Heavenletters: Peace to all Hearts

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, I know that you would like to make life on Earth beautiful for all if you could. Life runs of its own accord. You do not have the freedom to order life around.

Naturally, you prefer life one way or another. Another day, you may prefer life again to change its position. You have a hard time making up your mind.

Tell Me, Beloved, whom would you rather move the chessmen around in the world in preference to Me? Of course, you know what you like and all that you don’t – very clearly after the fact.

You do know you want to avoid all pain and dissension on Earth for all. You suppose that, Ah, if you had My vision, you too would be more laid back.

You do not have My vision. Beloved, you have to let chips fall where they may. You are told to put your trust in Me. You see a little hem’s worth of all that I see. This does not give you great comfort. This does not comfort you that much at all. You would love to take Me on faith. You just can’t quite let go. You want to let all be well on Earth, yet try as you may, you are not exactly all-seeing. You see too much pain and what seems thoughtless and unkind that seems to pass.

You well know that I don’t pounce on every day to see what havoc I can make. Nevertheless, you see pain all around you, new and old. You don’t want to look ever again to see faces grimace or ever hear again the cries of lost children or adults bereft.

You have no choice but to take Me at My Word, yet you do not begin to understand. You ask Me from the depths of your caring heart:

“God, are you not all powerful? How is it that You, God, in Your Goodness, cannot push one button and remove all unkindness from the world? It isn’t helpful, Beloved God, that You would if You could.

“I want to be courteous to You, God, not because I fear You, but because I also feel Your love and compassion, and I love You in return. This is my helpless situation. God, if I desire that pain be erased from Earth, how much more must You desire the same with all Your heart? If I desire all Peace on Earth, how much more must You?

“Nor do I ever want to come before You as a grand inquisitor. I am not that much of a dolt. Nor am I arrogant, nor do I want to be. Nor do I expect to understand You in the privacy of my heart. God, I am a wanderer.

“Through Your Grace, God, I am blessed to hear You speak, and I do mean blessed. You have awakened me to Your Voice and to treasures I never dreamed of. Right this minute, I feel the Vastness you pour out to this shallow vessel, and I do not want to overstep my bounds. God, my heart cries out that this is the one question to which my mind may follow somewhat, yet not my heart. Not my heart. I return to You again and again, and I cannot hear an answer as to why there is not an ending to suffering once and for all.

“God, from my side, I have no desire to see those who are called guilty to suffer at all whatsoever, nor can I believe that You do. I am far from ready to suffer in someone else’s place. I do not even know who they are.

“I do know I am blessed to know You, dear God.”


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff