Gateways of Transformation: New Realities Step Forth

6a99ea356caeafc7faeb6678ac756ab6Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

This is a powerful consciousness-shifting passage, and the next two weeks will be quite potent. Many are already receiving higher levels of the photonic codes, as the Galactics and our Higher levels weave this light gently, steadily into the collective consciousness via pure conduits.

Gatekeepers and the Galactics have called forth the influx of dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting frequencies which will affect those choosing Crystalline/Christ/Unity consciousness embodiment. This is why so many experienced a powerful clearing during the last Gate (December 15-16). While the light hit the physical structure hard (most likely your right side, as a physical representation of the release of the patriarchal wounds), it prepared us for the massive influx we are aligning with for the final Gateways of 2016.

Acceleration of Embodiment

I had a strong vision and download of how DNA creates the shifting of personal and collective timelines and realities. This included a splitting effect as well as simultaneous dimensional experiences. Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment includes an awareness of all dimensional aspects of Self, as well as a reunion with Source consciousness. DNA creates the bridge between Higher and lower Self via the vibration of unconditional LoveLight. It is also capable of creating a pure conduit of the I AM Presence and Pure Source Consciousness in form, which is the goal of this particular Ascension experiment on Gaia. Radiate love from your Christed Heart center to your DNA and all of creation – often.

The consistent reminder of creating the New, focusing on the New and what we desire for New Earth and HUmanity is reaching fruition. The higher realities which we co-created are revealing themselves, and the coinciding levels of new consciousness are presenting. If you are willing to surrender to this level of love, light and service, let it transform you.

The Light level influx depends upon available conduits for crystalline embodiment (the ability to allow the much higher vibration of the Higher Self and Solar aspects within form, with complete integrity, HUmility and grace), as well as our collective ability to receive and comprehend what is unfolding. This is a Divine activity, and the chaotic affect on the lower realities is a side-effect. Feel the emotion of it as it presents for you, release and clear as needed, and know that alternatives are manifesting quickly as the intention, magnetics, and incoming light merge to create Ascension.

As the embodiment phase accelerates, it triggers codes in the collective consciousness for a rapid quantum activation of crystalline consciousness. It feeds the light through the HUman heart grid, Gaia’s emerging Solar Self, triggers ancient Solar sites and the Solar aspects of the new Grid systems. In brief, it unveils the New Earth. Our focus now is to be willing participants in the reception and creation of these new realities, new states of consciousness, and make them available for all who choose this path.

Keep yourself aligned and in a state of peaceful reception, because the Solar and Gaia code delivery will be frequent but unpredictable.

Connect with the SUN and Gaia’s new grid systems often. So much work was completed on this in 2016, and now we know why. We are not only poised and ready, we are co-creating brilliance with the Higher realms. Command, decree, request, pray that the highest levels of light to be delivered to us, through us, now, in the highest interests of all concerned. Place your quartz in the ground, and surge the light through the crystalline grid, New Earth grid systems, HUman heart grid, Solar grid vortexes, and every crystal placed by a Lightworker. Every day through this influx.

This is a Sacred passage of transformation, from December 25 through January 4. I AM honoring it by staying offline as much as possible, and focused on Gatework. Mount Shasta has provided visions of a huge light surge, and I AM staying very present in order to embody the Presence.

Leveling Up: Unity Meditations on Christmas and New Year’s Day

The Divine Realms are strongly assisting us through this phase. You may have noticed the brilliant light streaming in at the end of the meditations; that is here to assist the acceleration. Donate 30 minutes of precious focus to calling forth the New. Powerful activations are available to us as we unify on SUNday, December 25 and SUNday, January 1. We ask that anyone dedicated to Global Peace and Ascension participate and anchor/experience these Solar and Cosmic Mother frequencies. Details and free mp3 HERE.

Reminders for Optimizing the Influx:

  • Meditate or be in the stillness twice a day to assist the DNA and repatterning into your new template.
  • Send LoveLight through your activated heart to your cells, DNA, energy fields and all of creation.
  • Open, expand and light up your energy fields, body and Ascension column often. Stay open.
  • Consciously assist the body with integration. Calm, centered, rested, flexible.
  • Get SUN light on your fields, even if sitting in a car or window in the SUN.
  • Hydrate, use cleanses and fasts to assist with receiving maximum light.
  • Visit your bodyworkers; our bodies need to catch up with the acceleration.
  • Assist the New Grid Systems in activating the Solar aspects of Gaia’s energy lines, the new grids and crystalline grid as Gatekeepers open pathways through Solaris (the SUN).
  • Join the Unity meditations on SUNdays.

Infinite blessings to all of us as we embrace this Gateway and the brilliant unknown with open hearts. May we recognize the Divinity of all of creation during this potent holiday passage. Have a blessed Christmas and brilliant NOW Year to all!

In Love, Light and Service, Sandra.

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