Heavenletters: Beyond Description

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, world expectation goes down a different road from the aspects of spirituality as they deliver themselves to you in an instant. Beyond description does not begin to reveal the possibilities of what may exist directly in front of you that you do not yet see. Whatever you think you already know, go beyond. Beloved, go ahead and step into the Unknown where there are no limits.

I come back again and again to what is called beyond the veil. Spiritual perception is not beyond you. It is near you, just as near as I am, yet spiritual perception is beyond your expressing in language as it is. Spiritual perception is more like a new language or pre-language and goes deeper than language as you know it.

There is nothing you cannot perceive when you open up to a blank slate. You are light of wing in what you do not carry over in assumed or learned language or anything at all.

O, yes, be as a new-born babe without all you have picked up by the wayside. Be a book you have not yet read from cover to cover. Don’t be all-knowing. Come from an island deep in your heart filled with innocence. Know less. Know nothing instead of everything. You have no need to know everything that ordinary mortals aspire to know. You have more going on than what’s going on in the front burner. Who told you that you have to be a limited Being. Don’t believe everything you hear.

There is far greater revolving within you than meets the eye.

Overlook the presumed known. I speak of a greater horizon beyond the next bend.

Hold My hand. Follow Me. Why follow some arbitrary little wood wagon when you can be far seeing and follow a Great Star?

Long ago, you were smitten by the world, whereas the world is the least of life as it is. Don’t misunderstand Me. The world has its merits, Beloved, yet the world is far from all there is. I will go so far as to say that your foot isn’t yet in the door.

Why do you require introductions or a maître-di to introduce you to Me? Who on earth is to be what the past says it’s supposed to be? Introduce yourself to Me.

You have no new lease on life. You have a new view on life. There is no need to brace yourself. Lead yourself, or, rather, let Me lead you. What is this about following the crowd when you can follow your own heart? Let your heart take you where it wills, and I will accompany you. My heart is yours. Follow Me to your destiny. Your destiny awaits you. Here, let Me show you the way to go Home.

Today is a new day. Today is better than good enough even as, in one way, no day is quite good enough for you. How do you know that the best red apple on top of the tree is good enough for you? There is a greater tree and a greater apple. You don’t have to have them, yet they are yours for the asking.

Today, as marvelous as today is, it is not yet quite good enough as when a new day is dawning for you.

I ask you to take a jaunt higher and wider and easier and in your stride. Beloved, will you kindly do this for Me without looking back, only looking forward without any grand aplomb? Especially important doesn’t do it. Easy does it. Here I am, and here you are in fine fiddle!


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff