Archangel Jeremiel: All is Well Beloveds

archangel-jeremiel-all-is-well-oracle-cardWhile the energies are already being felt stronger this week with the impending alignment of the last of the Super Full Moon’s next week on Wednesday and the Solstice alignment on the Wednesday following, we urge you to be in a state of grace knowing that all is well Beloveds!

Much is dependent on your maintaining a peaceful Presence of mind at this time. How you choose to react to what is happening within and around you, is how you will experience it.

You are in a period of deep cleansing Beloveds, and those who are reacting to the discordant energies this cleansing is bringing to the surface of their consciousness, only serves to make the discordancy stronger, thereby adding to it’s effect.

We urge you to keep your space clear and to use the Violet Flame in doing so (see the invocation below).

Maintain Presence within your High Heart so that are at all time experiencing inner peace and equilibrium. When you are in Presence you are also in perfect alignment with your Spiritual Counterpart in the 5th Dimension. He or she knows exactly what to do and what is occurring and needed to occur within at this exact moment of Now.

There is nothing to fear Beloveds. Please trust this. Everything that is occurring is for your highest good and know also that you are safe and protected at all times. It is only your lower ego mind that has the power to convince you otherwise.

~ Violet Flame Invocation ~

Beloved Violet Flame

Blaze!  Blaze!  Blaze!

Your Loving Flame of Fire

In Me, through Me and around Me Now

Transmuting all shadow into Light! Light! Light!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

And So it is!

We leave you with our blessing of Love, Joy and Peace for a most magical day! Namasté.

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