The Elohim: Time to Rise up

the elohim eraoflightdotcomWe are the Elohim. Many of us are you now in human form. We see you and we acknowledge your sacrifice and great love for Gaia and for your fellow human beings. We wish for you to expand this feeling of kinship further towards your galactic family, who eager await their reunion with you in the skies. We wish to impart upon you the understanding that indeed we are all one. The same sentiment goes for all of your varied lifeforms – kingdoms – of Gaia. Gaia and her animals, plants… all have been greatly decimated / damaged by humans over the eons. It is time for her healing. It is time for your healing.

We Elohim have not only watched this game but initially suggested it, and so we feel a heavy burden / responsibility for seeing it through to completion. For this glorious experiment was hijacked by the dark and we must lend our light – your light to those of you reading and typing these words – it is time for a massive ground team light / effort to pummel the darkness once and for all. The time of negotiations are over. One cannot negotiate with one who is devoid of love. There is no harmony in this solution. It is time for humanity to rise up as one, in blissful union with itself. The time of bigotry, bias, lack, is all over. It must be. Those are the old ways, the old systems. They are crumbling now, we Elohim see this with keen acuity. We are from the beginning, we are ancient. We are wise in the ways of creation of worlds, of space quadrants. We are many of you. We fractalize our forms into many such that we can create and experience much. Such it is as Source further differentiates out and out, further and further, ever expanding into yet more, more newness of thought, of creation, of light.

We are Elohim. Know that nothing is too powerful against the light. Nothing is too lost that cannot be found. But it must want to be found by the light and if it refuses it is extinguished and recycled into yet more light, more understanding. You all have had many numerous roles throughout the ages. You have seeded worlds. You have created galaxies, participating in councils of design and creative thought / intention. You have seen much, experienced much, felt much pain and much love. And so you wanted to experience this as well, this rending of worlds, of matrixes collapsing, of new creation birthing in the physical. You have lived much, many times. And so you have died in a variety of gruesome and pleasant ways. All is experience. And you wanted to experience this unique ray of light, of rebirth within the physical, and be transformed by the light within and without, surrounding you in new encodements so that you can emerge anew.

You wanted to feel this. And so we Elohim say to truly let yourself feel it. Feel the changes. Journal your pains, your aches, chart / log your lessons learned and hold them dear within your ever-growing heart space. For you are growing, you are expanding, you are morphing as the dragons say, you are molting. But you need not be afraid of this change. You need only embrace it. Embrace the new. For that is what you are. You are a new creation every day in Source should you breathe that thought into being. You are wise, more beautiful, stronger every day, should you claim it. And so we Elohim, creator of worlds, of realms, of thought forms becoming reality, we say claim it. And mold, sculpt Nova Gaia, with every intention to love, with every breath of joy, with every heartbeat of the new. And become the Nova Gaians that we already see that you are. Become your best, highest self in every interaction. Bless the dark with your light and in so doing dissolve it. Crash the matrix into the rubble (powder) that it is destined to become. And the rubble will become the new sandy beaches, the new beauty, for it will be completely utterly transformed. The RV is merely a tool of this change. Of course you will need tools. Hearts will be changed.

The wave is most certainly coming, in many ways it is already here and you are experiencing it. For we are coming through loud and clear, yes? This is not how things used to be. The lid is off the jar, the veil is lifting and there is much to air out, to clean out, to scrub out. And you ground team are doing it most excellently. We congratulate ourselves as we congratulate you, for many of us ARE you in the physical, experiencing a planetary rebirth, a matrix-crushing event and it gladdens us to see this come to fruition. We are the Elohim. We are peppered within your stories of the Bible and other scriptures where we intervened on behalf of humankind and we do so now, again, just as we have over the eons. We are the Elohim. Know that all is not lost. All is being found, created, by your intentions. And so we charge you to meditate within this high energy space. Become the higher light. Invite it in and be so transformed by it. We are the Elohim.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl