Heavenletters: Radiate Love

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, My Beautiful Beloved. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about the splendor of love deep and wide in the One Heart of Existence. I hold you in the Highest. This is a given. My joy and your joy are here to radiate equally in expression. Who are you if you are not I? Who am I if I am not you? Oneness is to behold and to look like waves in the ocean.

I declare that you are the sum and substance of all. This is love, how it is. Love prevails. Love and Oneness are One and the same. This is It. Make somersaults now. Swing on a star. What can be as good as the radiance of love? Love is the sum total of life. Love is it. Sweep up love. What is My Will but for Endless Love to swing from star to star and to sweep you up the way a beautiful bride greets herself on her wedding day forever and ever.

I do not fool around about love as a revelation, love prominent, love provided and love exchanged in every heart, love swinging in the breeze, love landing on its feet and soaring in every heart to beat the band. Not one single child of Mine is to miss out on love. I will not have it. Understand My love as I accede to loving you happily.

Of course, it would mean a lot to Me for you to know that you are love. Beloved, it’s not that you do love. You are love. Be the call of love from the treetops. Do you hear Me calling to you?

Here I, God, am, right here. I’m right here! Do you hear Me, God’s Love, all kinds of love reaching you in the Highest? I am waiting for you to claim Me as your own. Love is not just to be left hanging around by the wayside. You are to publish love and mark it well. Love is to proliferate like daisies in a meadow, like dandelions that burst through stone steps, like love on a silver platter served every day, love to be sung from the rafters, love to take over the heartbeat of the world, love to be given and accepted for the very soul of life itself, it is.

I, God, disperse love. You wonder, however, where My love is when you your heart is embedded in pain. Beloved, emerge into love and shout love from the rooftops, love escalating, love bowing down to you. Please accept My love and know My love is yours. I give My love to you. If your heart feels empty, fill it now. You are not ever to be without love filled to the brim. I leave love all over the place for you to fill the bowers and to nourish your heart and the hearts of all.

Note, the sun rises every day. If not in your neck of the woods today, then at another spot in the world. Somewhere a flower blooms, and somewhere lie throngs of sunbathers on the beach. Somewhere someone wins the jackpot today. Somewhere dolphins jump high. Somewhere a father comes home from work, and his family greets him. Somewhere someone sees today as a gift disbursed to him personally from My heart.

Why not you?

Before the sun rises today, call the dawn to you and call it your own. Welcome Me, Beloved, as you would wish Me to welcome you. Relieve any breaking or aching heart in the world. Hearts are more valuable than any bookkeeping ledger. Do you agree with Me, yes or no?


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff