Sagittarius January 2017(Interesting)

sagittarius_iconThere is a very strong cosmic window for the next two months for launching a new business or project. Many forces are supporting this. Your personal solar cycle is waxing (growing) and so is the universal solar cycle. The planetary momentum is forward to – all the planets are forward until the 5th, and from then on in between 80 and 90 per cent are going on forward. If you can start this project as the Moon also waxes (from the 10th to the 24th) you have the greatest auspicious start time of the period.

You begin your year with the planetary power in the bottom half of your chart. Career is still very important – and successful, – but it is good to shift your energy to the home, family and your emotional wellness. You just have to balance the career with your family and emotional life. The two planets associated with the career – Mercury and Jupiter – are both retrograde most of the month so career problems take some time to resolve. It is no exaggeration to shift more attention to the family.

Previous month, on the 21st, you entered a yearly financial peak. This continues until the 20th of this month. So you’re still in a period of peak earnings. Half the plants are either in the money house or moving through there this month. This is full of financial energy. Sun in the money house shows earnings from foreigners, foreign companies or in foreign lands. It shows business-related travel as well. Pluto in the monkey house (and he will be here all year) shows that you have sound financial intuition. Venus and Mercury in the money house show the support of friends and partners. Social connections are important.

Health is appropriate this month too. Your health planet Venus is on your sign until the 24th. You are focused here. Good health is not just valuable for its own sake, but from a cosmetic perspective as well. You look good. Your sense of style is very effective and this is a delightful period – until the 24th – to buy clothing or accessories. Your choices will be good that. You can enhance the health further by paying greater attention to the liver and thighs, which are always essential areas for you. After the 24th enhance the health by giving more attention to the spine, knees, teeth and bones. Back massage will be powerful.

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