Bill Gates And The World’s Elite DO NOT VACCINATE Their Own Children

say no to vaccines eraoflightdotcomThe absolute worst medical decision a parent of a newborn child can make is to allow doctors and nurses to severely compromise the immune system of their infant by injecting him or her with known neurotoxins, foreign proteins, and carcinogens like mercury, formaldehyde, monkey kidney cells, pig viruses, and genetically modified cells from human abortions. That’s why billionaire Bill Gates, the infamous and insidious population control freak and Microsoft mogul, refused to vaccinate his own children when they were growing up, even while he promotes toxic jabs all over the world, especially in third world countries.

It’s true. Gates’ former private doctor from Seattle back in the 1990s said, “I don’t know if he had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children.” We know this because the quote was taken from Gates’ doctor during a side note conversation at a medical symposium, which caused a small uproar among the attending physicians, who blasphemed Gates’ doctor for breaking rank with doctor-patient confidentiality (even though it’s a “gray area” because he was speaking to other doctors privately). Still, it was too late – the cat got out of the bag, and now the world knows the ultimate hypocrisy of the elite who radically and religiously push vaccines as the “holy grail” of medicine, all while they keep the same poisons out of their own children’s blood and muscle tissue, knowing good and well the high risk of side effects and adverse events far outweighs any possible benefits.

Bill Gates’ three children, Jennifer, Phoebe, and Rory, NEVER got vaccines and are now healthy young adults

Born between 1996 and 2002, the Gates children never got mercury and formaldehyde shot into their muscle tissue as a form of “immunity,” even though their father is the most dogmatic campaigner and shill for the vaccine industry. Wait, you thought he just made his fortune off computer software? Think again. There’s huge profit in chemical medicine and population control schemes, and insidious Bill rides that cash cow every day.

According to TruthWiki, “Gates is widely criticized for being anti-competitive and for being a pro-vaccine zealot. He engages in many ‘philanthropic endeavors,’ such as donating large amounts of money to various scientific research programs through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates has even gone so far as to fund technologies that are designed for mass sterilization in order to address what he refers to as the world’s population problem.”

Herd theory has always been a big hoax, and the world’s elite know it. Most vaccinated children are the actual risk to each other, because they often shed the viruses they were just injected with during the first few weeks after their toxic jabs. According to one study, the richest families in California (that are often white) do NOT vaccinate their children.

In fact, more than 16,000 kindergarten-aged children in California do not get any vaccines because their white, elitist parents opt them out using religious, personal belief, and doctor-authored exemptions. Get it? The elite know there’s something inherently wrong with immunizations, but they just don’t talk about it, and the MSM news certainly never covers it.

The richest Americans don’t want to risk their children getting autism from experimental vaccines, including Polio, Malaria, MMR, and the CDC’s “highly recommended” annual flu shot

According to Bill Gates’ former doctor, who was quoted behind closed doors at a medical seminar, Gates said his children didn’t need vaccines, but isn’t the whole world educated otherwise? Doesn’t the CDC inform us all that babies are born with weak, compromised immune systems and must have 50 vaccines before age 7, or they’ll most likely die from infectious diseases? Isn’t that the narrative?

Here’s more on Bill Gates’ opinion on vaccines, as shared by his own physician from the seminar: “They were beautiful kids, truly wise and lively, and he stated they would be fine as they were; they didn’t need any shots.

Now, Bill Gates and his corrupt Foundation push experimental, untested malaria vaccines on innocent Africans in Kenya, Ghana, and Malawi. Critics are screaming that it’s all part of a depopulation scheme, and some vaccines, including the tetanus jab, have been found to contain chemicals that sterilize young girls – chemicals that have nothing at all to do with vaccine functionality.

Bill Gates’ “mission” to protect third world populations from disease via mass vaccination is contrary to his own personal actions with his own children, and auspiciously crosses lines with his deep financial collaboration with health agencies and vaccine manufacturers.

Tune in to for more updates on how there is a plague of corruption surrounding vaccine safety, and exactly why the world’s elite know better than to have their children jabbed with experimental, untested, deadly neurotoxins and genetically modified bacteria strains.


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16 Replies to “Bill Gates And The World’s Elite DO NOT VACCINATE Their Own Children”

  1. RedRose

    Funny ..

    I saw a video of Bill Gates saying, ‘because the Covid vaccine is being rushed out (18 months instead of the usual 5 or 6 years it takes to develop) it may be less safe.

    ‘Some people might suffer ill health after two years or so. Governments would have to work out schemes of indemnity’ he said.


    We will never know if he vaccinates his children with the rushed vaccines or not. How many parents would vaccinate their children with a hastily produced vaccine?

    1. Christopher Vode

      Why are we even having this discussion? This dickhead is a fuck with so much money that he truly believes that he is a god, that dictates everyone else’s lives. And the fact that he does all this evil shit and gets away with it is kinda head scratching. Especially since he’s not even an elected official, or a government employee period. So why in the hell is he able to have any say abt anything as far as the lives of the American people. And especially the African people? Or any other country or demographic, because he has money coming out of his ears? Open ur eyes people! This prick WILL burn in Hell for eternity ×infinity, realize that no one should let him ruin their lives. He’s an insanely rich person with a plan to control the world population and with a God complex. Still, NOT a person to dictate anyone’s life

  2. bobh2003

    This was just posted as a reply to Amar, (much further down the page,) where he rejects the article quoting Politifacts as his own source. I’ve reposted it so it appears at the top at least for today.-

    Cui bono.
    Its quite hilarious really.
    It didn’t take me long to discover that Bill Gates is a financial contributor to your Politifacts website, so of course they would defend Bill’s version of the “truth”.

    Google and Facebook also funds Politifacts, so we can quite clearly see where they are coming from.

    That would be like asking Goebbels in 1943 for his opinion on the Auschwitz rumours.

  3. Diane

    There is a special place in Hell for this man! He plays God. He will have to account for his actions when he stands before our Lord.

  4. Rebecca

    I used to think the vaccine programs were doing good work, didn’t think about it too much, but have long known the cancer treatments were a scam, from reading ‘Back to Eden’ where the author Kloss, some one hundred years ago, when he repeatedly tried to submit his cancer cures/treatments to the medical establishment, was finally told quite matter of fact – that if a cure doesn’t come from the medical establishment, if it is not made by them, then it is not a cure.

    Today we know, weed oil can cure many cancers, [in my opinion, if someone has a large brain tumor – they might need to juice raw cannabis leaves – there is no psychoactive effect – THC is in a molecule – and you can tolerate higher doses than with the oil.] – but the control of information and really this medical confidence game – is so good – that people would fight to smoke weed to deal with the negative side effects of the chemotherapy – where if they took the same weed as an oil or juice – their cancer would heal up without a trace of ever being there.

    On vaccines or global health orgs, saw the leaked video of the Red Cross successfully treating Africans’ malaria with MMS in a day – is a real eyeopener. An effective cure is not profitable.

    With the coronavirus people are afraid and dying – I can attest 4 drops of MMS broke my covid19 hypoxia – and instantly allowed me to breathe. The chest pain is the lung infection – double up on this 6 drop malaria cure [6 drops/ twice a day] or take about 10 drops/once a day for a 2-3 days to break up that terrible lung feeling.

    There have been some virulent viruses that have been almost eradicated with the use of vaccines – like smallpox. The start of inoculation was innovative, but now it is how it is being used, and the question becomes who’s regulating the regulators. On one side you can say I want to stay away from vaccinating my child, on the other side you have to say, what contingency plans do you have in place.

    In terms of health autonomy MMS/Chlorine Dioxide will play an important role.

    Research Chlorine Dioxide is used for polio – one of the biggest reasons to vaccinate your kid could be removed here

  5. ferrari12345hotmailcom

    Amar, amar, you obviously have never seen the effects of these vaccinations as many of us have. When you have, and have the integrity to tell Willy where to put his money, come and have a discussion

  6. Amar

    Good answer, Maria, parts of this article are simply racist.

    Unfortunately though the parts which aren’t, are simply wrong:
    The fact that Gates did not vaccinate his kids is also a hoax which was simply repeated over and over again so that people now believe that it is true)

    What I learn from that is not to believe ‘facts’ bloggers dish out when being dodgy in the first place.

    The unerlying theme of this article is simply a desire for outrage at whatever costs.
    All that does accomplish is to instigate hate and fear in people – this is damaging to society.

    1. Carmilaw

      Amar, you are full of crap, incredibly gullible or just plain ignorant. Bill Gates is the greatest drug pusher of all time. In Africa, those most in need of sustenance are told you want food? Then you must get a vaccine. These African villages are his guinea pigs. He places no value on the lives of these people. They are expendable to this NWO psychopath. We are all expendable to the likes of Bill and company and all those elitist that feel it is THEIR right to determine who lives and whom dies.

      Wake up buttercup.

      1. Amar

        For anyone who reads this I want to use this opportunity to show how Carmilaw’s response could be improved:

        1. To start with a stupid insult of “being full of crap” will only harden hearts but never change anyone’s opinion. So if Carmilaw’s goal to spurt out toxic energy in order to contaminate others like the corona virus Carmilaw succeds, but it the goal is to convince anyone of another opinion the only result is that someone like me is proven to be right by not believing ‘facts’ social networkers who cowardish hide behind their anonymity will vomit out.

        2. If one is interested in reaching out to anyone a more constructive way is to engage in a discussion by responding to the content of the message and with facts to prove it wrong. I show you how to do it:

        3. Since it was said that I am “incredible gullible or ignorant” I would like to question who of the both of us is gullible or ignorant. The one who just dishes out unfounded opinions such as Carmilaw or the one who with a minute research Here just 2 links which could be seen on the first search:
        c.) Nothing is even discussed about in the talk pages of Bill Gates

        I would ask Carmilaw to prove me wrong but I strongly assume that Carmilaw is uncapable of the patience to research and therefore resorts to aggressive insults.

        4. Just to say here: I am no fan of Bill Gates and disapprove much he has done – from Windows (which I don’t have) to the tons of money he threw into the Nuclear-Power research instead of putting it towards renewable solutions.

        5. aSo s for Carmilaw’s claim that Bill Gates did force people in need to undergo vaccinations before getting food I am open to any proof but will dismiss this argument as unfounded if no facts are shown.

        6. Talking “uninformed & gullible”: I have my eyes very open to all facts, so I extensively did research into event 201, ID2020, and other indices such as the Rosetta stones and more, but came to the conclusion that none of this all bears any evidence of Gates is one of “the elitists” who decide who will live and who will die.
        Show me ANY conclusive proof and I will be more than happy to discuss my views on it.

        Long story short: I am very open for a fruitful discussion but a mere toxic name-calling will just to stubbornly insist on one already set mind will make me neither inclined nor feel obliged to dignify stupidity with another response.

        1. bobh2003

          Cui bono.
          Its quite hilarious really.
          It didn’t take me long to discover that Bill Gates is a financial contributor to your Politifacts website, so of course they would defend Bill’s version of the “truth”.

          Google and Facebook also funds Politifacts, so we can quite clearly see where they are coming from.

          That would be like asking Goebbels in 1943 for his opinion on the Auschwitz rumours.

      2. Amar

        And since my reply was censored:
        Another indication for a lack of the willingness and ability to search for the entire truth are people who censor unwanted comments in order to have the last word.
        I ask you: Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?
        I choose happy and herewith leave this toxic place of hate-speech.

  7. Maria

    It’s a good article and I was interested reading it, what pisses me off is the fact you keep goin on about “rich white elitists” – millions of children are harmed or killed by vaccines everyday and these children are white black brown every fucking colour! Because dumb parents of every colour are vaccinating their kids. So stop goin on like white people ain’t affected.

    1. Gill Roy

      Please present any sources to your assertion that vaccines harm and kill millions of children everyday.As far as the story, 1. No attribution of source, no indication that the person quoted is even a doctor much less Family Gates’ doctor.

      2. There is NO, ZERO, ZIP evidence that vaccines compromise a Child’s immune system period end of story.

      3. “Genetically modified human cells from abortion” Please site even ONE instance of this?

      4. Bill Gates has often been accused of anti-competitive behavior? Yes, see IE vs Netscape, but what does that have to do with vaccines?

      5. Please show us how Gates is making money from vaccines and what mass sterilization programs he has funded.

      That’s the easy stuff, but you wont find any EVIDENCE for your post, but should you find one person who refuses to vaccinate their child who then get say mumps, or measles, in part because of your posts, then you have evidence you that you have DIRECTLY harmed someone.

      1. Susie Cue

        Oh NO!!!!! Measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough! Oh how horrific! I have had all of these. No big deal. Gates has monetary ties to many pharmaceutical companies, that is not hard to research. He was forced out of India because his polio vaccine, which he bribed the government to make mandatory killed over 485 children. Also, in Africa, his HPV vaccine sterilized thousands of teenage girls. During a Ted Talk that you can easily find on you tube he states “we currently have 6 trllion people in the world, headed to 9. If we do a good job with vaccines, we can reduce that by 10%”. Do you know the current schedule has children getting 73 vaccines by the age of 18. Pharmaceutical companies were required by the FDA to do safety studies every year, do you know how many have been done? None. The FDA is corrupt and paid off. You do know that the pharmaceutical companies have no liability for vaccine damage right? There were so many claims that they lobbied the government to make a separate court where the cost of vaccines would pay for the judgements and the top liability was only 250,000. Back in the 90s I got my kids vaccinated. I was uninformed, believed BS from the corrupt CDC and WHO but also there were only about 9 vaccines. Do you know what is in vaccines? Mercury, Aluminum, formaldahyde. Do you think its healthy to put in anyones body, much less children, SEVENTY THREE times? If you do, then please be my guest. Get a million vaccines, get your children vaccinated, heck, get them double vaccinated. Good luck you you little sheeple!