Archangel Sabrael: Humanity Should Receive All The Assistance That They Require

archangelsabraelI, Archangel Sabrael, come swift as the tiger. I am able to work miracles swiftly and quickly. There are many of us young Archangels that exist in this universe. We come to be of assistance during these special times when the Earth is going through the ascension process. This in itself is a time of great celebration, for many times in the past, it did not happen as the cycles of evolution came to a close. This time it is different.

This time the Creator of All That Is has specified that humanity should receive all the assistance that they require to make it through the ascension with the Earth. This is a special dispensation that has come about at the request of the ascended Masters who have worked diligently and non-stop throughout the ages to bring the ascension of humanity into fruition. Much effort has been expended to make this a reality.

Know that you, the Lightworkers stand at the helm of this focus! You are the Masters, special ones, you are the ones who have chosen to assist by holding the vision, the focus of Light upon their planet, especially now in the darkest and most chaotic times. We, the Archangels, are delighted to be of assistance to any who call upon us.

Please do not hesitate to call upon the Archangel Sabrael. I am a young Archangel; I have great energy, swiftness and vitality. My specialty is to create and bring about miracles and so I ask that you vocalize your request that it may by this action, call into service all the angelic realms so that the efforts on your behalf are magnified, to bring your request and its materialization into form in the most quickest, fastest, and swiftest manner.

Other areas that I – the Archangel Sabrael, can assist with is helping a person to go within, to truly know oneself. This is a very important facet of life on Earth, for the greatest lesson that each soul must learn is that they must know themselves. When they know themselves, then the rest of life becomes a matter of staying true to oneself. Clarity becomes the order of the day. I also can be called upon for protection for yourself, your loved ones, your home and the vehicles that you travel in. I can help with this.

I also work with the Archangel Sandalphon who works with the nature kingdom and together we create magic! We can create balmy weather out of that which was a storm. We can create miracles; we can create magic; for we are made of the element of magic.

When I am called upon by name and your request is vocalized, it sets into motion many events that are required to bring about the miracle that you asked for. It is my nature to bring this about as quickly and swiftly as possible but in all things, it depends upon the receptive qualities of the soul who has asked. If one truly believes deeply and intensely, then the miracle will happen swiftly. If one has some self doubt, it may take a longer time to manifest. If it does not happen swiftly within a few days, we ask that you continue to request each day until your miracle comes forth.

Know that I serve the Creator of All That Is, and work with the legions of angels and Archangels of Archangel Michael, the mighty Archangel who oversees all the Archangels and angelic phylums. So if you see a streak of blue Light, it is I, Sabrael, coming in answer to your request. It is I who protects you in whatever way is required. It is I who has answered your call. I await eagerly to serve you. It is with excitement and anticipation that I await to be of service.

I thank you, I bless you! So be it!

I AM Archangel Sabrael

{Note: Call on Sabrael, but when you do, it needs to be vocalized. By doing so, it creates the energy that the universe, the workers, the cherubims, the angels can work with to support more flow towards your request. State it not only with your voice but also with your heart. The heart amplifies the prayer or request that one speaks.}

“I call upon Archangel Sabrael, Guardian of the Gateway, he who is swift as the tiger and able to work miracles quickly. I ask for the miracle of __________________.

In gratitude, let it be so!”

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