Shadow and Light: Uranus Trine Saturn and Coming Pyramid of Light

unnamedThis past week I had to look at my deepest priorities – at what truly inspires me to the core of my being vs. my shadow tendencies. I spent a lot of time communing with my guides, angels while gazing out at ever-changing Caribbean Sea and changing sky outside my villa in Belize…

The darkness of water and the light of the sky meeting at the horizon of eternity.

A visible reminder that without shadow there would not be understanding of light.

Now a wonderful transit, active in the heavens through December and beyond, symbolizes the meeting of Shadow (Saturn) and Light (Uranus). These two slow-moving planets – representing Kronos (Time) and the Future – are in a harmonious “trine” relationship.

As a Soul it is time to understand that your shadow is the gift that helps you experience the Light.

When shadow appears (and this may not happen often), you want to receive it with open arms, focus on it and see it as a precious gift.

It’s also recommended that you share the experience of shadow with others, so they too can share in the discovery of Light and not fear BOTH light and shadow as blessings in their life.

Uranus trine Saturn points out that your entire Soul journey is set up for you to understand how precious your Light is.

When I was confronted by my shadow, I had to surrender – to welcome the experience as a friend accompanying me on my journey to unconditional love. I imagined myself outside in the hot humid weather (easy to do here in Belize!) seeking shelter under the shade of a palm tree…

Shade is symbolic of Shadow… where the intensity of the Sun, the Light, provides relief.

See your shadow as a place to take shelter, like the cool shade shelters from the burning rays of the Sun… you can only take so much until you need to step back into the coolness of the shade – or shadow.

It’s not Black and White! The Shadow is not darkness!

The shadow provides a lot of light – you’re not in the depths of darkness, you are simply sheltering in the shade.

Barely a breath separates shadow from light sometimes…

Shadow gives you the experience of feeling separate from the Divine, separate from the eternal joy of Oneness. In actuality you are never separate, but the FEELING is absolutely real.

December’s 12/3 Universal Month vibration makes the learning experience of your FEELINGS very potent.

It is the perfect moment at the end of the year to embrace your shadow.

This month notice how the shadow FUELS your DESIRE, your absolute NEED and your YEARNING to LEARN – your CURIOSITY to take a deep dive into life!

Dive into the experience of creation, of spirituality!

I totally understand how being a divine Soul having a Human experience can be messy! The road is filled with stop signs, turns, slow and fast speeds… either way it is YOUR own rhythm, not to be compared to anyone else.

This RHYTHM is the flow of light and dark… they are not separate but one…

So you can be embraced by light and feel the bliss and joy of living, even if that joy is created by darkness, by a shadow experience.

Uranus trine Saturn is asking you to do what may seem impossible – but is absolutely necessary:

Release the black and white view of life – the good vs. bad, them and us, me and him/her.

We can never fully understand in the moment of our experience WHY it is so, and HOW the divine is working through us to help us experience light.

In the end what is important above any experience you are having on this planet Earth is HOW you live your journey – from beginning to end.

We are at the shift now. We are at the end of a 9-year cycle now.

This is the moment to let go, to surrender.

When you are resting in the shadow, find solace – respect the shadow and honor it.

Your shadow will be with you because you are a human being.

Anyone incarnated, no matter how evolved, no matter how ready to not incarnate again, will have a shadow until the end of their human life-cycles.

What I was reminded of is the ultimate truth about our shadow:

As humans, it is not the Light that awakens compassion – it is born in the shadow first.

Your openness to see another person’s shadow, to recognize their pain and suffering – irrespective of what you think about them – that connection allows you to feel kindness and empathy for what they are going through.

Experiencing deep suffering yourself opens you up to RELATE to others in pain, so you feel love and tenderness towards them.

Without your shadow this would not be possible.

Do not discard your shadow. It brings you awareness and connects you heart-to-heart to others.

Embrace your experiences of conflict, fear, doubt, pain, judgment and betrayal – the range of emotions you at times struggle with. How can you otherwise serve others in love if you have not been at one with your shadow?

Your shadow is in service to the light.

Do not reject it.

Make sure you do not loathe yourself for experiencing it.

You are not “broken” or “bad” or “unworthy”. Don’t allow your shadow to overpower your Light.

And you’ll start noticing something…

There will be less and less shade.

You get more and more comfortable in the intense light!

Light reveals ALL. Light strips away your separation from the Divine and leaves you completely exposed.

Do you see how occasional shade can be a blessing while in human form?

Have compassion for yourself for seeking to experience your shadow and getting a deeper perspective of what it feels like to be human.

2017 will be the year you step into the Light.

2017 contains the building blocks of understanding the journey between shadow and Light.

In February, 2017 a Pyramid of Light is unveiled in the Heavens. It has NEVER been seen before that time.

The time is coming when your Soul will be in complete Oneness again – and then there will be only Light.

Many Blessings and Hugs, Tania Gabrielle.

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