Archangel Metatron: Keep the Light Strong

147406596028576I greet you, this is Metatron of the Light!

I come because there is much disturbance on the planet now, emotional disturbance, that runs very high. We are seeing how this propagates and seems to become larger in its propagation, when in fact, it is not large.

There is still a tremendous amount of Light and Love on this entire planet… this is far greater than anything else! And I come to remind all of the Lightbearers of this time that no matter what chaos comes up, no matter how much hatred is expressed, these are shallow compared to the depth of Love that is in everyone’s heart. Therefore these emotions, these feelings, this intense behavior on the part of many, will pass.

As we look at the planet after this election, we see that, even leading up to it, there has been more and more of this fear and hatred expressed. This has caused divisiveness and furthered the chaos that we now see. But this will not last! You know the Light always prevails and whatever happens, these intense energies had to come out in some way. The election process did not create these, it only brought them out, it exposed them . . . and yes, now exposure means healing. This kind of intense energy cannot survive for very long and we are happy to say that once it has been exposed it can be healed, probably faster than you imagine, but perhaps not as fast as you would like.

I have been called here today because of this very balance of the Light and the darkness that has come to the surface of late. And I call on every Lightworker to hold true to their highest ideals and not to allow any of those dense energies to hold them back. Now is when we need your help the most! Now is when this planet requires the utmost of your service, to hold the Light strong, to be the beacons that you agreed to be, to shine your light no matter what chaos is actively working around you!

We need you more than ever now! The planet needs you, humanity needs those beacons of Light shining without wavering! So if you find yourself falling into the dense energies of hatred or fear, or divisiveness, or “us against them,” use your healing skills and consider it something that needs to be healed, then move back into the finer space that the Light provides.

THIS IS WHAT I ASK OF ALL LIGHTWORKERS AT THIS TIME! It is no time to give up on your quest, it is not the moment of history in which we want any Lightworker to give up or lessen their impact upon the world. Your faith is your gift! Hope is your gift! Shine this to the world and allow everyone who comes in contact with you to be uplifted, above the dense energies. This is how they will be healed.

I thank you all for staying strong at this time, and I know without a doubt that you will succeed in shining the Light upon even the most dense energies and dissipating the pain that is within that density. I thank you.. beautiful ones!

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