpses. Glimpses behind the scenes, behind the veil, or beyond the veil.

For everything now is in flux. Everything now is in a seeming turmoil. But it is a turmoil that will eventually come to rest. And those of you the lightworkers and warriors and lightbearers, all of you will participate in that rest. When the time, when the vibrations rise.

You wonder at these times, of those predictions, those things that have been said from many different sources, will there be Earth changes, will there not be Earth changes? Have the timelines shifted or have they not shifted?

Do you have to run for your lives or do you not run for your lives? And we would tell you that the more that you remain in the 3D world of illusion, the more you will bring that illusion to you. The more you will create that very existence that you were wanting to avoid.

Create what it is that you want. Not what you don’t want. Earth changes will happen. But it is dependent on the collective consciousness as to when they happen and how they happen. And those of you that are preparing the way, both for yourselves and for others to follow after. Those of you that are rising in vibration more and more each and every day, will find that the creation that you are bringing about will not have those Earth changes. Not the catastrophic kind, but the gentle changes. For you must know that there are many who are working behind the scenes to keep the catastrophes from happening, from the greater walks of life from happening. But collective consciousness rules everything. Collective consciousness creates the Earth quakes, collective consciousness creates the hurricanes, the tornadoes, the volcanoes.

Calm the collective consciousness and everything else is calmed as well. But there are those changes that must occur. To purify what the collective consciousness up to this point has brought. To purify the vibrations here on the Earth. So that the Earth herself, Gaia herself, who has all ready risen, can safely bring all of those of you along with her. And as the vibrations continue to rise, you will continue to rise. And as you to continue to rise, the timelines that you are creating will not bring those catastrophes, those calamities. It will bring a calmness of peacefulness. A peace throughout the world. As of yet you have not known for a very long time.

So create my brothers and sisters, create whatever it is that you want. Created with you visualizations, with your meditations, use your imagination. And see the peace and the calm, not the tumultuousness, not the catastrophes and calamities.

It is up to you, be at peace, together with the violet flame, within you and all around you. Continue to see that violet flame, becoming the purging instrument that it was meant to be. To purge out all the old and to bring on the new Golden Age of Gaia.

I Am Saint Germain, and I leave you now with peace and love and oneness.



» Source 1 2 » Channel: James McConnell » Transcribed by Kejraj.