Three Suns Rise in Russian Sky During Rare Phenomenon

25ca517300000578-2958409-stunning_citizens_in_chelyabinsk_80_miles_from_the_country_s_bor-a-13_1424284326959Residents in Russia woke up on Tuesday morning to find three suns shining in the sky in a mind-blowing and rare natural phenomenon.

The atmospheric event occurred in St Petersburg and it looked as though Earth has three suns, The Sun reported.

The pseudo-suns are created by an optical illusion known as sundogs, phantom suns or mock suns.

They are thought to be created by tiny ice crystals that reflect the sun’s rays, occurring in temperatures less than 30 degrees Celsius when there are water vapours crystallise in the air.

“We can clearly see this phenomenon in the sky because it’s very cold. Tiny ice crystals catch sunlight and go through the sun,” meteorologist Vyacheslav Perushkov told Russian media.

“As a result they reflect the sun. This is possible only when it’s cold, when the frosts are heavy.”

Sundogs could be seen from anywhere in the world, but they won’t shine as bright as they do in St Petersburg.

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